EZ Yolk Review

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Egg Yolk is an integral part of eggs but as years of studies and research suggest it is also contains the egg’s fat and cholesterol. On an average a large egg’s yolk consists of 5 grams fat and 55 calories. The egg white consists of all the available proteins on the egg and no cholesterol which makes it important for many health conscious individuals to remove the yolk while cooking egg. The question remains is how to get rid of the yolk which is solved by the newest EZ Yolk.

How does EZ Yolk Work

EZ Yolk is an ultimate design solution to the ever impending question of removing egg yolks easily from eggs that are at room temperature just cracked into a bowl or frying pan. There have been several ways of removing yolks before be it using hands, special utensils or even with a plastic bottle but none of them works as effectively as EZ Yolk does.
The secret lies in its unique design that uses a soft silicone bulb that can create consistent yet gently mild amount of suction. It is equipped with a removable sleeve that has contoured surface to make sure that none of the yolk membrane is ruptured, which is a common flaw with the other methods. This makes using the EZ Yolk a child’s play since all it needs is a suction applied near the yolk sucking it in almost instantly.

EZ Yolk’s patent pending design makes it not just highly efficient in removing the yolk but also is quite unique in terms of its shape and colors available. The compact size and the bold pastels of EZ Yolk make them highly appealing as a countertop attraction or stowed away in a drawer. It has the capacity to separate and yet retain 3 to 5 yolks easily. These yolks can be then stored under the right circumstances in refrigerator to make yummy mayonnaise or added in desserts to enrich it further. What more one would want when not just removal of yolk using EZ Yolk is easy but also is its cleaning since it is completely dishwasher safe.



What do I get?

  • EX Yolk Egg Separation Tool- Green $9.95
  • EZ Yolk Egg Separator – Purple $9.95
  • EZ Yolk Egg Separator Kitchen Tool – Yellow $9.95
  • EZ Yolk Egg Separator Tool – Red $9.95
  • EZ Yolk Egg Separator Kitchen Tool – Orange $9.95

Official website ezyolk.com



EZ Yolk Video

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