FastRack Beer Bottles Review

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Every once in a while comes a product that takes your breath away because it’s so cleverly designed and has all the right elements to be a major success. FastRack has turned out to be that product because of its fantastic utility. In fact it’s one of the most sought after gadgets in homebrew supplies category today. You will find that all home brewers who were using bottle trees so far, be it in Canada, US or Europe for that matter are now switching to this phenomenal product with aplomb because it’s made their life a lot simpler.


FastRack Beer Bottles
Home brewers pride on their beers; there are no two ways about it and they want them to be stored well too. And if you get all the convenience you desire during this process then it’s an added advantage. Now you won’t have to set up or take down your beer bottle tree over and over again. All you need to do is use this product, which will store the empty bottles for you. Then when it’s time for your next home brew, you can use this product to dry your sanitized bottles and get started all over again; it’s that simple.

Getting started with this product is easy and you can place them uniformly secured, upside down. Without touching the inside of the beer bottle like a regular tree would do; hence as your beer bottle is dried, there is no fear of contamination. You will also be pleased to note that with the help of this product it’s easier to rack and stack; thus you will be saved a lot of space. Now you will see that around 96 bottles take about the space that 24 bottles would otherwise do; it’s four times the space saved for you.

FastRack is quite the versatile product for your needs and it works with around 99% of 330 ml to 375 ml bottles. Moreover it works well with wine bottles as well. It’s a product that offers a secure and efficient solution to hold bottles that are needed for a standard homebrew batch.



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6 thoughts on “FastRack Beer Bottles Review

  1. Hey guys!

    Just wanted to let you guys know that we’ve made some updates to our product and have released another version of the FastRack that accommodates 22oz bomber bottles and wine bottles!

    Our website has been updated as well – check it out:

    Happy FastRacking!

  2. Aside from what the owner is promoting in his responses, response has been lackluster from the home brewing forums. Not to mention the poor customer service and slow shipping complaints. There are other and better options available.

  3. Thanks for the review!

    We have had phenomenal reviews from homebrewers thus far and recently released a new video our our website specifically for homebrewers.


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