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How does EZ Cracker work?

Who doesn’t like to have healthy, nutritious eggs for breakfast? In fact it’s a good way to start the day on an energetic note for the entire family. But in the mornings when you are often running against time, cracking eggs, separating egg whites and trying to keeps shells out of hard boiled eggs can seem like chores and they also eat up your precious time. Thankfully not anymore because you have respite in the form of EZ Cracker, which will handle all these jobs efficiently and within no time for you.

In fact this product is being looked at as a smart and novel way of cracking and separating eggs without any hassle. This cleverly designed product is very easy to use and all you need to do is place an egg in the EZ Cracker. You can then simply squeeze the product to crack the egg. Making a yummy, shell free breakfast is now so simple. If you want to make omelets from egg whites they can be separated with the help of this product conveniently and instantly. What’s more, it won’t leave any mess behind for you to clean up later either.

You also won’t be struggling with trying to get rid of egg shells from hard boiled eggs. You can let this product handle the task for you and devour your hard boiled eggs without that unpleasant feeling of finding shells while you eat them. A healthy breakfast for your loved ones is literally on the plate now.

What do I get?

You can buy EZ Cracker with egg separator attachment included for $9.95 plus shipping and handling charge of $6.95 at www.ezcracker.com. You also get EZ Scrambler with your offer.

EZ Cracker Reviews/Complaints

Doesn’t work for small eggs

You need to use extra large eggs for this product to work and even then it fails on occasions. You will notice broken yoke or it just doesn’t separate wide enough so that the yoke can fall out. The yoke catcher is a disaster as well.

You cannot separate the shells

Or it so happens that the shell isn’t separated far enough so that the egg can come out. You have no option but to try and do the job manually, which is defeating the purpose of this product. If that’s not all you realize that by doing so you are only making a mess all over the place, which is a nuisance.

It doesn’t work like it’s supposed to

To begin with the egg holder isn’t good enough to hold the egg in place. If you manage to do that by some trick or another, you will notice that piercing through the shell is a task in itself. It’s difficult to get the point of a product that doesn’t work and claims to do a simple job of cracking an egg. You can do that on the skillet or edge of a bowl in seconds; it’s simpler, easier and whole lot cleaner too. And you don’t add to your kitchen clutter.

It’s too expensive

You would expect a decent quality product for the price you are paying for it, but EZ Cracker isn’t that one and it’s just a waste of your money.

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