Gourmet Genie Review

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This is the world’s first indoor pressure smoker. The Gourmet Genie helps you make healthy, delicious, complete meals in just 30 minutes or less. It is fast, versatile, and convenient. You will wonder how you ever lived without it. Create healthy, delicious, complete meals in just 30 minutes or less with the Gourmet Genie.


How does Gourmet Genie work?
The Gourmet Genie secret is the culinary magic of infusion heat technology. Inside the Gourmet Genie, moist and heat constantly circulate to evenly cook both inside and out, sealing in flavors, locking in juices, and infusing mouthwatering tastes in every bite. The Gourmet Genie does all the work, you get all the credit!
The patented infusion technology allows the Genie to magically transform into an infusion steamer for salmon, sausages, and vegetables. It becomes an infusion grill for chicken, beef, and pork.

What’s more? The Genie is the world’s first and only indoor infusion smoker. Just add 3 wood chips to the kindle cup and place it inside the cooking chamber. Select smoke. Set the time. Push start. The Genie will infuse flavors right into your favorite dishes up to 12 times faster.

So get down to making those delicious Barbecues – ribs, steaks, chicken wings and more for delicious BBQ-d flavor. Smoke food like briskets, pork, cheese and nuts, hot or cold. Grill sausages, chicken, chops, burgers and more right on your countertop. Steam rice, vegetables, and fish – healthy, home-cooked meals.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer – www.GourmetGenie.com)

  • Gourmet Genie
  • Super Stack Grill Rack
  • Flavor Infusion Wood Chips
  • Flavor Infusion Meat and Poultry Rubs
  • Recipe Booklet
  • All this for just $14.95



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Gourmet Genie Video


21 thoughts on “Gourmet Genie Review

  1. I got it Jan 2012. Soon E2 shows up and stops working. I can not find what E2 indicates. Now Aug 2012 I can’t get unit to make smoke. I can’t find any phone number to call or web site.

    Fax: +1.4259744730
    PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St – F1
    C/O dominios.tv
    Bellevue, WA 98007

  2. I have been given the smoker and do not have the instruction book. Can anyone tell me how it should be used to get the best taste? Sure would like some ideas and success stories on times too. Thanks

  3. I purchased my Gourmet Genie from the catalog Hammacher Schlemmer. In my opinion, after two usages it is a great product. I got curious however about where to purchase parts, such as the seal should I need a new one. The advertised web site http://www.buygourmetgenie.com is bogus. The suggested phone number (800) 555-1212 is an 800 directory assistance number. Essentially, I can find no sign of a way to contact the MFG. I called Hammacher Schlemmer at (800) 543-3366. They told me they had no way to communicate with the MFG. They did provide two phone numbers (863) 660-2514, a place to purchase Rub. I did not call this number. The other number is (800) 331-5565. This is a company by the name Smoke Aroma. Their web site is http://www.smokaroma.com. They hold the patent on the Gourmet Genie. The product has been mfg. in china. It had been for sale over satellite t.v. and it failed. They don’t know how to get parts but, are apparantley working on it. I was told to call back after the 1st and speak to the owner. I will do so and, will make a posting explaining what if anything, I learn. Hammacher Schlemmer told me they would provide a full refund. I’ve decided against sending it back because it works. To the poster who was confused about where to buy chips and rub. Buy it anywhere. It’s available any place.

    • I tried mine out this evening….all went well except apparently the element that heats the chips for smoke apparently isn’t heating??

      Apparently I need to replace that element that is located near the bottom of the inner cooking pot insert.

      Can anybody else comment??

      Got my “large sawdust size chips (that seem to be perfect for this type cooker) from CM International, PO Box 60220 Colorado Springs, CO 80960 telephone 719-390-0505.

    • Dear Jess

      Like you I was searching for parts for this product and I ran into the same walls you did. Have you resolved this situation because I am looking for the kindle cup used to put the chips in. Please let me know what you have found out.

      Thank You
      Letitia Williams

  4. I just purchased this pressure smoker from Hammacher Schlemmer and haven’t used it yet because I can’t find the wood chips and rubs! I searched every website, but came up empty.

    Where do I find these items? I am assuming that the chips are a special size because the metal cup is so small that it wouldn’t hold another brand.

    Can anyone help me with this?

    • Jess, I used the smaller chips from a bag of Hickory chips available at the area of Wal-Mart where they sell barbeque stuff. I got the rub from a butcher shop. I think you can find these things at any number of places. The instructions that come with the smoker specify Red Rub. They would have been clearer if they had simply said “sprinkle the meat with the smoking rub you prefer”. I am trying to find out where to get a spare silicon seal. I use pressure cookers a lot and these seem to be the most troublesome part. This smoker is really easy to use. I bought a slab of ribs at Sams club, dusted both sides with the rub, cut the spare ribs into individual meaty bones. Put as many chips as I could in the chip cup, stacked up the ribs on the grill, dumped in a half cup of water, sealed the lid, programmed the hot smoker button for 50 minutes, snapped the weight on the cooker lid, tapped the start button and let it cook. The ribs were delicious when served wetted with barbecue sauce.

  5. I recently used my new pressure cooker smoker and did not like the taste of the smoked meat as it tasted different than outdoor smoking and reminded me of cigarette smoke. Why does it taste different? I only used 4 chips from hickory wood.

  6. I bought the product – and it performs well. Sturdy product with a real cheap smoke chip holder. (key element for getting the barbeque taste). Real lame instructions. Limited recipe book. in the important safeguards – #11 warns against “Do not use this cooker to pressure fry with hot oil.” Does that mean I cannot use 1 TBS of oil in a recipe? The instructional pamphlet also does not give any contact info – where do I go with warranty information? How can I buy a replacement seal? I don’t know I was searching for these questions when I came across this blog

  7. I bought a Gourmet Genie from Hammacher Schlemmer about nine months ago and I love it, love it, LOVE IT! I haven’t seen TV ads for it…find it odd that they’d go that route as it’s a pricey product: I paid $199.99 plus shipping/tax etc and last time I looked, Hammacher had raised the price another $50—which tells me it is selling well. I will tell you that it is solid as a rock…stainless steel and probably weighs ten pounds empty. I have cooked ribs, brisket, chicken, beef roast….it performs as advertised. I would advise you to be careful about how many chips you put into the container…no more than three (of course chips aren’t uniform in size..so I would say three 1/2″ long ? are enough. Too much smoke will give the meat a harsh taste.

    I have also used it as a plain pressure cooker ( corned beef) and it it’s just great. Worth every penny.

  8. What does code E2 in the display indicate? I thought it might be running out of liquid but the last time it happened there was plenty of liquid still in the container…

  9. Why don’t you have an instructional video? The booklet that comes with it is total crap! It is hard to tell if you are assembling it right as the instructions are vague and the photos are bad.

    • I agree – The instructional book looks like it was printed on the office 3 year old copy machine – collated badly – not trimmed after folding. A video would have been cheaper to produce than all the lame toner and cheap paper they used.

  10. I already own 2 pressure cookers. It appears from the video that it’s a regular pressure cooker with food racks, a metal cup in which to place 3 wood chips and several electronic settings on the front. Isn’t smoking attainable in a regular pressure cooker?

    • No – the cup has a heating element going through cup – make sure to put the chips on top of the heating element. Hickory worked well for me. the wood chips actually smoke and the custom rack allows the pressure to evenly distribute the smoke.

  11. Where do you find more recipes for this pressure smoker. I’ve looked all over and can’t find any.


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