Funnel 5 Review

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About Funnel 5

Funnel 5 states to be a new kitchen tool that is a 5-in-1 funnel system to give you custom-size funnels for no spill pouring of any liquid you need. The system claims that you will find a funnel for any mouth of a container that is too wide or too small in the same system. Funnel 5 convinces to be ideal for pouring hot soups and other liquids due to its polymer material that can withstand high heat. It asserts to be dishwasher safe and easy to stow away.


How does it work

Your struggle to find a funnel of the right size will end with Funnel 5 as its creators claim. Funnel 5 assures to have an ingenious design that gives it five different sized funnels in the same tool to let you pour into a big jar mouth or small bottle mouth. You need to just snap on the funnels of Funnel 5 together to get the right size that you need. Funnel 5 emphasizes that pouring of liquid will be easy and mess free at all times.

Custom-size funnels for the perfect pour

Every kitchen has pouring needs. If there is a liquid ingredient it will need pouring whether it is oil, water, milk or anything else. But everyone is well aware of the struggles of pouring. It’s never mess free and you end up spilling the stuff making you waste your time cleaning up and also wasting money on the spilled ingredient. Funnel 5 declares to be a kitchen tool that lets you pour liquids into jars or bottles without spilling and mess. Even though there are funnels to our rescue when we want to pour liquids, those funnels have issues like finding the right size. If you have too small a funnel for a wide jar mouth or vice versa it just won’t serve the purpose and still create mess. But Funnel 5 maintains to be a 5-in-1 funnel system to let you find custom-sized funnel for your need.

Free liquid flow

Funnel 5 guarantees to easily snap on together to let you pour the liquid without spilling. Funnel 5 proclaims that you wouldn’t have to shake or tap the funnel system to ensure free flow of liquid. With this feature Funnel 5 alleges to be especially helpful while pouring thick liquid or semi-liquid stuff like soups. Funnel 5 maintains to have built-in air flow channels that keep the liquid flowing smoothly and causes no backup eliminating time wastage and effort in pouring the liquid. Funnel 5 emphasizes to be made of high-heat polymer making it ideal for pouring hot liquids and soups without damaging the funnel. Funnel 5 claims that in spite of being a 5-in-1 system it nests together neatly so that you can stow it away in a cabinet or drawer conveniently without occupying any extra space. Funnel 5 not only prevents mess and spillages but is mess-free itself when it comes to cleaning as it is dishwasher safe.

What Do I Get?

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