Flame Wizard

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What is Flame Wizard –

It is a highly resistant silicone and cotton padded 2-in-1 glove that can resists up to 250 degrees Centigrade and can be used for various kitchen purposes.


Cook with safety

Flame Wizard promises to be a great kitchen companion with its rich features and ability to handle extremely high temperatures. It is very important to be careful while cooking since it involves using open flames, hot utensils, oven, boiling liquids, etc. These are the kind of chores that are not avoidable as most cooking involves one or more of them. To resolve such issues there have been ordinary gloves that are able to provide decent protection but none has top of the line design that Flame Wizard supposedly has to carry out kitchen chores with ease.

Optimum protective design

What makes Flame Wizard different is apparently its thoughtful seamless design which consists of many beneficial features. The first most important feature of Flame Wizard is its supposedly extra-long design. It is actually a great boost to safety while cooking because the extra length helps in using ovens and barbequing quite easy which is not possible with regular gloves. Flame Wizard also claims to be designed with two distinct layers and it can be coined as its another highlight feature. The dual lining consists of 100% pure silicone which is said to be highly heat resistant and can work in a temperature up to 250 Degrees Centigrade. For comfortable wearing experience the inner lining of Flame Wizard is supposedly padded with 100% pure cotton so that it provides comfort to the hand while using it and improves flexibility while holding trays, pots, pans, etc. The fill material is polyester which also ensures there is no damage to the linings of the glove to increase its durability.


Waterproof gloves

Another great benefit of using Flame Wizard is claimed to be its waterproof nature and its capability to withstand hot liquids. This is quite helpful while straining food items like pasta that is supposed to be boiled at very high temperatures. The silicone glove area of Flame Wizard is also made with non-slip design so that it provides grip while holding trays out from the oven while baking cookies, making pizza, and more.


    What do I get?

  • You get Flame Wizard just for £15.99 + £7.59
  • Official website:islshop.co.uk

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