Fresh Mex Express

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What is Fresh Mex Express – It is a chopping and mixing device that can give you salsa, guacamole, and other dips in a few second.

One device to chop, mix and serve

Fresh Mex Express claims to take the pain and effort out of making lip-smacking sauces, salsa, and dips to relish your favorite Mexican fares by being a fast and the easy way to chop, slice and mix the ingredients so that you can enjoy your tacos and salsa without tiring in prepping. If the claims of Fresh Mex Express are to be believed, you need to just toss the vegetables into the container of the device, turn its lever a couple of times and you will have yummy sauces and dips ready within five seconds every time.

Ultra sharp stainless steel blades for thick, medium or fine sauces

The secret of Fresh Mex Express is believed to be in its ultra sharp stainless steel blades that chop, mix and prep in a single step. You can supposedly also get the sauce and dips the way you want – thick, medium or fine as Fresh Mex Express is capable of giving any kind of consistency. You can supposedly make a number of things in Fresh Mex Express like mango salsa, creamy cheese dip, black bean dip, and fresh and healthy hummus. It also allows you to make toppings like guacamole for burritos, or cheese stake fajitas and a lot more.

Saves space and breeze to clean

Unlike traditional and bulky food processors, Fresh Mex Express claims to be extremely light weight and easily portable and saves a lot of counter and storage space. Other regular food processors also need a lot of effort to clean since there are many different bowls and containers but you can supposedly save the trouble with Fresh Mex Express since it lets you chop, mix and serve in the same container and can be cleaned in a dishwasher. Fresh Mex Express also promises to last long because its stainless steel blades are very durable.


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