Go Chef Stand Mixer

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What is Go Chef Stand Mixer

It is a heavy duty mixer that claims to help you create big batches of dough, cakes, creams and a whole lot more.
Go Chef Stand Mixer promises to be of great help to all home owners who like to express their passion for cooking every now and again. You like to make cakes or meringues, if there is a special occasion around the corner, or you might want to make big batches of cream, sauces etc too. But you know that can be a time consuming, tedious exercise without the right mixer, which Go Chef Stand Mixer claims to be for you.

Go Chef Stand Mixer is versatile and perfect for big batches

Go Chef Stand Mixer maintains that it has several applications for you in the kitchen as you can use it to make dough, cake mix, batter, meringues, creams, sauces and more with it. Importantly, you will be able to make these items like a professional, with complete precision, according to its claims. Go Chef Stand Mixer also asserts that it’s now easy for you to make large batches of these items, which will save you a lot of time.


Go Chef Stand Mixer and understanding its secret

One of the highlights of the Go Chef Stand Mixer is its 4.5 litre steel bowl; it is large enough to help you mix 1.25 kg of dough without any hassle. And that’s enough to feed your entire family without any difficulty. Go Chef Stand Mixer also emphasizes the importance of the dual rotation head, which mixes things on both sides at the same time. That’s the reason the consistency is always perfect and there are no ingredients that are stuck to its sides, which is another issue solved.

Go Chef Stand Mixer has three mixing heads for different jobs

No task is big enough for Go Chef Stand Mixer, and that’s because of the three mixing heads it has. There is the beater that can be used for heavy mixing involved in cakes, biscuits, pastry, mashed potatoes, icing etc. There’s another head to whisk, which can be handy in case of mixtures that need air, including meringues, mousses, sponges, sauces, cakes and soufflés. Go Chef Stand Mixer also has dough hook, which can help you dough and knead yeast dough for baguettes, rolls, bread loaves etc.

Go Chef Stand Mixer and its several features for your convenience

Go Chef Stand Mixer has many features that make sure you can use it conveniently whenever you want. To start with, there are eight different speeds that let you go from slow kneading to fast whisking. From whipping to blending and mixing, there’s a lot you can do with this mixer that has a powerful motor. Go Chef Stand Mixer also stresses that it has an attachment port that can boost its functionality because of the additional attachments. It also has suction feet that ensure it doesn’t slip across the counter.

What do I get?

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