FlavorStone Infusion Grill REVIEW

What is the FlavorStone Infusion Grill?

The FlavorStone Infusion Grill is a revolutionary pan with cutting edge design and construction allowing you to whip up not only a perfectly healthy meal but also, one that is full of flavor. With its unique features – the Flavor Channel and Steam Canopy, the FlavorStone Infusion Grill claims to help you make an incredibly flavorful meal at the snap of your fingers.


How does the FlavorStone Infusion Grill work?

Fabulous flavors – The Flavor Channel along with the Steam Canopy claims that it allows you to add any liquid you might want to use to add that zing to your dish and infuse that flavor into the dish while speeding up the entire process of cooking. This not only helps you bring out a lip smacking dish but also makes sure that you have that dish ready to serve in no time. The Flavor Channel has the unique ability to ensure that your food is above the flavoring liquid, be it wine, juice or just a concoction of spices. This feature of the FlavorStone Infusion Grill promises its users that it will prevent the food from getting soggy but at the same time getting the required flavor from the infused liquid. With the FlavorStone Infusion Grill you can let your imagination run wild in trying out all the possible permutations and combinations for a flavorsome and healthy meal. Use wines, sauces, salad dressing, beer and anything else you may think of to give birth to that fancy chef like dish you’ve always wanted. Imagine enjoying those juicy steaks with bags of flavor. Roasted chicken, yummy seafood cooked perfectly – all these are promises made by the FlavorStone Infusion Grill.


Quick and healthy meals – The Steam Canopy of the FlavorStone Infusion Grill promises to cook the food up to 50% faster. The convection effect of the Steam Canopy has the steam circulating underneath, allowing the flavors to be infused right into the food hence resulting in a faster cooking time. Sounds too good to be true? Maybe so, as the FlavorStone Infusion Grill is yet to be reviewed by a user. Claiming to have high quality construction including the large Viewing Window along with the Stay Cool Handles, the FlavorStone Infusion Grill certainly does sound like the next must have item on your list. The Steam Canopy of the FlavorStone Infusion Grill raised the food up from the bottom of the pan, allowing the fat and grease to separate from the dish, giving you a grease free, healthy dish that suits your diet perfectly.

With a number of tall claims made by the FlavorStone Infusion Grill, it’s now time for you to go ahead and place an order to try it out yourself. Send in your reviews to help all the potential users make an informed choice before placing an order for the FlavorStone Infusion Grill.


FlavorStone Infusion Grill Features

  • Works with induction, gas, electric cooking surfaces.
  • Being ultra-compact, Infusion Grill is suited for dorms, RVs and boats.
  • Intuitive glass-lid lets you keep a close watch on the food.
  • Innovative design raises the food and deep grilling grooves allow the fat to drip away.
  • Infusion Grill features PFOA-free Sapphire coating that claims to resist scratching and is easy to clean up.


Flavorstone Infusion Grill REVIEW

When you begin using the Flavorstone Infusion Grill, you will wish you had never bought it. The Flavorstone Infusion Grill does not “infuse” anything, and your food will have to be finished in the microwave.

The Flavorstone Infusion Grill is also really huge, which makes it difficult to store.

The construction of the Flavorstone Infusion Grill is not as sturdy and solid as other similar grills, but the biggest strike against it is the lack of versatility in cooking.

You will notice that the Teflon will wear out to bare metal on about half the grill in 3 months. Even when the Teflon is intact, things will get stuck to the point that half your dish may be left wasted on the grill. An entire night of soaking also won’t help lift it. Even if you do everything according to the directions mentioned, the Flavorstone Infusion Grill will not work for you.

Unlike other products that let the fat drip off making your food healthier, the Flavorstone Infusion Grill does not deduct the fat as well.


What do I get?

Get the FlavorStone Infusion Grill for $59.90 USD + S/h. Official website: Thane.ca

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