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You like to make the most of the leftovers in the house because you cook with a lot of love and attention. You also know that throwing away leftovers is like wasting your hard earned money. But that’s what you end up doing because your leftover veggies, fruits and meats go bad in the fridge, often over night. If you have been looking for a way to store your leftovers well, FlavorFresh claims to work for your needs. FlavorFresh is an air tight sealing wrap that can be used over and over again to keep your food fresh always.

How does FlavorFresh Work

FlavorFresh is known to be very simple for your regular use and you only have to stretch and press it over containers to make it work. The seal will be completely air tight and lock in all the freshness of food within. FlavorFresh releases excess air from the container and creates a vacuum that will ensure that the freshness and flavour of food is locked into the food. FlavorFresh claims that when it is used fresh fruits stay that way much longer and the same is true for veggies as well. It can also be used to good effect with cold cuts.

FlavorFresh can be stretched to fit any sized can and bowls. You will get that air tight seal with square and round shaped bowls too. It can be used with gravy bowls or raw fruits on their own. Hence FlavorFresh can be used well for picnics and barbeques; you can use it to store salads too. It also stays on when there are those unfortunate accidents in the kitchen that can create a mess for you to clean up later. FlavorFresh stretches to three times its original size but its compact enough to fit in drawers. It’s transparent to identify




What do I get?
Official Website thane.com



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