Fast Mixx Pro REVIEWED | Vortex Drink Mixer Busted!!

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What is Fast Mixx Pro?

Fast Mixx Pro claims to be a battery operated 16-oz capacity portable vortex drink mixer. It alleges to blend shakes, smoothies, protein drinks, soups, eggs, batters, dressings, and more in just a single touch! This claim can only be substantiated once the Fast Mixx Pro reviews come out.

Fast Mixx Pro asserts to have one-touch mixing for super smooth blends and allows for drinking straight out of the handheld cup. Such claims of Fast Mixx Pro does sound very helpful but does it work well is a question better left to Fast Mixx Pro user reviews.


Fast Mixx Pro CLAIMS

Fast Mixx Pro declares to have counter-crossing blades designed with Liqui-Tech Science to pulverize and liquefy any powder, mix, or batter instantly. This claim of the Fast Mixx Pro will be attested only once users review the Fast Mixx Pro.

Fast Mixx Pro promises to give you velvety chocolate milk, super smooth meal replacement shakes, professional tasting lattes, perfect pancake batter, and delicious salad dressing, right in the palm of your hand! This claim can be proved only after we analyse the Fast Mixx Pro reviews.

Extra lightweight – Fast Mixx Pro states to be extra lightweight making it easy to take it with you to the gym, in the car, or to the office. At this point of time there are no Fast Mixx Pro reviews to verify this claim.

Super-Tight No-Leak Lid – Fast Mixx Pro guarantees a Super-Tight No-Leak Lid so you never have to worry about spilling your drink ever again! Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once the Fast Mixx Pro is reviewed.

No More Lumps – Fast Mixx Pro maintains there will be no more lumps in your drink! It does sound fanciful, only Fast Mixx Pro reviews will expose it soon.

Self-Cleaning System – Fast Mixx Pro claims to have a self-cleaning system that takes just seconds to clean. Does it sound too good to be true? Fast Mixx Pro reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Works With Hot or Cold Liquid – Fast Mixx Pro guarantees to work with both hot and cold liquids, a claim that hasn’t been verified by reviews yet.

Fast Mixx Pro Reviews

Willie Reyes, who purchased the Fast Mixx Pro says in her Fast Mixx Pro review- “The plastic shaker bottle lasted less than a week. The threaded top end of the bottle cracked and split in multiple locations throughout the circumference. Washing the bottle with soap and hot water appeared to aggravate the overall leaking and splintered condition of the bottle”.

Claudia Elliott seems disappointed with the Fast Mixx Pro and complains in her Fast Mixx Pro review- “ The inside of the charging port got rusted after washing it once (with the silicone cover over it), meaning that I can’t charge the Fast Mixx Pro, which was the main selling point for me personally. They don’t mention needing to be extremely careful while washing this. Don’t run the bottle under water at all- only the inside (which is super difficult to do)”.

Rebecca Sandoval is unhappy with the Fast Mixx Pro and says in her Fast Mixx Pro review- “Got the Fast Mixx Pro to mix muscle milk powder into water. How hard can that be? Fast Mixx Pro leaves lumps and doesn’t even thoroughly mix in general. It seems that real blades are necessary, even for powdered drinks”.

Nina Wong is dissatisfied with the Fast Mixx Pro and complains in her review of the Fast Mixx Pro that the charger didn’t work so she was forced to buy a new one.

Another user Jeanette Howard who bought the Fast Mixx Pro mentions in her review of the Fast Mixx Pro-“The seals on the cup all cracked after about 4 uses and now it leaks a decent bit”.

In her review of the Fast Mixx Pro, Peggy Lawson says- “After 3 days the button of the Fast Mixx Pro became so hard to operate and I had to press many times to make it click. Power button gets stuck sometimes, requiring you to pull out the rubber dome to reset it”.

Fast Mixx Pro Questions & Answers

Q. Can I really see the vortex when it’s working?
A. Yes, if you are using a clear liquid.

Q. What does the Fast Mixx Pro mixer specially work for?
A. The Fast Mixx Pro could be used for coffee, juice, protein powder, baby formula and various powder and liquid.

Q. How loud is the Fast Mixx Pro?
A. It’s pretty loud if you mix without the lid on. With the lid on it’s not that bad.

Q. Does the Fast Mixx Pro have oz measurements on the bottle?
A. Yes, it has oz measurements.

Q. How long does it work for after one-full recharge?
A. It’s about 30 minutes with continued use. I’ve tested it before. And I charged it for one hour and it was enough to last few days or more.

Q. Does the Fast Mixx Pro mix protein powder good with milk?
A. Yes, just make sure you put in milk first before the protein powder.

Q. Does the Fast Mixx Pro mix fruit?
A. No. It only mixes powder. The mixer is a soft plastic that stirs the water, so when you add the powder it’ll help avoid powder clumps.

Q. Will the Fast Mixx Pro work with hot drinks?
A. Warm water is preferred. Very hot or boiled water is not recommended.

Q. Does the bottle make drink foamy?
A. It gets a little frothy, but not much… it’s not as fast as traditional blender, so it’s fine.

Q. Does the Fast Mixx Pro have a cord or is it battery operated?
A. Fast Mixx Pro is a USB rechargeable shaker bottle. No need for extra batteries. The shaker bottle comes with a USB cable to charge it anywhere.

Q. Can the Fast Mixx Pro blender use ice?
A. No.

Q. Can the Fast Mixx Pro mix pre workout powdered supplements?
A. It could mix for various powder and liquid.

Q. Is the Fast Mixx Pro BPA-free? How many RPM does this spin?
A. Yes, it is BPA free and 9,000 RPM for the spin.

Q. Can you use the Fast Mixx Pro for butter coffee?
A. Fast Mixx Pro is for mixing all kinds of powder and liquid. Hot coffee is okay, but it is not recommend mixing with boiled coffee.

Q. Is the Fast Mixx Pro able to blend with ice or just blending liquids together?
A. Nope it cannot blend ice, just powder and water.


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