FlavorChef Review

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If you want freedom from eating the same boring food all the time, sweating it out while cooking or hassling over cleaning all the pots and pans then get FlavorChef, the 6-in-1 cooker that can effectively replace six countertop appliances – frying pan, rice cooker, oven, pizza maker, sandwich maker and griddle.

How does FlavorChef Work

FlavorChef will make you a master chef right at home that too in just about 15 mintues whether you want to cook, sear, steam, bake, or brown your food by managing the three Ts of cooking – time, temperature and technique with great precision to give you restaurant quality food for breakfast, lunch and dinner to desserts from starters, gourmet meals or any culinary delight. The oversized control of FlavorChef that will let you set the temperature and time as per your dish’s requirement. Its 360° directional heat encloses the food evenly right from bottom to all around. It locks in the flavor and prevents hot spots or the food overcooking when the timer bell rings and the cooker shuts off precisely when the food is cooked.

FlavorChef is a great non-stick fry pan that gives you delicious steak or you can also open it and make use of the dual surface grill that has a flatter surface to help you flip the food easily. The other higher raised side keeps the flavors locked in the food. You can also close the lid of the versatile FlavorChef and grill a sandwich or a juicy Panini. The cooker will let you make a pizza or get perfectly steamed rice or toss your oven aside to make the perfect dessert in FlavorChef. As efficient as six appliances put together FlavorChef is a breeze to clean and you just need a swipe of a hand to clean it. FlavorChef costs just a fraction of six appliances put together and occupies very little place in the kitchen. Order now to you will get 6 silicone baking cups, a pair of chef quality tong and Chef David Adjey’s recipe cookbook for free. First 500 callers will get 4 additional silicone baking cups for free.



What do I get?

  • FlavorChef 6 in 1 Cooker
  • 4 Silicone Baking Cups
  • Professional Chef Tongs
  • Chef David Adjey’s FlavorChef Owner’s Manual & Recipe Guide

All this for $99.00 + P.& H. Official website thane.ca



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