Fire and Ice Knife

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What is Fire and Ice Knife

It is a kitchen knife that is 50% bigger and made from high-quality steel heated up to 2000 degrees and then cooled and infused with nonstick technology. It is sharp enough to cut a coconut and can slice tomatoes to equal perfection.

A revolution in kitchen knives, Fire and Ice Knife claims to be the best knife to give you precision and control right in your hands whether you want to slice a delicate tomato or cut a hard muskmelon or pineapple. Fire and Ice Knife is created by the same brand as Orgreenic Nonstick cookware that has revolutionized the way food is cooked with no oil or grease. Fire and Ice Knife is supposedly created from heating high-quality steel up to 2000 degrees, then rapidly cooled and infused with the same nonstick technology.


Perfectly balanced to give you precision and control

Even if you buy a sharp knife that costs $100, it takes a lot of time and effort to cut through big fruits or even meat. But Fire and Ice Knife promises to be better than a high-end knife that can cut through it all in a jiffy. It is supposed to have perfect balance that lets you slice through anything with perfect precision and control. So whether you want to cut a hard watermelon or muskmelon or make slices of cucumber and onions, you will apparently get the same perfection with the same knife. For these big ingredients, small knives can never work but at 9 inches, Fire and Ice Knife is meant to be 50% bigger and the perfect option.


Nonstick surface slides the food off

Unlike regular kitchen knives that take a lot of effort to slice into foods, Fire and Ice Knife claims to have a nonstick surface that makes sure the food slides right off the knife so that you can save a lot of prep time while cooking. Whether you want to carve a large turkey or slice small strawberries, you can believably do it with Fire and Ice Knife that can even cut hard ice in one strike. That’s not all, the nonstick knife promises to let you skin, bone and potion fresh salmon all with just one knife.


    What do I get ?

  • you get 2 Fire & Ice Chef’s Knife + 8 inch Orgreenic Fry Pan just for $31.98 + $7.99 s/h.
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