Fresh’n Crisp

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What is Fresh’n Crisp

It is an innovative solution to extend the life of all the fruits and vegetables. It traps the ethylene gas that leads to spoilage, resulting in extended shelf life.

Store fruits and vegetables longer:

Fresh’n Crisp asserts that it can provide an alternative to purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables every other day by extending their shelf life. Fruits and vegetables naturally tend to rot quickly and this is why storing them for long is a mess. Plus a lot of money gets wasted after them if they start to go bad in just a day or so. Fresh’n Crisp promises that it will help extend their life and keep them fresh as new for consumption saving lots of money. Also Fresh’n Crisp declares that it is unlike other solutions like storage-bags or containers, which are hardly useful when compared to its scientifically-researched design.


Scientifically proven technology:

Fresh’n Crisp claims that it has been created after thorough research as to why the vegetables and fruits go bad quickly. Most native solutions claim that it is due to the air but the fact is that air is not the enemy here. Every fruit and vegetable gives out Ethylene Gas naturally when they are aging and leads to their spoilage. Fresh’n Crisp states that it traps and absorbs this very ethylene gas within the fruits and vegetables so that their life is extended. Fresh’n Crisp convinces to be different not just by its function but by its usage too. Its shape and size is of a small egg and unlike bags and containers, Fresh’n Crisp can be allegedly kept in crisper bins, bags or sealed bowls along with the fresh produce. This makes it universally usable multiple times and effectively lasts for up to 3 months. Fresh’n Crisp guarantees that its ethylene gas absorption and trapping process is not chemically harmful and consists of all natural mineral-based ingredients. On comparing prices to similar promising solutions, Fresh’n Crisp proclaims to be quite cost effective and additionally saves a lot of money over spoiled produce that would otherwise go in trash.


What Do I Get?

  • You get Two Fresh’n Crisp’s for only $9.95 plus $6.99 P&H.
  • You also get the Fresh’n Fridge
  • Official website:
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