Fabrique Heatware Bread Warmer Review

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What is Fabrique Heatware Bread Warmer?

Fabrique Heatware Bread Warmer is a foldable warming technology that proclaims to keep your baked breads and dinner rolls piping hot for up to four hours. Fabrique Heatware Bread Warmer asserts that you just need to heat and then fold it to keep breads, rolls, sandwiches and other baked and prebaked foods warm making it ideal for dinners at home or on the go.


How does Fabrique Heatware Bread Warmer work?

To keep your bread fresh for hours, Fabrique Heatware Bread Warmer asserts to have a patented microcore pack that does the trick. When you pop Fabrique Heatware Bread Warmer into the microwave and heat it for two minutes, its cells are energized inside so that the heat is provided consistently for four hours. Fabrique Heatware Bread Warmer holds on the heat till you and your family sits at the dinner table to eat.


Breads fresh and warm for up to four hours
Whether you bake fresh Italian bread or those perfect tasting rolls at home, when it’s time to eat them, they turn brittle cold even though wrapped in a napkin. But Fabrique Heatware Bread Warmer claims to keep your breads warm and at the perfect temperature for up to 4 hours. All you need to do, as Fabrique Heatware Bread Warmer states is, just heat the bread in it, fold the flaps and eat the bread when you are ready. Dinner bread rolls that are baked fresh will still be oven fresh even after four hours.


Ideal for dinners at home or outdoors
Not just the bread that you bake at home, Fabrique Heatware Bread Warmer assures to also let you warm up pre-baked breads to as much as 90 degrees by keeping it in the microwave for just two minutes. Fabrique Heatware Bread Warmer declares that you wouldn’t have to turn on the microwave and get warm bread wherever you are eating – at home or even outdoors.

Fabrique Heatware Bread Warmer states that it would be your perfect companion on picnics because it can keep grilled sandwiches warm for your day out. Even if you want to keep breads and rolls warm for potluck, all your guests would be left raving as Fabrique Heatware Bread Warmer maintains, without you having to leave the party to heat up the breads again and again. Family would relish hot appetizers before a game when it’s the game day because Fabrique Heatware Bread Warmer emphasizes that you can take game snacks along and enjoy them warm while watching the game. Or if you and your family are making a trip out of town, enjoy hot meals on hot wheels while traveling without the need to stop for lunch.


For breads and a lot more
Other than regular breads and dinner rolls, Fabrique Heatware Bread Warmer guarantees to give you hot treats with many more foods such as focaccia, bagels, baguettes, muffins, pitas, cornbread, croissants, and tortillas so you can enjoy as many baked delights as you please warm any time. Fabrique Heatware Bread Warmer states that its compact and foldable design lets you conveniently store it just about anywhere. Fabrique Heatware Bread Warmer assures that it comes in three different designs – Linen, Traditional and Modern – to go well with the décor of your kitchen and also your personal taste.


What do I get?

  • 2 Fabrique Heatware Bread Warmers
  • 1 How to Make Gourmet Butter Recipe Guide

Price: $14.95 + $6.95P&H. Official website: FabriqueHeatware.com


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