Fast Mash

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What is Fast Mash:

It is a kitchen tool that claims to let you make soft and fluffy mash easily and within no time.
Fast Mash promises to offer a way around the regular problems mashers tend to have. You like make a delicious and soft mash at home but the regular mashers just don’t cut it. They often have large holes, which mean you don’t get smooth mash. As a result you have to go over it again and again, adding strain on your wrists. Mashers with small holes don’t let potatoes pass through them creating another set of problems. But Fast Mash stresses that it can let you make soft and smooth mash in hardly any time.

Fast Mash works effectively for you

Fast Mash has been specially designed so that it traps food and forces it through thin gaps between the collapsing stainless steel coil. And as a result you get the perfect mash every single time. Fast Mash is known for its unique spring design that eliminates jarring on the wrist as it absorbs downward force. That’s why when you are using it you won’t strain your wrists as well. The wide grooves it has, means food stays in the pot and not in the masher.


Fast Mash is convenient for your use

Using Fast Mash is almost a cakewalk as all you have to do is trap the food and collapse the coil. Once that’s done your food items will be mashed within a matter of seconds. It claims to give you perfect consistency with mash every time. Fast Mash also has rubber cushioned, multi grip handle, which is not only comfortable but non slip as well. The silicon scraper ensures that the pot is cleaned and you can serve with one tool. You can also clean it easily because it is dishwasher safe, according to its claims.

Fast Mash lets you work with several ingredients

Fast Mash offers to you let you make a lot more than mashed potatoes. You can mash yams for pies and avocados for homemade guacamoles too.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Two Fast Mash masher for just $10.00 + $12.9 P&H.
  • Official website:
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