Fruitable Creations

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You want your loved ones, especially kids to eat fruits because they are nutritious for them and have many benefits. However regular fruits can seem boring to them and it can be tricky to incorporate them in their diet. But what if you made beautiful arrangements with them thanks to Fruitable Creations and make them appealing to your kids? They won’t think twice about devouring them and thus eating healthier as you’d want them to. That’s the reason Fruitable Creations is absolutely indispensible for all those want to eat healthy and impress with their skills too.

How does Fruitable Creations Work

Who doesn’t love those sensational fruit arrangements that can take your breath away? If you want to have them in the house for a special function, you’d easily end up spending huge amounts on them. But with Fruitable Creations you can make them at home and save yourself huge amounts. And you will be pleased to find that you get those sensational professional quality results without too much hassle thanks to Fruitable Creations. You can transform those dull fruits and treats at home into mouth watering fruit bouquets that will make a huge impression on your behalf at the next house party.

Fruitable Creations gets you access to practically everything you might need to create these stunning arrangements. And there will be a whole wide range of options in front of you. These eye catching displays that you can make with Fruitable Creations are also not tricky and you will have all the information you need to bring them to life in a matter of minutes. You will have healthy snacks at your disposal when you have guests at home or want to impress your loved ones. Everyone in the house can work with Fruitable Creations and making these arrangements will be your fun thing to do together.




What do I get?

    Fruitable Creations kit includes

  • Fruitable Heart, Flower & Star presses
  • Melon baller shaper
  • Our Crinkle-Creations Knife
  • Fifty 8” and fifty 10” display sticks
  • Food safe foam inserts for any mug or vase
  • And our easy instruction guide full of fruiterrific ideas and illustrations

You also get Veggie creation’s garnishing kit. The Veggie Creations kit comes with

  • Raised handle crinkle cutter
  • Pro paring knife
  • Spiral slicer
  • Twin curl cutter
  • V-shaped decorator
  • Vegetable garnishing instruction guide

Price $14.95 + $15.90 s&p. Total amount $30.85. Offical website



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