Flippin Floppy Silicone Splatter Guard As Seen On TV REVIEW

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What is Flippin Floppy

As per the TV infomercial it is a silicone splatter ring that helps in containing spills and splatters while cooking up to 4 inches high. Flippin Floppy proclaims to have a soft, flexible silicone ring that is conical in shape to keep splatter inside the pan itself.


Flippin Floppy CLAIMS

Splatter proofing – Flippin Floppy guarantees to be the ultimate spills and splatter guard while cooking. Flippin Floppy assures that its ultimate design ensures that the stove, countertop, and cabinets stay clean while cooking around them. At this point of time there are no Flippin Floppy reviews available to attest to its claims.

Smart Design – Flippin Floppy asserts to stay partially in the pan and exten upwards to provide a better and higher wall over other ordinary splash guards. Currently there are no Flippin Floppy reviews available to substantiate with its claims.

Exclusive features – Flippin Floppy promises to have a bendable shape that fits inside any sized pan. Its wall extends to 4 inch high that ensure that the splatter is caught and drips back down into the pan. It also proclaims to be dishwasher safe or cleans with warm soapy water with ease. Did you find Flippin Floppy helpful while cooking? Send us your reviews.

Flippin Floppy Questions and Answers

Q. How to place Flippin Floppy inside the pan?
A. Start by immersing it inside the pan with the little lip going inside the flat side up. It does come with directions to use.

Q. What is the diameter of the Flippin Floppy’s fry wall?
A. The top diameter is approximately 15 inches.

Q. Does Flippin Floppy work for most pans that are used to fry bacon? Will it fit a pan with a top rim diameter of 9.8 inches?
A. Not sure, some people have found it to be too big for such pans.

Q. Does Flippin Floppy work on a 9.5 inch pan?
A. It does if the pan is the old-school cast iron pan but it will not for new-age non-stick pans.

Q. Will Flippin Floppy work in a wok?
A. Not sure but it might just work better due to its design.

Q. Can Flippin Floppy be stored well? Can it fold up easily?
A. Yes, it easily rolls up into its shipping sleeve for easy storage.

Flippin Floppy Review

Tonya Riley, a Flippin Floppy customer asserts in her review that she found the concept of the splatter guard interesting. To her disappointment, it did not fit her two favorite pans. As per her review, Flippin Floppy is too tall and seems a bit awkward while using due to its floppy nature. Her Flippin Floppy review adds that it might work well for pans it may fit.

Another Flippin Floppy review by Grace Morgan says that it works decently but it is very difficult to wash it off.

A review by Edna Payne complains that the height of Flippin Floppy restricts usage from the side. Users need to reach over the tall sides with tongs and is exposed directly over the hot oil. According to her Flippin Floppy review cleaning it can be mess if users don’t own a dishwasher.

One other customer, Carol Cross, reveals in her Flippin Floppy review that it is a ridiculous splatter guard and fails to fit standard pans. The Flippin Floppy review further states that it lost its shape after getting warm and kept falling out of the pan.

Felicia Ortega, a Flippin Floppy user writes in her review that it can take up a lot of room on the stove top and can take a lot of room. As per her review Flippin Floppy is good in terms of shape and color but scores less when it comes to functionality and cleaning.

Another reviewer Darla Luiz says that Flippin Floppy requires constant readjustment to ensure that it fits the pan and slides out easily. She complains in her review that it keeps falling out and fails to keep its round shape intact.

Gretchen McGee warns in her Flippin Floppy review that it becomes flimsy upon heating and is impossible to reattach after its knocked off accidentally while using it. Her Flippin Floppy review asserts that it’s already difficult to attach to the pot and also to stir or flip the contents of the recipe.

Holly Warner, another dissatisfied customer of Flippin Floppy states in her review that it is too large for a 10 inch pan. She tried using it in different shapes but it didn’t sit flat against the sides. Another concern she shows in her Flippin Floppy review is its height and how people who are not tall enough will find it uncomfortable using it around the walls. In her review she says Flippin Floppy can fatigue the shoulder muscles and the hot steam exposed right away can burn the hand and arms.

One other Flippin Floppy purchaser Wilma Bryan reveals that it doesn’t work very well. It is a good concept but the review says it is not stable enough to actually use it. Flippin Floppy started slipping off the pan after getting hot.

Regina Davidson claims in her Flippin Floppy review that it doesn’t work well and requires constant re-positioning to make it work. According to the review it is difficult to reposition Flippin Floppy and might not fit around the edge of the pan as it would before heating it.


What do I get?
Please see the Official website FlippinFloppy.com

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