Frootle Bottle Review

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Do you want to add fruity flavor and nutrition to your plain bottle of water? Or do you want to make your favorite Margarita, martini or even flavored tea as easily as breathing and in an economical way? Then get yourself a Frootle Bottle – an infusion bottle that will make every sip of your plain water yummy and healthy with real fruits that can be infused with any beverage of your choice.


Frootle Bottle
Say goodbye to unhealthy sodas and colas and fruit juices that have preservatives and are not very healthy options. This is especially helpful for you and your children if you do not drink adequate water. With the yummy dash of fruits you can keep yourself hydrated with extra nutrition as it adds vitamins and minerals to the water. With Frootle Bottle you can also take control of what goes in your and especially your children’s beverages and drinks.

Making fruit flavored water or any other beverage with Frootle Bottle is as easy as 1-2-3. All you need to do is add the fruit of your choice to the bottle, pour ice cubes and water, and shake it. Your water will be flavored instantly and ready to be consumed. Frootle Bottle is reusable, which means you can get fruity water as many times as you want. The strainer in the bottle also makes sure there are no chunks of fruits in the water. The fruit flavored water flows perfectly with no ice or fruit chunks flowing in. Not just water, whether you want to make fruit flavored teas, margarita or martini or even more beverages. Add different fruits like lime, lemon, strawberries and even mint leaves to get various and yummy flavors in your water.

You can get unlimited fruit flavored water every day at a very reasonable price. What’s more, place your order now and you can get 2 pieces of Frootle Bottle for the price of one. So keep yourself hydrated and get the goodness and nutrition of the freshest fruits minus the preservatives and packaging with Frootle Bottle or wow your guests with best fruity cocktails that you would otherwise spend many a dollars on.



What do I get?
2 Frootle Bottles for just $10.00 + $13.98 s/h. Official website



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