EZ Meatball

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What is EZ Meatball

It is a new age revolutionary way to make even sized meatballs for any occasion easily without the usual fuss and mess.


Easy Meatballs:

EZ Meatball claims to be the best way in which you can now make meatballs that are same sized and perfectly shaped in no time. Cooking meatball and spaghetti is a great idea to bring the family together during meal time but can turn quickly into a messy affair too. Making meatballs is a difficult job and can result in lumpy uneven balls that no one would like to taste. EZ Meatball supposedly understands this concern of food lovers and helps in making evenly shaped meatballs for any occasion. The highlight of EZ Meatball is apparently not how it makes these perfect meatballs but how quickly it can with its innovative design.

Ingenious design:

EZ Meatball is said to be very easy to use due to its design that can create 9 meatballs of all sizes in one go. In this way one can make mountains of meatball that are presentable even at parties in no time. It can apparently be used in simple steps starting with the meat being rolled out in desired thickness. Once the thickness according to the required size of meatballs is spread across, EZ Meatball should be pressed down over it. The excess part of meat should be cleared from the sides leaving the meat only inside EZ Meatball. It should be now held and moved in circular motion and in just 9 seconds the 9 sections in it will create equal sized perfectly shaped meatballs. It also can be used for special recipes that include lamb, beef, turkey and even pork.
L EZ Meatball is quick in creating meatballs of all size and thus can be used to create large sized meatballs for spaghetti and meatballs or smaller sized for delicious Swedish meatballs to serve as starters. EZ Meatball is said to be effective in making meatballs that add taste to Italian Wedding Soup. Plus cleaning it is a breeze since it is completely dishwasher safe.


    What do I get ?

  • Buy Two EZ Meatball maker for $10.00 plus $15.9P&H.
  • Official Website : ezmeatball.com

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