Grease Genie Strainer

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What is Grease Genie Strainer – It is the most effective solution to remove grease from food items without any mess.

Get rid of grease with ease

Grease Genie Strainer promises to be a state-of-the-art kitchen solution that easily removes any grease that is left in the food. Grease in food is needed while cooking but while eating the food item it may be very harmful to the health. Hence it has always been strained out into the bin using regular strainers directly or been soaked using a tissue paper. Grease Genie Strainer removes the need of any such devices that a lot messier while straining. Also it is quite easy to strain using Grease Genie Strainer since it apparently has a design that suits the requirement of straining.

Gen-next design

Grease Genie Strainer is said to be different from regular methods mainly due to its suave design. It is supposed to have a two-piece design where there is a container underneath the strainer to collect the grease and both fit perfectly over each other to eliminate any spilling that can take place while regular straining into bowls or bins. Also, Grease Genie Strainer is meant to be completely heat-resistant, which helps in straining hot food items through it and the grease can be cooled down before dumping it. This is quite helpful because hot grease can completely damage bins if strained directly into it.



Grease Genie Strainer, with the above features, claims to be the safest solution for straining grease and reduces any risk of hot food spilling over the countertop or skin. Also the design of Grease Genie Strainer is said to facilitate easy storage since it takes very less space. When it comes to cleaning it, it is again said to be quite easy with its BPA free, dishwasher safe body. Grease Genie Strainer supposedly works great for browning meat for tacos, sloppy joes, meat sauce, etc and can be used to even clean and strain vegetables before cooking.


What do I get? 2 Grease Genie Strainers for just $10.00 plus $15.90 P&H. Official website:

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