Esio Beverage System Reviews and Complaints

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Tired of lugging all those drinks home from the market or warehouse store, tired of your fridge being packed with sugary drinks and sodas, What if there is a way to enjoy endless amount of purified water without all that hassle and also access to multitude of healthy hot and cold beverages at the touch of a button. Well now you can with the as seen on tv Esio Water and Beverage System – the only “Always on”, “Always ready” and “Always full” single serve beverage system on the market today.


Esio Beverage System
Choose a bottle-fed system or direct waterline hook. The five-stage filtration system transforms your tap-water in to an unlimited amount of hot or cold purified water. The Esio looks like a water cooler but it is so much more – its a revolution in refreshment. Esio Beverage System uses the patented drop and drink technology to dispense hot & cold water, coffee, iced tea, juices, sports drinks, vitamin rich-water and other delicious drinks right from the Esio, from 1 to 108 ounces of healthy drinks having less than 5 calories and zero carbs per drink.

The strength selector dial gives you the perfect taste on all your drinks. The magic of the Esio is the pump on the end of the every Esio pack that creates perfect beverage everytime so your peach-tea will not taste like someone else’s juice or any other beverage. You will get a healthy drink and have more room in your fridge. Esio can mix up 13 different drinks. Now brew-up hot, rich smooth coffee without fumbling with filters and coffee grounds. Just drop in a pouch and you will see its easy and fun to use. Save up-to 50% on store-bought drinks.

Esio redefines single-serve with no heating time and no limit on the size of your cup. One Esio pack can produce almost a gallon of product and replaces about 120 bottles. You will save up to 50% on your non-carbonated beverages.

Esio® is available in two distinct models. The bottle-less unit is connected to your home’s water supply or filtration system. The bottle-fed system works with a 3 or 5 gallon bottle of water. Available in either black or white.

ESIO Beverage System FAQs

What makes it stand out from other at-home beverage systems?
ESIO Hot and Cold beverage system helps you make hot and cold drinks in no time with a simple touch of a button. It uses DropnDrink technology, which lets you move from hot to ice cold drink instantly without taste crossover. Strength Selector on the other hand lets you adjust the strength of your drink according to your choice. From V8 Splash to Country Time Lemonade, Crystal Light to Sqwincher, many of your favourite beverage brands are at your disposal.

Does it offer a warranty?
Yes, it comes with a one year warranty.

After the reservoir is filled how long does it take for the drink to be hot or cold?
It takes 5 minutes or so for hot tank to heat water and the cold tank needs about 30 minutes to chill it after the system has been filled with water for the first time. If the system is kept full it can keep producing hot and cold drinks for you.

What does the flashing amber light on the panel mean?
This refill indicator flashes when you need to fill water in the reservoir.

What does the flashing green light mean?
The green status light blinks during the time that it takes for ESIO to heat water for hot beverage or chill it for cold beverage. Drinks can still be dispensed during this period but they might not be as cold or hot as you’d like them to be.

Does ESIO system dispense plain water?
Yes it can give hot and cold water if you press the Red/Hot or Blue/Cold press to pour buttons without keeping any E-Pak in the door.

How should ESIO be cleaned and what’s the maintenance required?
To ensure that it works efficiently and drinks are always great tasting ESIO should be rinsed and the carbon water filter should be replaced every 90 days. The owner’s manual that comes with the product can give you detailed directions for it.

Is there a specific kind of water to be filled in the reservoir?
To get best tasting beverages it’s advisable to use filtered or purified water.

Can the reservoir be filled with anything else besides water?
It’s been designed to use only with water and other liquids can damage the product and void the warranty as well.

What does one do if the beverage concentration is too weak?
It could be because the E-Pak door might not be closed properly or it could have run out of concentrate. If there’s more concentrate in the E-Pak you can turn the Strength Selector dial higher.

Is the system child safe?
Since hot beverages are dispensed injuries can happen if proper precautions are not taken. Hence it’s not a good idea to let unsupervised children use the product.

What if hot beverage stops dispensing?
If you see that the red light is not ON and hot beverage isn’t dispensing then the centre of the Strength Selector dial should be pressed till the Red/Hot light comes on. You can then press the button to dispense hot beverage.

If the E-Pak is empty how does one know?
If the E-Pak is not visibly full, the beverage strength is weaker despite high strength setting or nothing but water comes out then it’s a good indication that the E-Pak is empty.

How many E-Pak flavours can one choose from?
There are many new E-Pak flavours added frequently.

How can get more E-Paks?
One can get a limited selection through some retail stores, but complete assortment can also be found online.



What do I get?

  • 1 Esio Beverage System
  • Bonus – 4 Beverage Pack

For a limited time, try the Esio Beverage System risk free for only $19.95 plus $29.95 S&H. Then make just 5 easy payments of only $49.95. If you make one payment of $269.95, your trial-fee and s/h will be waived.

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Esio Beverage System Video
Esio Beverage System Commercial

30 thoughts on “Esio Beverage System Reviews and Complaints

  1. Ordered 5 units from their online store and they sent us ones that expired in 2013. Now I cant get a hold of them as their contact page will not load and their customer service phone number they have listed is out of service. Do not order from its webpage.

  2. DO NOT BUY ESIO MACHINE!!!! My husband bought one at Walmart for me for Christmas last years…product taste ok but were expensive….whats the problem now…You can’t get refills anywhere!!! Walmart doesn’t carry it anymore and won’t take responsibility for a product they were selling (TYPICAL CHEAP COMPANY)…AND I tried for several months to buy the refills on line to no avail. Contacted the BBB but they got no response from the company… I believe they filed for bankruptcy. So I’m now stuck with a $200. piece of crap

  3. My sone bought me a ESIO cold/hot beverage maching he paid big bucks for it I have only had it 8 months and does not work anymore I need to know where I can take it to get it fixed.

  4. I bought an Esio beverage dispenser I followed the directions as shown. With machine would not response any syrup after numerous telephone calls to the factory I could not even a message the recording says that the voice mail is full but yet the message says that their business hours are from 8 am to 5 pm eastern time zone I must have called every hour with no luck my next step is to file a complaint with the Arizona attorney general

    Michael Ignozzi

  5. I bought I Esio unit Jan. 3, 2013 from Walmart. Paid $200 for the unit. Three months later Walmart stops selling the units and drink packets in their stores.

    Six months since I had the machine it will not pump any more. So I try to contact Esio. I called maybe 12 times and on different days. There was no answer. Every option said mailbox is full. I emailed Esio but did not get a return that way. So my 1 year warranty is no good if I cannot contact the company to get help. I then called Walmart and they basically said that is was not their problem even though I bought it from them and their vendor will not make their warranty good.

    Do not buy an Esio there is something quite not right with that company and Walmart.

  6. ESIO Drink Machine

    Walmart just dropped them stick a fork in them it is all over but the crying. Sell your machines while you can to another dummy. And there is nothing cheap about purchasing the e-pac on line prices like this your order should come with a free pack of condoms.

  7. Why does the water taste like metal, I use filtered water as I was told too.

    I’ve owned it for two months. Can someone tell me if it needs to be cleaned and if so how?

  8. At first glance Esio Beverage System seemed like a very handy product but then most of them do. That’s the job of the advertising campaigns from manufacturers I suppose. But for me the true test of a product has always been online reviews where you really get to know whether a product is worth its salt or not. I have often bought products that have got good reviews and I have to say, not often have I regretted that decision. But when I started doing by research for Esio Beverage System reviews I realized that there were no genuine sites around, except yours. These others sites were hell bent on trying to sell me the product, just like the advertisers do. What a shame!

    • In indeed is and these instances are on the rise these days. What many people might not realize is that these sites are promoted by manufacturers who are paying hefty commissions to affiliate marketers for them. These sites have no reviews on them, but sadly search engines haven’t been able to catch them for what they are doing. That’s the reason you see these fake review sites just about anywhere, which is sad.

  9. I bought the Hot and Cold drink machine at Walmart. The one I got was not working properly. It wouldn’t cool. My tap water was colder. I called the company. Got to the sales President and they rushed me out a new machine and it works much better. The quality is present in the machine. It is quiet and well built. It is easy to use. I like the China Tea. I am not a hot drink person, but the hot water comes in handy for cleaning or making iced tea from bags. no kettle needed

  10. I have the ESIO system and I use it all the time, it is really convenient and makes my life a lot easier. I don’t really understand all the hate here, I’ve never had any problems with the company and as for the flavors, I think they taste pretty good and you decide how strong or weak you want it.

    It does save a lot of money too, I drink the coffee all the time and the 6 bucks it costs for a packet lasts for a lot longer then the 1 coffee I could buy for $6 in a cafe

  11. I am looking at getting one of these used. I really mainly just need it for hot and cold water. Can I have a different water company supply me water or does it have to be from them? Also, is the restocking fee for if you decide you don’t want it- someone posted a restocking fee after 1 year so I’m trying to figure this out. Would you recommend this unit for my purposes and to use the little packs once in a while? Has anyone had any problems with these after a year was up… or is it still working fine?


    • DO NOT EVER USE THIS COMPANY! They have the worst customer service. My husband and I were lied to when we ordered ours. They were selling these units at a fair and we got suckered into getting one. They make it sound all great but its awful. The coffee is disgusting and the only flavor that is half way decent is the orange flavor. The guy who got us to order ours told us that they had contracts with Starbucks and Gatorade, however they still don’t actually HAVE the contracts but are still trying to get them. But they don’t bother to tell you that until AFTER you sign up for it. Also, our payments were supposed to be deducted from our account every month, which it never was and they NEVER sent us a single bill. When we called to have someone come pick it up the lady my husband talked to was VERY VERY RUDE and had a horrible attitude. They concept is good but everything else sucks. Save your money, I wish we did!

      • This is a waste of money. A box of Crystal Light taste better then this stuff. The coffee is terrible. It isn’t even worth it. Save your money and brew your own coffee, at least it will smell and taste good.

  12. Esio is not a reputable company – out of 5 friends of mine who signed up to get this water system, only I remain as a customer – call me a glutton for punishment! We are now set to PCS to our duty station, as my husband has just commissioned as an officer into the US Army and Esio believes it ethical to charge my family over $100 for ‘restocking’ my water system. Great job Esio. Keep up the support of our troops!

    • Avoid this Esio Beverage System company- the $200 “restocking” fee for their water dispenser should have been a major warning sign for me, but the salesman said we wouldn’t have to pay it if we had the system for a year- he lied, and so do they, this is going to cost you one way or another. I wouldn’t recommend them, and hope that anyone that reads this takes the reviews here into account. I didn’t take the negative reviews I read seriously and now I really regret it.

  13. ESIO is a liar, she works for ESIO. In fact she said she didn’t even have the system when she sold me mine. The only reason I signed up is she offered to have sex with me if I signed up that day. She is hot. If she offers any other guys sex to sign up, go for it. Be careful, she made me a lot of promises that she didn’t follow up on. I finally canceled because the service was bad but Marji was great, if you know what I mean.

  14. Everything tastes terrible. Especially coffee. The owner’s wife drinks Starbucks. I suppose it’s the same sort of thing as syrup in a soda fountain, but it’s all nasty. Think about it. Syrup coffee? Even powdered decaf tastes better.

  15. This is the most unprofessional service I have ever used. The sales person told me one thing and then when they started billing me it was another. The sales person Lied to get the sale and told me that we could receive up to 5 bottles per month without being charged additional money. Then we found out that was not true after already being under contract. The customer service manager was very rude, sarcastic and did not let me finish letting him no my complaints. They missed a delivery which I was charged for and said they do not “make up” missed deliveries because our water bottles were not returned. BEWARE!! This is not a company you want to sign up with.

  16. Let me see if I get this straight…

    A standard three liter soda bottle we all know,
    and are familiar with is about 102 ounces.
    (101.4420678 ounces = 3 liters…)

    Your “Pac’s” furnish about 18 servings of 6 ounces,
    which you state as about 108 ounces total capacity.

    So, your expecting all of us to commit to a lifetime of
    paying $5.59 for a three liter bottle of product, really ?

    That is , after we pay $300 for the machine ?
    ($270 + $30-S&H, Payment plan available)

    Surely you jest, right?

    Your TV infomercial I just watched
    stated clearly “Time/Money/Health”.

    Time, yes,
    Health, yes,
    (Sugar free, etc.)
    Money, NO WAY !

    Even rounded down to the standard size of a three liter bottle
    that we all can easily grasp due to daily exposure to these.
    (17 of the 18 total 16oz servings per $5.59 “Pac”)

    It is still way over $5 for the three liter bottle,
    not to mention the electricity a cooler uses,
    and of course the cooling AND heating hardware in it !
    ($5.28 = 3 liters)

    The unit is expensive,
    ALL electricity is very expensive,
    and the the “Pac’s” are outrageous !

    Reminds me of this:

    “Give them the razor,
    but sell the blades”

    But the initial outlay on the “Razor” is high,
    electricity is rubber-high these days everywhere,
    and the flavor “Pac’s” are prohibitively expensive.

    Once the unit is purchased,
    will we be able to buy “Pac’s”
    from major vendors too please ?

    Or do you have an unfair monopoly on that too
    in the form of a patented license fee
    to high for them to consider viable ?

    I love the idea a lot,
    the economics look real bad…

    Sorry, no sale.

    We The People

  17. This system is fantastic! I cannot believe how easy it is to use and how great the drinks taste! Thank you Esio for this amazing invention!!

    • ESIO is a liar, she works for ESIO. In fact she said she didn’t even have the system when she sold me mine. The only reason I signed up is she offered to have sex with me if I signed up that day. She is hot. If she offers any other guys sex to sign up, go for it. Be careful, she made me a lot of promises that she didn’t follow up on. I finally canceled because the service was bad but Marji was great, if you know what I mean.

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