Fusion Booster REVIEW

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What is Fusion Booster?
A perfect companion to the Fusion Juicer, the Fusion Booster is a sleek yet powerful blender that gives you super healthy and nutritious drinks that you can carry with you on the go. Designed with a 300 watt motor, the Fusion Booster lets you combine fresh, raw fruit and vegetable juices with your choice of ingredients directly in the to-go container.


Fusion Booster is a smart personal blender

Fusion Booster quite simply is a personal blender that you can do with when you want to make delicious and healthy smoothies at home. All your good intentions of eating healthy come to a standstill because you don’t have the right devices to make the healthy drinks we want. Fusion Booster promises to change that by blending and breaking down fruits and vegetables into delicious smoothies. Now you can have them whenever you want, even when you are on the go and get all the nutrition your body needs.


Fusion Booster CLAIMS

Simply fill the personal sized travel bottle with your favorite juice and boost it with healthy ingredients of your choice. Your super charged wellness drink will be ready in an instant and you can take it with you in the convenient to- go bottle. The to-go bottle lets you enjoy your favorite drink anytime, anywhere.

Great for smoothies, dips and more – The Fusion Booster lets you make delicious smoothies, shakes and more! Simply blend fresh extracted juice with supplements, yogurt, ice and more to create nutritious and delicious smoothies, shakes and soups! It is also perfect for dips, spreads and sauces. You can also use the Fusion Booster to puree baby food!

The Fusion Booster claims to be that amazing! You are sure to love the nutritious drinks the Fusion Booster gives you.

Colors Available – You get to choose the Fusion Booster from three amazing colors: black, white and red.

Compact and easy to store – The Fusion Booster is both compact and easy to store too!

Dishwasher safe – The Fusion Booster is dishwasher safe, making it extremely easy to clean! Order the Fusion Booster today!

Fusion Booster Reviews

Fusion Booster reviews say that the Fusion Booster looks like a cheap copy of Russell Hobbs Mix and Go Personal Blender. Do not buy the Fusion Booster – go for Russell Hobbs – reputed brand and tried & tested.

Fusion Booster looks good. Fusion Booster can handle ice but leaks and spurts out smoothie. The Fusion Booster lids leak, so if you try and carry them in a cool bag the liquid runs all over the other things in the bag.

The Fusion Booster’s motor went off and the blender starting producing a burning like smell. After every use there were mouldy looking marks on both the blade and the base unit. It wipes off but it’s unsightly and a put off. Also, after a couple of weeks’ use the Fusion Booster started making a funny whirring noise and the lid got jammed in the machine. It took quite some time to work it loose. Also, when the Fusion Booster is switched on the smoothie mixture leaks through in to the base where the motor is. Fusion Booster is still working but it may not last much longer with all the liquid and moisture going in to the motor.

Fusion Booster’s blade broke after 3 weeks of use. Only ever used the Fusion Booster for frozen berries, banana and milk! Fusion Booster can’t really handle anything and started having smoke coming out of it.

Fusion Booster was brilliant for the first two weeks, after that the bottle decided to stop reacting to the base unit and it was a struggle to get it to blend at all! When the smoothies were out in the fridge over night, the following morning the cap would seize up and become incredibly difficult to open.

Fusion Booster is terrible. Fusion Booster doesn’t just leak, the contents pour out when the bottle is turned over. When first bought, the Fusion Booster had a slight leak, but after a few uses, there was a downpour every time. Suffice to say the Fusion Booster can no longer be used also couldn’t get a replacement bottle with the washer.

Fusion Booster blender is not strong enough when it’s two thirds full. The bottle cap is normal plastic so could be broken easily and is difficult to replace. The cap is not leak proof and the cap doesn’t have any flexibility so you have to put your head right back in the air to be able to drink from it which makes it completely useless. There is no button to switch on the Fusion Booster, it automatically starts running when it’s switched on at the plug.

Every time the Fusion Booster was used, some liquid would leak out of the bottom so that when the bottle was removed from the blender there would be a pool of liquid where the motor was.

Fusion Booster is hard to clean subsequently. Also, the Fusion Booster gives out an odd burnt plastic smell after. Had the Fusion Booster blender for a year and it’s never been particularly powerful, barely being able to handle anything frozen. The rubber piece on the bottom of the blade would heat up worryingly with each blend, leaving a burnt plastic smell and a grey residue around the bottom of the blender. Over time, this has just got worse.

There was abutting smell and the Fusion Booster just stopped working. They replaced this and then within 3 months the 2nd Fusion Booster broke! The blade attachment is stuck in the base and impossible to get it out!

Fusion Booster lasted around a month before a weird smell started coming from it and the motor has started to burn out. Fusion Booster will no longer chop a strawberry, making smoothies less than smooth.

Blades and lower fixing were a little hard to clean. Lots of internal surfaces inside the base unit and the smoothie liquid sometimes comes out through small holes in the blade lid into the base unit (which is not fun). Push to blend is fine, but the locking in place vibrates the bottle in the direction to unscrew it, which could make for a big mess if you left it for a while. Also the bottle lid (for drinking from) is horrible.

Plastic smell of the bottles stayed for a long time, even when washed and used, which was not very nice. When screwed tight the jars leak into the motorized unit which is pretty much impossible to clean.

The plastic becomes liquid and drops as well as a stinky smell appear.

Fusion Booster is noisy. Some parts of the Fusion Booster are very difficult to clean – the space where the cool tube slots can get bits stuck in it if you use the lid without the tube and around the blade is also tricky if you don’t clean straightaway.

There is only 1 bladed lid, so if the blades break, you have to buy a new Fusion Booster, can’t seem to find just blades available for this design elsewhere, in a normal blender, 1 set of blades is understandable, but when the blades are removable you expect more options.

The drinkable lid, once in place and having been used, is extremely hard to remove.

Fusion Booster Questions & Answers

Q. What is the drinks lid like?
A. It is like an open top “flip” mechanism, similar to that on a big juice carton, but more sturdy. It also stays down when it’s open so you can drink it without it shutting on your nose/getting smoothie all over yourself! It isn’t a straw, just an opening, but big enough to drink or pour from. The plastic bit at the side on the photo is a round handle, not sure what for, but it isn’t a straw!

Q. Do you need to use a liquid in with your juices or smoothies or can you just use fresh fruit and ice?
A. No, you can just use the fruit and ice. Or even just the fruit. It doesn’t always liquidize the fruit completely. But as long as you don’t mind some bits, it’s fine.

Q. What batteries does the Fusion Booster require?
A. Fusion Booster is not a battery powered device. It is electrical.

Q. Can the Fusion Booster be used by low fat yogurt with soya milk?
A. Yes

Q. Does the Fusion Booster blender include BPA free bottles?
A. Seems so.

Q. Can the Fusion Booster cope with beetroot, apples and carrots or is it just soft fruit it can take?
A. If the beetroot is cooked ok you will be OK. Remember this is a smoothie maker, not a juicer. Again well cooked carrots will be OK and apples would need par cooking. Blenders are designed to blend softer items, juicers extract juice from hard fruits. The beetroot would still need cooking a bit, even for juicing.

Q. Will the Fusion Booster blend frozen fruit?
A. Yes

Q. Can the Fusion Booster handle oats?
A. It should be okay if you do not put too many in.

Q. Do you have to remove the black sealing ring from the blade unit when washing?
A. You don’t need to remove the ring when cleaning it. And it is easy enough to give it a proper clean this way.

Q. Is it possible to blend hot or boiling things with the Fusion Booster?
A. No, it is not recommended. The Fusion Booster is designed to make cold drinking and crush ice for smoothies. Boiling water could melt the plastic seal over time and cause leakages.

Q. Is the mouth of the bottle big enough or do you have to chop everything small?
A. It is big enough. Fusion Booster is a great unit, it does the job well.

Q. Would the Fusion Booster be okay to double up as a blender for baby food?
A. Yes the Fusion Booster makes great smoothies. As long as you use it correctly it will be great for baby food. If you use vegetables then please cut items smaller to assist the machine.

Q. Will the Fusion Booster puree any food, such as cooked meat and vegetables?
A. Fusion Booster will nicely puree soft vegetables like celery, cucumber etc but with the meat you may have run it several times maybe 3-4 times to really turn it into a mince. It’s a very good compact blender but it is not super strong.

Q. Can the Fusion Booster be used as a juicer?
A. The Fusion Booster cannot be used as a juicer because it blends fruit together into a smoothie. It doesn’t juice fruits!

Q. Where is the seal?
A. The Slicer has a seal which screws onto the container to do the blending. When done, unscrew slicer and replace with supplied lid (with integrated flip-open drinking/ pouring aperture). This lid is also sealed and the flip-open thingy clicks down quite firmly allowing you to take your smoothie with you, with no worries of leakage. The bottle may crack if dropped when full.

Q. Is the Fusion Booster easy to clean?
A. The Fusion Booster is really easy to clean. You can wash the bottles in the dishwasher as well. Simply clean the blade right away after you use it or just rinse it off with water because if some of the fruit juice dries off on the blade sometimes it’s not that easy to clean.

Q. Does the Fusion Booster blend ice?
A. Yes, the Fusion Booster does blend ice but not very well.

Q. Can the Fusion Booster make pancake mix like a nutribullet? So a banana, protein powder and egg?
A. Fusion Booster makes perfect smoothies from bananas.

Q. Is the Fusion Booster blender really noisy?
A. Fusion Booster is loud but not too loud plus because it is powerful you don’t have to keep it on for long.

Q. Can the Fusion Booster chop leaves such as spinach and kale?
A. Yes

Q. Can the Fusion Booster be used to make cashew or almond milk?
A. Have added mixed nuts to the smoothies and they blitz very well but not to liquid form, there are still tiny particles left.

Q. How does the Fusion Booster cope with raw vegetables, like carrots?
A. Not very well, the power motor is very weak and burns out easily.

What Do I Get?
1 Fusion booster for $19.95 + S/h at the official website: GetFusionBooster.com

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