Flavorstone Deluxe Review

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As they say, your cookware can make all the difference to your cooking. With the right cookware, you can ensure that you cook healthy and the right way without the need for oils and sprays. Simple things like having to scrap off eggs cooked on the pan because they stick can be annoying. But Flavorstone cookware is known for its excellent range of non stick products where absolutely nothing sticks. What’s more, you can easily clean your pans with just a towel swipe rather using cleaning products and scrubbing them for hours. And now in the famous Flavorstone cookware range you can find Flavorstone Deluxe, which will make cooking a delight for you.


Flavorstone Deluxe
Flavorstone Deluxe is a 9.5 inch deep pan that comes with a tempered glass cover. Moreover it also has a vented lid, which will make sure moisture escapes while the lid is still on. No more messy boil-overs that can create a mess on your hob that you have to clean up later. From making stir fry to chicken tenders, from pot roast to delicious pizzas, you can use Flavorstone Deluxe to cook practically everything you want to. And you will be cooking it the healthy way as well.

Like all Flavorstone cookware, Flavorstone Deluxe also has the proprietary Sapphire surface, which is known for its non stick qualities. It’s a scratch resistant PFOA surface that will ensure that practically nothing sticks to it. You can use it on a gas, induction stoves and electric ceramics as well. The multi-ply induction process that’s at the heart of Flavorstone cookware ensures that heat radiates from the bottom of the Deluxe pan and gets through the entire pan.

Hence there won’t be any hot spots in your pan, which can cause flash burning incidents while cooking. Flavorstone Deluxe is your way to cook healthy, easy and making efficient use of energy, which will save you money too.




What do I get?
Your package includes

  • 9.5 inches deluxe deep pan
  • Glass lid
  • Cathy Mitchell recipe guide and Tasty Sensations (2 in 1)

You can buy Flavorstone Deluxe for one payment of $59.95 plus shipping and handling charge of $14.95 at www.danozdirect.com.au. You also have the option of making three easy payments of $19.95 plus processing and handling fee of $14.95. What’s more, now you can also add Flavorstone Sauce Pan to your offer by simply paying additional processing and handling cost of $9.95.


Flavorstone Deluxe Video


13 thoughts on “Flavorstone Deluxe Review

  1. I am not happy with my Flavorstone. Color has changed. And the guarantee that was promised has to be honoured. I have scratches when i only washed with a scourer. Very unhappy and others have had the same problems. I would like a reply from you. Thanks.

  2. Could you please advise the price and where someone can purchase the set of 5 Flavorstone knives. I reside in Regina, Saskatchewan. I purchased the Flavorstone cookware already from Canadian Tire.

  3. I left a comment on the danoz direct site about my disappointment in the flavourstone product as it DOES stick after a while, and my comment was removed……funny how they invite you to review the product but when your not entirely happy with it they try to silence you. I have only ever washed my pans with warm soapy water and a soft cloth and yet after about two weeks its started sticking, was really happy with it and sang its praises in the beginning but am since disappointed in its performance, think ill have to just spend the big dollars at a proper kitchenware store to get a non stick pan. if I had my time again would not have bought them.

    • Coatings on steel/ aluminium can shed and are toxic, they are only non stick until the surface pores fill up with baked on food particles then food sticks to these particles which can’t be washed out. An alternative is a well seasoned carbon steel pan. Safe, old fashioned, heavy and you will never need to throw it away. It is what the Chefs use. (not stainless steel)

      Dr. Keith

  4. I just this Flavorstone Deluxe Pan (24cm) and found that if you are cooking for 3 or more people it will not hold enough for the family, so will have buy the 28 cm pans or at least or you buy a couple that are in specials at a very high price up $89 – $99, so it is just as easy to a special again and end up with a couple off items that are put away never to be used.


  5. Review Flavorstone Deluxe

    Does Flavorstone Deluxe live up to its claims?

    Does Flavorstone Deluxe ensure nothing sticks to its surface?

    Does Flavorstone Deluxe help you cook healthy?

    Does using Flavorstone Deluxe mean you can cook making efficient use of energy?

    Are there any drawbacks to using Flavorstone Deluxe?

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