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If you have brought about a healthy change in your lifestyle off late, you are probably very careful about what you eat and drink. You might want to concentrate on salads and smoothies of different kinds, which are healthy, nutritious and low on calories as well. But salads can be boring unless you make your own delicious dressings to make things interesting.


How does Flavorwave Powerstick work?
And now you can mix and blend things in your kitchen to make salad dressings and smoothies in a matter of minutes with the help of Flavorwave Powerstick. It’s so easy and convenient to use that you will look forward to getting into the kitchen and mixing things to your liking.

Salad dressings and smoothies you can make with Flavorwave Powerstick are only one aspect of its usability in the kitchen. With Flavorwave Powerstick you can make your own gourmet coffee, which will be a delight for coffee lovers. Now you can start your day refreshed by having your own home made gourmet coffee before going to work.

Flavorwave Powerstick is strong and effective because it works at about 28,000 rpms and can be used to puree carrots for baby food as well. You can use Flavorwave Powerstick to crush peanuts and ice too. Now you won’t run out of crushed ice when you have a party at home and even if you do, making it will be oh so easy. Flavorwave Powerstick is safe to use and doesn’t hurt your hands.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
You can buy Flavorwave Powerstick for $49.95 plus P&H charge of $12.95



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  1. Has anyone tried the Flavorwave Powerstick, is it any good?

    Is Flavorwave Powerstick effective in making salad dressings?

    Could you use Flavorwave Powerstick to make gourmet coffee?

    Does Flavorwave Powerstick work for making crushed ice?

    Is Flavorwave Powerstick easy to use?

    Does Flavorwave Powerstick save you time in the kitchen?

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