Fast Juicer or Provita Slow Juicer

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Adding healthy fresh juices into your diet has become a common trend today. You can get vital nutrients from fruits and veggies, which can boost your wellbeing. Juices also go down well with kids who might otherwise be resistant to healthy eating habits.


Thus buying the right juicer that can turn the most difficult of veggies and fruits into smooth juices, assumes significance. There are two broad types of juicers; fast and slow and each of them has its own advantages.

Juice or pulp: The results matter

If you want to make juices that are rather thin in consistency then you might want to use centrifugal or fast juicers. They tend to separate juice from the pulp but the problem is that they can be noisy. They are also rather ineffective when it comes to kale, spinach, wheatgrass etc where slow juicers hold their advantages.


Slow juicers also make sense when you want to get pulp, which brings you benefits of fibres. These masticating action juicers pulverize entire fruits, including peels and seeds and the results give you the feeling of fullness when consumed.

The choice based on personal convenience

Fast juicers as the name suggests are quick but you will have to drink the juice at the earliest. If you want to make juices that can be stored for about a day or two then you might want to opt for slow juicers.


The price difference between these juicers can also be the deciding factor.

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