Eggies Hard Boiled Egg Cooker Review

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About Eggies

When it comes to eggs, hard boiled means hard work! With messy shells, broken whites, do your eggs look a sorry sight? Introducing Eggies, the world’s first way to cook hard boiled eggs without peeling a single shell! All you have to do is crack an egg, pour it into the Eggies, boil it on your stove top, twist it open and voila! You have a perfect hard-boiled egg!


How does Eggies Hard Boiled Egg Cooker work?

Eggies are very convenient, making them perfect for working people, stay-at-home moms, babysitters and grandparents. They are dishwasher safe too. Imagine making dozens of delicious deviled eggs without peeling a single shell! Eggies makes it easy for you to enjoy not only making but eating egg salad sandwiches. Cook soft boiled eggs for Eggs Benedict, sliced eggs for Chef’s salad.

If you look inside, you will see that it cooks like a real shell; the egg easily slides out when it’s done. Since it’s out of its shell, you can add your own seasoning before it’s boiled. Eggs will have the perfect taste that your kids will love to eat. Eggies cook so fast that you can make six Eggies eggs in less than 30 seconds! Use the ‘2-in-1’ Eggies Separator to make yummy egg whites without the cholesterol, with its different slots, the no drip slot and separator slot.

Make delicious fat free scrambled eggs by simply shaking the double sized Scrambled Eggies and cooking. Add ham, cheese herbs and seasonings to make the sure-to-please omelet with the Jumbo Omelet Eggies.


What do I get? (Official Website Cooker)

  • 6 Hard Boiled Eggies
  • 1 2-in-1 Eggies Separator
  • 1 Recipe Guide
  • 1 Double Sized Scrambler Eggies
  • 1 Jumbo Omelet Eggies

All this for just $10.00 + $15.98 shipping and handling. Order from the official website
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443 thoughts on “Eggies Hard Boiled Egg Cooker Review

  1. I saw these little things at a bookstore and thought, neat. For 10 bucks, if they didn’t work, not a great loss. I love hard cooked eggs but always seem to throw half of them away in anger when trying to peel them. Unfortunately I didn’t read the reviews until after I bought them, and thought, “oh well, I’ve wasted 10 bucks on worse”, but decided to try them anyway. I didn’t even follow the directions, as they state to coat each eggie interior with oil or cooking spray “not sprayed directly in the eggie itself, but to spray on a paper towel and apply with the sprayed towel”. I found that spraying each container with just a short burst of spray, over the sink, and then using a paper towel to soak up the excess and to wipe the upper part of the containers works better for me. I put them into a pot of warm water and boiled for the recommended time, and guess what? They work perfectly. I’ve used them 3 times already and each time the egg comes out perfectly. I wonder sometimes if people know how to follow directions, or if as a society we’re just so spoiled and rushed that we have forgotten how to think on our own. If it doesn’t work one way, try another. These things are great!

  2. I ordered eggies via phone. I only wanted 1 set and kept pressing the digit that signifies no other sets wanted. When the shipment came there were four sets. When my credit card bill came I was charged $73.00. I would have returned the three sets but there was no receipt, no return information..nothing in the box This product does not work and I do not recommend it to anyone.

  3. This Eggies is garbage! Too many parts and actually it is only for egg whites! Don’t waste your money!

  4. The Eggie System sounds good but a total scam. It was a total mess to use. Only one Eggie would properly screw together. I must have spent 1/2 hour just trying to get them threaded correctly. When they appeared tight, I tried boiling 3 eggs in them….all 3 eggs leaked creating a big mess. It appeared they were working (boiling the egg) but the biggest flaw of all was that the threading was terrible (with a capital T). I threw them all in the trash including the messy ones that were boiling. What a big waste of money!!!

  5. I purchased 2 boxes at the dollar tree. It is hit or miss with that store and this time it was a MISS. So I wasted $2 and will never get it back. These really are a waste and they are messy I guess I can say at least I didn’t pay full retail like some folks did.

  6. Got Eggies from Wal-Mart on clearance for $5. Worst $5 I EVER SPENT!! Look here Jack–Does NOT WORK. I followed the instructions so to get 6 eggs in the water it took about 20 minutes when I could have had the eggs boiled already and starting to cool. They came open in the water, they are completely useless. Threw them away.

  7. Bought these yesterday, wife said don’t buy em.Should have listened. when you try to put an egg in the container it slips out. When you put them in the pot on the stove the egg seeps out. And when you put them in dishwasher the jump around like a kangaroo on a pogo stick. Waste of moola.

  8. Bought these yesterday, wife said don’t buy em. Should have listened. When you try to put an egg in the container, they slip out. when they go in the pot the egg seaps out. And don’t even get me started about the wash. In the dishwasher they jump around like a kangaroo on a Pogo stick. Waste of moola.

  9. More trouble than they’re worth. And this woman is getting rich off the invention? I don’t see how. Pain in the butt to assemble *if* you’re lucky enough to get all of the egg into the container. I usually can’t, so I have to dump the egg into a cup or bowl, THEN slide it into the Eggies boiler. What does that mean for me? I not only have the Eggies containers to wash, now I have an extra dirty cup or bowl to wash as well. Then you have to assemble them, which is a pain in my rump because I end up spilling half the egg onto the counter. Then once they’re boiled and if you can get them out of the containers (despite adding cooking spray so the eggs won’t stick) it doesn’t even look like an egg. Heck with all that mess, I’ll do it the old fashioned way once again and after dealing with the Eggies, I’m looking forward to peeling egg shells again. I wish I had read reviews before I spent $10 on these stupid things.

  10. Tried them for the 1st time tonight. They are all sitting in the trash! Bought them at the store before reading all the reviews. I wouldn’t even attempt to try those nasty looking eggs! WASTE of $$$

  11. These things suck. They are a total joke. Lots of assemble / prep and then you are lucky if you get all the egg into the container. Very hard to assemble and unless they are put together “just perfect”…they leak !! I say: “Just boil your eggs with a pinch of salt in the water”. So much easier.

  12. My grandma bought me “Eggies” for my birthday present. I just finished making deviled eggs” (if you can call them that) with my husband & boy are we disappointed. We follows the instructions perfectly & they looked like your fingers after you’ve been in the water too long but instead of fingers it was eggs. The yolks were rubber & the eggs had a crust on them. I have a pit-bull that I feed a hard boiled egg to twice a week and I couldn’t even feed these to her. This was a total waste of money and my grandma is sending them back tomorrow. Whoever invented these have some nerve taking peoples hard earned money for something that shouldn’t even be sold at the Dollar Tree for $1! I was so excited to get this, but now I’m just upset and disappointed.


    My ex-wife bought them for me and I was excited about them until I used them. Got good boiled eggs but, the whites all settled to the bottom and the yolk cooked (mostly) centered on the top of the whites. HUGE WASTE OF TIME & EFFORT for an unsatisfactory result. I threw it away…. (getting it from my ex should have warned me…)

    I got an Egg Genie and it works GREAT!

  14. This the biggest rip off yet! Did anyone hear them say or do to oil the inside of the eggie first? Then you have four pieces to put together and the large size eggs do not even fit into them without spilling out. Did they say to start your timing after you get the water boiling? No! NO! NO! to all the above. My normal 10 min. egg took 30 min. to prepare, then wait to cool down 15 min. , then scrub pot of all the egg white that boiled out and then take and scrub each piece of the eggie to remove egg white inside each little screw on piece. Hey mine is going back to HEB who already discounted then to $7.50. My husband wanted this product and it was indeed a failure. The clear rubber bands and the one part were not even all the same width or size. Please beware and do not buy! Also my husband said eggs tasted like rubber, even though we follow the instructions to the letter! Buyer Beware!!

  15. My daughter and I bought these and have used them a few times. I love soft boiled eggs (without shells lol) so this seemed to be an easy solution. However, like many on here, I wish I had read the reviews first. Assembling is a pain, the lids have come off in the water, leaving a nice messy clean up and today I found there are actually 6..not 4..but 6 pieces to each “eggie”. On the two pieces of the lid, there is a tiny white ring. This was discovered after yet another time of messy egg whites. I removed the rings with a toothpick and to no surprise there was egg white under these rings as well. Yep, wishing we hadn’t bought them. I’d rather deal with my own egg shell error in my soft boiled eggs, them to have to deal with this messy and time consuming garbage.

  16. Bought Eggies at the Dollar store for $10, thinking I can risk a $10 bill to try this product. Of the six eggies, only four would screw together at all. The idea is interesting but the manufacturing is horrible. Close inspection shows thin films of plastic where it should screw together, preventing them to match up. I cooked four hard-boiled eggs in 17 minutes, but I tend to agree that it would be much quicker to peel the eggs than try to get the parts of this product to fit together. Frustrating. Don’t waste your money on this one.

  17. My wife bought Eggies for our household. I found that they are not ecosystem friendly. The use of this gadget requires more water in cooking, therefore more energy to complete cooking than conventional shell on boiling; requires more detergent and water for cleanup (cabinet and gadget) than conventional method. Cooking requires more time than conventional cooking.

    I did not tell my chickens what I did to their eggs. I had concerns that they may go out of production.

    This gadget appears to be some high school home economics teachers notion of convenience or some food techy’s idea of a fantasy innovation.

    Is the plastic land fill safe?

    Respectfully, JWW

  18. I wanted these to use for egg whites only. I was really skeptical after reading all these reviews, but I did what the instructions said and they turned out OK.

    A few of them popped open, but I think if I put them in less water and keep them to a really slow rolling boil they would be OK.

    Also, I used olive oil on a paper towel and they slid right out and clean up was fairly easy as well.

  19. They worked just as they said. Take a bit longer to cook then doing it the regular way. Although they do take a bit of work to get ready so I’m not sure the time you spend is worth it…. Some times it seems easier just to peel an egg. That said, my grand children love to come and have their own little egg in their own little cup on their plate! So I’m glad I got them.

  20. I used these twice and threw them away. The first time, I didn’t tighten the lids enough and one of them opened up making a big mess. While it was nice to have the eggs, the clean up of each pod was so annoying. The second time, I tightened each one thoroughly. My son and sister were in the kitchen when the lid of one shot out of the pot! It hit my sister and burned her arm. I felt awful and thought “what if this would have hit my 4 year old??” Do not use this product, not worth the trouble and it’s unsafe.

  21. I have to be fair. I followed the instructions exactly with 2 exceptions: I did not wash the Eggies out first, and I applied the non-stick spray directly on the Eggies. I made a perfect medium boiled egg. I am not sure it was worth the effort, but the product performed as advertised. This was the first time I tried this product.

  22. A little hint for you all. Get a pack of cone paper cups..screw the 2 halves together and pour eggs into cup then put lid on.

    • Just tried Eggies for the first time and probably the last. Followed instructions and I can still put a dozen eggs in water, boil and peel in less time than it takes to assemble the Eggies. The Eggies leaked whites into the pot. Parts did not fit together and clean-up was pure He!!. Took over and hour to boil six eggs. My advice: unless you have a lot of time on your hands and enjoy being frustrated – DO NOT BUY!!

  23. My friend bought these things for me after I saw them advertised on t.v. I followed the instructions provided and used them for the first time this morning. A lot of mess, boiled eggs, and cleanup. This product is going in the garbage. Recommendation: Don’t waste your money.

  24. My husband bought eggs for me I seen them on tv and wanted some. They’re a joke they cook too fast and they taste like rubber. Don’t waste your money on them stay with the old fashion way.

  25. Two weeks ago I had to hard boil six dozen eggs for a function. I did it the old-fashioned way and they turned out beautiful. No blue on the yolks at all.

    Last week I wanted to make egg salad for me and my son, so I decided to try the eggies I had been given as a gift. It was 10 times more work to hard boil six eggs with eggies than it was to hard boil six dozen eggs without.

    It was complicated and messy, and all six eggs had blue on the yolks.
    The only good thing I can say is I wasn’t the one that spent good money on bad merchandise.

    If you want to make perfect hard boiled eggs place cold eggs in a pot. Cold water to 1 inch above eggs. Put lid on. When eggs reach a boil turn the heat off, but leave the lid on. Let sit for 10 minutes. Immediately submerge in a sink of cold water. Leave for a few minutes then peel. Perfect eggs every time.

    Don’t waste your time or money on eggies.

    • I bought two sets of Eggies thinking they would be great especially with Summer on it’s way but, like you said, Robyn, they are a total waste of time. The threads don’t line up and the yolk broke on 3 out of 5 of the eggs even though after the first yold broke, I was very careful. It took me at least 20 minutes to get 5 Eggies ready for the stove. In that same amount of time, I could have had the eggs boiled in the shell, cooled and peeled.

      One thing they don’t tell you is, when you guy more than one set..the pieces look identical but are not. I spent an hour the night before, washing my new Eggies and reassembling them. It was like a jigsaw puzzle having to find which piece would fit each individual Eggie!

  26. Eggies SUCK!! I’m a bodybuilder so I eat a lot of eggs. PROTEIN!! I was excited about inventing myself an ALL WHITES egg HAHAHAHAA!! I use about 100 cartons of egg whites every week so I bought the stupid Eggies and took about a year putting them together and oiling the bogus crap up. I poured the whites in straight from the carton and the pieces of crap Eggies started leaking. I tried to save some of the whites and go back to meticulously taking the pieces apart and putting the pieces together making SURE they were TIGHTENED as much as possible. Didn’t matter!! Still leaked. Funk it. I dropped it in the boiling water and it immediately turned white and foamy because the whites were just leaking left and right and all around. EGGIES = PIECES. OF. CRAP.

    • Have just bought Eggies as they were recommended by a friend. Used them today and they were very successful. I followed the instructions completely but added a bit of vinegar to the water to solidify any escaping egg. I live in the UK and used medium eggs but will now try large ones. I used a large pan which cleaned very easily. It was a bit tricky cleaning the inside of the lids and the threads on the seals but a stiff nail brush was the answer. I read a lot of the reviews on your site and came to the conclusion that most people were using eggs that were too large or they weren’t following the instructions properly. They may also have been using a pot that was too small for the job. The medium eggs were ready in 7 minutes.

  27. Oh and I have to say, they went straight in the garbage, money wasted and I should have returned, but had no receipt.

  28. I had such high hopes for this product and I was terribly disappointed. I have 2 sets of 6 and it took me nearly an hour to assemble all 12 Eggies. The top and bottom don’t always properly fit in one another and the ring that’s supposed to seal the top and bottom together is nearly impossible to screw on. Once I had them all filled, the lids were also difficult to screw on. Even after all that trouble, water still steeped inside. And although I did generously oil each part (which again takes some time), there was a lot of egg residue that didn’t come off in the dishwasher. This product was great in theory but the manufacturing is awful.

  29. Just bought this product, came with no instructions, then cracked the eggs in wasted 5min just screwing each lid on. Cooked them for about 17-18min and waiting to cool while cleaning the pot with all the split egg whites in it caked on. All I can say is that “they got me”. I make impulse buys with these type of products with half of them benefiting me half the time. I’d rather go old school and just peel the damn shells myself!

  30. Super craptapular!! big mess cracking the eggs and putting them in. after 2, decided to crack into a cup and then pour into the eggie. I tightened everything and still had egg whites leaking out in the boiling water. definitely NOT WORTH the hassle. by the time I oiled the eggies and poured the eggs in, I could have had boiled eggs already! they tout no shell to mess with at the end, what they don’t tell you is the mess/hassle at the beginning. I am throwing these babies away. wasted $10. 🙁

  31. Thank you EVERYBODY!!! I just bought them two seconds ago really excited to use them,however after reading your reviews i am going to go straight back to the store and get my money back. Thank you all for saving me the frustration!

      • Thought it was too good to be true and that is why I decided to check the reviews first. Thank you all for letting me know about these things. I won’t waste my money.

  32. A super piece of crap. You have to wipe each .10cent eggie with oil before each cooking experience, each cooking time is 17 minutes and you have to let it cool for another 7 minutes before you can handle the piece of crap. The hole for the lid is the size of a quarter and you have to pour a raw egg through the hole and screw the lid on. The damn thing leaks the whites all over the pot when you start cooking. It is a con, save your money. I’m going to Bed Bath and Beyond and get my ten dollars returned. You can boil and peel two dozens eggs by the time you’re finished with this messy and useless task.

  33. I have never written a review before, but I am extremely disappointed with Eggies. Truly a waste of you time and money. First off you never see a whole boiled egg when you are shown how this works, that’s because you don’t get a whole hard boiled egg, because when you are shown this egg they remove the bottom part of the Eggie. You get half of a hard boiled egg with Eggies. My whole purpose of buying them was for deviled eggs. Forget that.

    My opinion the design is all wrong, because they float and therefore only the bottom boils. I will also let the store know why I am bringing these back. Because the advertising is very misleading. Eggies, Statement on package So Fast & Easy…Crack, Boil, Twist. Sounds Great! My statement, Wash, grease every part, make sure everything is screwed on properly, boil 15 minutes remove from water, wait 5 minutes to cool, remove boiled egg, (which by the way is only a half of an egg) wash the grease and egg from all the parts, dry and put away.

    Truly a waste of my time. Another interesting note, no where on the box or the instruction sheet does it say where these Plastic Eggies are made, it only says who distributes them. That also makes me uneasy about them.

  34. Eggies are so hard to clean after using them that you might as well spend the time peeling the eggs by hand. They also come out a strange shape, making them difficult to use as deviled eggs and they are frequently hard to remove from the container after cooking. I had to run a knife around them to get them to release.

    Not worth the money by far!

  35. Bought two packs for $9.95 at the Seen on TV store in Milwaukee. Just tried to use one set. Bottom line is this is an awful product. Even following the instructions, the results are awful. There is nothing good about this product whatsoever. Assembly is difficult, and time consuming. You might think the units are assembled correctly until you put them in the water and bring the water to boil, then you find out that if there was an assembly error, and you have quite a mess in the water and a wasted egg. My estimate of time saved in peeling a hard boiled egg over Eggies is about a negative 30 minutes. When one considers the time in setting up, oiling the parts, assembly, cleaning, and all the other hassles involved, in using this product, you quickly realize the best place for the Eggies is in the the trash, which is exactly where mine will be going after only one use.

  36. Do I think Eggies is easier than peeling hard boiled eggs…No. Do I think they are a waste of time, depends. The only advantage I can honestly see is you can use liquid eggs (egg beaters) and turn them into hard boiled eggs (they don’t come with shells to start with). Also, you can add spices and such before you boil. But if your just interested in a hard boiled egg, then no these are a waste of time. The box directions did not say about using oil, but the inside directions most certainly did. My first batch of hard-boiled eggs turned out fine, I sat the Eggie in a bowl when I cracked and poured, if anything spilled over, I poured it out of the bowl. Minimal mess. I did have a little trouble getting the halves to go together – and I’m sure with repeated usage – they will break – so quality manufacturing – no. After boiling for 15-20 min, I put them in a bowl of cool water, 5 min later I opened them up, and with a little squeeze – they did pop out. Hopefully, they will last long enough for my $10.00 – but I doubt it – Mine didn’t come with an egg cutter so I can’t comment on them.

    • After reading through the comments…I’d like to add:

      1. I don’t use fresh eggs, so I don’t know if Eggies would be easier than peeling fresh eggs.

      2. I honestly don’t think Eggies would be easier for someone with arthritis. If you have trouble peeling an egg, your definitely going to have a problem securing the locking ring and screwing the top on as well.

      3. Yes, they do have a coating, but that washes off quite easily.

      4. As for cooking with plastics…not sure what you thought was going to happen when you bought it.

  37. We bought these things from Fred’s and they are not worth .50 cents. Every one of the eggies would not stay together they would not tighten so you could boil them. What a disappointment. Will never buy any As Seen On TV products in this household AGAIN>>>>>EGGIES SUCK!!!!

    • They really have to almost click together before you put that locking ring on. I did have some problems getting them together at times.

    • I agree completely…what a waste of time and money and yeah, if you have arthritis and try to use Eggies your joints are going to be aching like I dunno what. Better off sticking to normal eggs and peeling them the old fashioned way…if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  38. Hello it’s Nat again and I’m here about the big fat piece of you know what eggies. Well there the absolute worst product. I DO NOT recommend this product to anybody that has a brain. Out of 5 it’s a big fat freaking 0! Well cya!This is the crappiest product ever (besides the Schticky)!

  39. I LOVE eggies! They are a fool-proof method to make hard boiled eggs. I love to make cheesy egg salad!.. So here’s my recipe;

    6 raw grade a large eggs
    6 eggies product
    1/4 cup any colored cheese (fat free is fine)
    1 cup mayonnaise or miracle whip
    Diced celery (optional, 2-3 stalks)
    2tsp yellow mustard

    Boil eggs with cheese, slice and dice. Mix mayonnaise with paprika, garlic(and celery) and lightly stir in mustard. VIOLA!!!

  40. We gave these out for gifts last Christmas and every one that got one complained and said they create more work. Even the egg slicer doesn’t work very well, very cheaply made.

  41. I always buy’ as seen on tv’ products with a bit of scepticism, and many times I have been disappointed, but this is the first product bad enough to warrant writing a review. The absolute worst thing I have ever bought!! Very difficult to screw the parts together, too small for a large egg, it tips over in the pot, and the egg spills out because you can’t screw it together tight enough to get it sealed!! The entire egg eventually ended up floating around in the pot. What a disaster, then the egg was so stuck to the cup( yes, I oiled it) that cleaning was a nightmare and I ended up throwing the whole thing in the garbage! What a waste of money.

  42. Well this was a waste of money. Think I’ll stick to boiling eggs the normal way. I’ll be selling these off to some unsuspecting person at my first yard sale in the Spring.

  43. I received eggies as a Christmas gift from my mom, who has them and loves them. I just tried them for the first time today. I found them easy and convenient to use.

    It’s not like I can’t peel egg shells. But as the ad promotes – when you peel eggs the shell pulls part of the egg with it. Also, you have to wait until the eggs are cool enough to handle to peel. I like convenience….

    So, I loaded my eggs into my eggie, put the water on the stove, put the eggies in and let them come to a boil. After I realized they were boiling, I cooked an additional 5 mins. I then removed 2 eggs from the pan, let cool for just a minute (while I cooked some toast), They were cool enough to untwist and pop out the eggs. A couple required running a butter knife around the edge, but over all in just a few minutes I had warm hard boiled eggs and toast for breakfast, without the hassle of peeling.

    I will use them again for hard boiled eggs, egg salad, etc. Having a teenage son, he will use them for precooking hard-boiled eggs for easy school day breakfasts.

    Would I use them for deviled eggs or something for “show” for company – no. But for quick, easy, home use – they are very handy.

  44. Hilarious! These are the worst invention every made. Can’t believe they sucked thirty bucks out of me at the as seen on tv store. Messy, ineffective, crappy eggs with a slimy film. Don’t waste your money. They stink.

    • Wow … so wish I had read these Eggies reviews before I purchased from Walgreens…. decided to try anyway .. along with regular boiled eggs in the shell. Had to boil the heck outta the eggies to get the middle done; this caused the white to be rubbery and inedible.. going back for return to Walgreens. UGH !

    • I totally agree, DO NOT BUY them. I did buy them to eat egg whites only. It all leaks. It is not sealed. It makes a big mess. Thanks god I bought them from a store, I will go tomorrow and return them. Big disappointment. I was hoping they will help my diet.

  45. This is a rip off. There is egg everywhere and try and clean them – takes forever. I’ve just thrown mine out.

  46. I purchased the Eggies through Publishers Clearing House 1st mistake. I got them in the mail and tried them right away, one of the seal screws won’t stay on it seems to be stripped. I loved them, you just have to make sure you use medium or large eggs.

  47. Boy I wish I had read these reviews before I bought them. Maybe I will make some art project out of them! DO NOT buy these. It is so much easier to peel a hard boiled egg than to use the things.

  48. The commercial starts, “When it comes to eggs, hard boiled means hard work.. messy shells, broken whites, and you’ll be peeling all night.” Really people? Hard cooked eggs? Don’t own the product, but have joked with the wife about it everytime I see the commercial. (“Sorry Honey, won’t be coming to bed tonight… I’ve gotta peel these eggs for the party tomorrow”)

    After reading the reviews, this about sums it up; If since the beginning of hard-boiled eggs, the only method to cook them was this product, and suddenly someone had invented an egg in a disposable, biodegradable shell that you could boil the egg in, peel off and throw away… no prep, no assembly, no mess on the counter, and no cleanup afterward… the inventor would be hailed as a genius. The eggshell would be to hard-cooked eggs what the microwave oven is to leftovers. And the Eggie System would go the way of the Edsel.

    There really are ways to hard-cook eggs and have the shell remove easily. Look it up on the Internet: and for God’s sake, get some sleep after making a dozen deviled eggs for the picnic tomorrow, knowing that the real nightmare is dealing with the Eggies.

    Eggies do have a practical use though. It seems this product would make a wonderful gift for people you really don’t like.

  49. I really had no problems peeling hard cooked eggs. On the commercial for these things they make the people look like imbeciles trying to peel an egg. I’m sure most people can manage to shell an egg easier than trying to tighten the cap and ring around these eggies especially if one has arthritis in the hands or fingers. I liked the idea of the eggies because I am really grossed out by the “chalaza” – that stringy thing that is attached at both sides of the yolk. I know it’s only protein but I just can’t eat it. With the eggie, I can remove this thing before hard cooking the eggs. However, I have used them only a couple of times and already the rings become loose while boiling. I don’t think they mention on the commercial that you have to coat the eggies with oil before putting the egg in. I paid $19.99 + tax for six of them at the “As Seen on TV” store and they are definitely not worth it. I would not buy them again and would not recommend them. With the cost of these things I could have bought twelve dozen eggs.

  50. This Eggies is kind of difficult until you do it a couple of times. You’ll want to use VERY small eggs, or use one of your eggies for the overflow egg white.

  51. Betsy Kaufman who is the inventor of EGGIES was promoted by a company named EDISON NATION and Louis Foreman who is the Chief Executive Officer I believe. They deal strictly in “product development”. I went to EDISON NATION’S website and read the reviews posted there. All of the reviews of course were good (laugh, laugh). I posted on their website and referred their readers to this website telling them they need to read the REAL truth about EGGIES. Pending on approval, the moderator of Edison Nation did NOT allow my posting. I presume that the publicity would have endangered the sales of this product. In any case, Edison Nation was only the product-developer of the EGGIE. Regretfully, it is not in their interest to test or police whether a product works or does not work; they are in the business of making money, not exercising ethics. I tested this product and it never worked and it never will work properly. After being scammed out of $92.00 for 4 sets I never ordered, I chose not to pursue this by calling their 1-877 #. I probably would have had to go through the automated voice robot system again and probably would have ended up ordering another FOUR sets. So this to me has become LESSONS LEARNED. From now on, anything I see advertised “As Seen on TV” is a RED FLAG. And only in American can you invent a false product, sell it to 100,000 people, take the money and RUN! Ain’t it living the American dream great?

  52. My Dad purchased these and they just came today. I knew nothing about it or I would have advised him to look at these reviews. My main concern about these things is the BPA content since they are made of a hard plastic. This type of plastic generally contains this chemical which is shown to cause cancer. When this type of plastic is heated that chemical leaches out into the food. Which is why you shouldn’t use Tupperware or Ziploc containers to reheat. Steam your veggies in those steam pouches or ever put plastic wrap over a dish in the microwave. I have looked through the instructions that came with the product and nowhere can I find anything that says BPA Free. Can anyone advise me on where to find this information??

  53. A big fat waste of money and time! Oh my gosh, the time it takes to prepare the eggies and actually cook them I could make twice as many eggs just boiling them and peeling them myself. I did not want to buy the eggies because I knew they would not work, but my daughter begged me to try them. She loves hard boiled eggs. I bought mine at walmart and paid $10.00 straight out with no shipping or handling of course. I would NOT recommend the eggies to anyone. Absolutely AWFUL product.

    • I agree, got the time it takes to prepare, boil and clean the little parts, I could have boiled, peeled and made two dozed deviled eggs, cleaned the mess and left the kitchen. DON”T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!

  54. I bought Eggies for my mom because she eats boiled eggs everyday. We used them for the first time and I HATE them already. They are hard to assemble a.d the yoke spreader doesn’t work. I would not recommend them to anyone they are a complete waste of money.

  55. We ordered the eggies and they are nothing but a joke, on t.v. it says do not need to oil them, sorry but if you don’t they will not come out. If you want to send back they will not reimburse the shipping and handling, what a bunch of crap, we should all send a reimbursement demand to be paid back in full or go on television, there are programs that we can get help from that could be the only way to get your full money back, I am going to do that.

  56. Better to watch the video than to actually use it. The time it takes to prepare the Eggies, use three times the amount of electricity for the length of tome it takes to cook and the time it takes to clean them would allow you to cook and peel dozens of eggs, even if they occasional one is difficult to peel. A complete waste of time and money.

  57. The Eggies are nothing but a joke, and to be honest, I would rather boil an egg in the shell. First of all, it is a 4pc system per egg. Preparation takes as much time as peeling at the end. You must gently oil the parts, then put them together (4 pcs). Then crack the egg in them, which some spills if not careful. Then put the lid on. Once cooked, they need to cool. Once cool, open up the two halves and it should pop out. Sometimes they don’t. On top of it all, you need to scrub them clean as some egg sticks to it. In the dishwasher, they fly all over so you have to put something heavy on top to keep them down. After they are done, there is a crusty film you need to scrape away. This could be improved by having it a 2pc system. The prep takes long, the clean up long as well. I am going back to peeling the good old fashioned way.

  58. They were a pain to put together. I had boiled the water while doing this only to read after that you can’t put them in boiling water! You have to put them in warm water and THEN let them boil. The stupid things kept flipping upside down so the eggs were not even cooking properly. What is the point?

    • So you are mad that YOU didn’t read the instructions FIRST. OK. I also didn’t completely read them before I began playing with my new toy. I ended up pouring the egg in before screwing in the middle section. The egg spilled out just a little, I laughed at myself, read the instruction thoroughly and SUCCESS. Perfect medium eggs.

      I sprayed PAM into one Eggie, then used my clean finger tip to spread the oil around that first Eggie and into another one. I quickly coated all parts. It took about a minute. I followed the cooking/cooling instructions, then used a spatula to pop the egg out. Very easy.

      When ever I see an “As seen on TV” item that I want, I wait until it hits either the Rite-Aid “As seen on TV” section, or discount stores. Then you don’t have the credit card hassle. I got mine @ Ross for $5.

  59. These eggies are horrible!! they don’t work and they take 10x longer than boiling an egg and peeling it. They have a nasty texture and they eventually taste nasty! Don’t Buy them! WASTE OF MONEY!

  60. Jan cont,d

    I’ll peel them , thank you. Now , I applaud the dear lady who came up with this GREAT IDEA!! I’m sure she made a lot of cooks happy, including me. BUT, my experience with the PRODUCT was very frustrating & disappointing . Anyone else?

    Sent from my iPad.

  61. I dislike the chore of peeling hard boiled eggs, so when EGGIES came out, I was intrigued; after several mos., I purchased a set. Today I tried them out.

    Realizing there was no instruction on how long to boil them, I GOOGLED the question which took me to this website. I searched the lengthy article which applauded the WONDERS of this fantastic invention, promising to end the abhorred job of peeling hard boiled eggs. I was enthused as I began to prepare the containers, applying oil to the parts as instructed, then Attempting to assemble the four parts for each one. This was a nerve wracking job; had to give up on one of them. (my husband was unsuccessful also) I filled the other five; large eggs spill over the sides, making it hard to get the top on, which was hard to get on, in it’s self. Finally got them together, I thought, and into the pan.

    Now, back to my question of how long to boil? The massive article said ” a few minutes” — is that 3–5–7?!?!
    I started with 3–not cooked–at least what was left in the container–three of the five lids had come off ; the water was full of egg whites!! The two that kept their lids on, had water inside. End result, I have five pouched eggs with half the white ( healthiest part of the egg) missing, for two of us to consume ” while they’re hot”

    • I bought them had the same problems. My wife laughed at me for buying them saying they will be a pain in the you know what….she was so right!!

      • Mine came with very specific directions on cooking times..

        # minutes for (egg whites only/soft boiled/med boiled/hard boiled)

        med size egg (2.5-3/2.5-3/5-6/14-15)
        lg egg (2.5-3/2.5-3/4-5/15-17)
        extra lg (4-5/4-5/5-7/15-19)

  62. It’s simpler to boil eggs and peel, the Eggies take longer, and cleaning them out is a pain. Plus they have a nasty texture on the outside, and all told, they are a very poor investment!

  63. Thank you. Will not waste the money. To all the people that say “This works great!”, I’m sure there were some people who owned Edsels who had a great experience with them. Obviously, there is a problem with the product.

  64. OK…I own more kitchen gadgets than anyone I personally know. THIS one is difficult to use (little ring came blackened and kept twisting when trying to put back o after cleaning yet a 5th part!!…). I wasted 2 good eggs that slipped out of the Eggie trying to rinse off the excess before putting it in the pan of water. Once they started to boil, I had egg white boiling all over the stove top, making a huge mess. Plus, you can’t even spray it but must spray a towel and wipe each of the parts… Sheesh! I’m into clever gadgets but this WAY, WAY too much effort to boil eggs. Give me my very dependable EggPik and I’m back to way hard boiled eggs. I took a photo of the big mess it made if the inventors want to see it. Do NOT buy this. I was hoping it would be simpler but so wrong.

  65. Quick and to the point, Eggies is so not worth the trouble and a waste of money. Never bought anything from the TV now I never will again!

  66. First of all, you are forced to hear an automated sales pitch for all of their products offered before your order for ONE set is actually processed. Although I kept saying NO to an offer, my order came in and I got FOUR sets. When my VISA bill came in, I was shocked to see I was charged $92.00…YIKES! Was there a receipt of purchase in the box or information on how to return? – NOTHING in the box except instructions on how to use. I tried the product and WHAT A JOKE! Not only do you give up 10 minutes of your life greasing these parts that never really screwed together properly, but the eggies would not float upright in the boiling water. Be careful when you open them. If you don’t carefully unscrew the cap it COULD fly off with the heat pressure. This is an accident waiting to happen. My EGGIES are now resting in peace…IN A LANDFILL! Do NOT buy this product!

    • I had the same problem. I wanted to order one set and they said the second set would be free. NOT! They didn’t have that page to verify your purchase it just said that I was charged $60 and change and got 4 sets. The first time I used them they exploded and spilled egg whites everywhere. What a rip!!

  67. What a waste of money! Only used them twice and both times they leaked out, even in the video you can see the “white” part of the egg foaming in the water. Going in the trash not good for anything.

  68. Had I any idea how labor intensive this “System” is, I NEVER would have even tried it.

    I’d rather have all the eggshells stick to my hard-boiled eggs as to try to make this work and then have to clean all these little beasts.

    One time use was more than enough for me.

  69. Got these as a gift. Only used them once but they worked pretty good. The outside of the eggs have little dimples so they aren’t show quality but I have some ideas that might fix that. Don’t know why other people are having problems. Cooking time was the same plus it was fun watching them float around in the water. A thumbs up!

  70. What a piece of crap!! Taking them back to the store. IF you had a disability that made it hard to peel an egg, you would NEVER be able to get the eggies apart, oiled and back together!!! Made a huge mess trying to dump the eggs thru the top. With the cleanup after use?? I’ll just keep peeling eggs. Like most of the “asotv” this is also junk. Don’t wast your time.

  71. I just finished using the EGGIES. I am very pleased. The problem everyone is having IS BECAUSE THEY DID NOT SCREW THE “Collar” on tight.

    Granted they are not perfectly shaped, but taste exactly the same as
    regular hard boiled eggs.

    TRY again and make sure the COLLAR is snug.

  72. Hi, I just bought these eggie things at the salvation army thrift store. The lady was putting out several items from tv info stuff like the spagetti maker plastic thing etc.

    I got in my car after paying a dollar and fifty cents for a new set of these eggie things. I was driving home thinking what the heck did I just do… I have spent the last 10 years not using plastic’s in my kitchen at all.. I then was thinking if you can get cancer from microwaving plastic I bet you can from boiling with plastic too.

    So off to the trash they went. Oh well at least I gave the money to a good cause.. I bet that is why the person gave all this tv info plastic stuff to the place she knew not to take the chance with them.. Wonder if she got them all for Christmas lol it is Dec 28 today… I was so stupid to buy them at all not like me I do not know why I did I was not thinking today. I don’t use plastic not even suran wrap to afraid cemicals will come off in the frig onto my food.

    • Where is the evidence that you can get cancer form microwaving plastic? To avoid it because it’s your choice is one thing, to speak about it as a matter of fact is another.

      • If there is BPA in the plastic, then heating the plastic will release this carcinogen. Cosnumer Reports has done two big stories on BPA in our food, mainly our canned food but plastic products are also a big risk. It is fact, the National Institutes of Health have also discussed it. Please educate yourself, you are exposing yourself to a carcinogen. The only reason it is still legal is because of the plastics lobby. In other countries, such as Japan, the government has banned BPA in food packagin.

      • Is It Safe to Heat Food in Plastic?
        By Florence Williams

        Email Print Share By Philip Friedman/Studio D; J Muckle/Studio D Rubbermaid EasyFind Lids

        Special Offers

        • •
        How We Did Our Testing

        We all do it: Pop a plate of leftovers covered with plastic wrap in the microwave or warm up extra tomato sauce in a plastic container. But news reports have suggested that this may not be perfectly safe, that if there are chemicals — phthalates and BPA — in the plastic, they might migrate into our food. How likely is this? To find out, we shopped at supermarkets and mass merchandisers for leading brands of microwave-safe containers, wraps, and bags, and at a dollar store for some so-called value brands. We also tossed into our shopping cart packages of best-selling frozen dinners for both children and adults and plastic liners designed to be used in a slow cooker. In short, we gathered together a potpourri of the kind of plastic items most of us use for heating foods.

        We shipped several samples of each item off to an independent lab, where they were shredded into bits, then analyzed to see if any detectable amounts of BPA and phthalates were present in the products. The good news: Twenty-seven of the products tested contained no phthalates or BPA. Three, however, did contain low levels of BPA: the containers (or bottom sections) of Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids, Rubbermaid Premier containers, and Glad Storage Zipper Bags; Glad Press’n Seal wrap had low levels of both phthalates and BPA. Next, the lab tested these four items with “food simulants” — chemicals designed to stand in for real food in a lab. (Our federal health agencies, like the FDA, allow the use of food simulants in testing.) Results: No detectable BPA or phthalates migrated from the products into the simulants.

        For a real-life test, we microwaved Old World Style Ragú Traditional Smooth Pasta Sauce and Heinz Home Style Gravy Savory Beef in the two Rubbermaid containers and in a glass bowl covered with Press’n Seal. As you’re unlikely to heat up tomato sauce or gravy in a plastic bag, we eliminated the Glad Storage Zipper Bags from this part of the testing. The lab first evaluated the foods straight from the jars to ensure that there were no phthalates or BPA present in the sauces before they were transferred to the test containers. In addition to testing foods heated in brand-new containers, we used ones that we had put through 30 rounds of microwaving and cleaning in the dishwasher, to see if wear and tear made a difference.

        Clearly good news: None of the samples of sauce or gravy had detectable levels of either BPA or phthalates.

        Products tested that contained no phthalates or BPA:

        Tupperware CrystalWave container
        Tupperware CrystalWave lid
        Tupperware Rock ‘N Serve container
        Tupperware Rock ‘N Serve lid
        Rubbermaid EasyFind Lids lid
        Rubbermaid Premier lid
        Glad SimplyCooking Microwave Steaming Bags
        Ziploc Brand Zip ‘n Steam Microwave Steam Cooking Bags
        GladWare Containers with Interlocking Lids container
        GladWare Containers with Interlocking Lids lid
        Ziploc Brand Containers with Snap ‘N Seal Lids container
        Ziploc Brand Containers with Snap ‘N Seal Lids lid
        Webster Industries Good Sense storage container
        Webster Industries Good Sense storage container lid
        United Plastics 21 oz Bowl
        Saran Premium wrap
        Saran Cling Plus Clear Plastic Wrap
        Glad Cling Wrap Clear Plastic Wrap
        Reynolds Clear Seal-Tight Plastic Wrap
        Ziploc Brand Storage Bags with Double Zipper
        Ziploc Brand Freezer Bags with Double Zipper
        Glad Freezer Storage Bags
        Reynolds SlowCooker Liners
        Kid Cuisine All Star Chicken Breast Nuggets container
        Kid Cuisine All Star Chicken Breast Nuggets film cover
        Stouffer’s frozen Homestyle Classics Lasagna with Meat & Sauce tray
        Stouffer’s frozen Homestyle Classics Lasagna with Meat & Sauce film covering

        The following items contained low levels of phthalates or PBA but the chemicals did not leach into food during microwave heating:

        Rubbermaid EasyFind Lids container
        Rubbermaid Premier container
        Glad Press’n Seal Multipurpose Sealing Wrap
        Glad Food Storage Bags*

        *Tested with simulants but not food.

        Read more: Dangers of Heating Food in Plastic – Microwave Health Risks – Bisphenol A – Good Housekeeping

  73. These things sure are a joke! first my eggs would not fit in the hole in the top you are to put them in. I had a mess all over the counter. finally got them together and dropped in the boiling water. after about 3 minutes they exploded!! the tops blew off and eggs and hot water blew out on me! If I knew who to sue for this horrible product, I would!!

  74. What a pain. Takes twice as long to cook an egg than traditional ways. Cleaning the damn things are absolutely ridiculous. In the garbage they go with only one use.

  75. I tried them!…and they work long as a person follows the instructions…no complaints at all!! easy to put together!! I used large eggs…not extra large, cause I think that’s why some people might have the problem with them leaking!…Highly Recommended!! They are easy…and they work!! 🙂

  76. Spent Xmas AM working with eggies for deviled eggs. Had to screw on the top AFTER putting in the egg, because we used extra large eggs. Not a good idea. The eggies were difficult to assemble once they were greasy, but they did slide out nicely. They are not pretty enough to plate for any kind of a nice meal. They are probably OK if you want to slice the eggs or eat them for lunches, etc. But if you want to take them any where or want to present them for a nice meal, you will want to go ahead and use WEEK OLD eggs and just peel the things.

  77. They don’t tell you the real truth, that the lids are hard to get on correctly and that you have to spray the plastic before you put in the egg or it will stick. What a joke these things are. Glad they were a gift and I didn’t buy them.

    • Eggies are definitely NOT what they are advertised to be! It is so much easier to boil an egg the “old fashioned” way. I followed the directions exactly and wanted to make deviled eggs, but what a mess! The whites of the eggs were full of holes and when I tried to get the yolks out, the whites totally collapsed and were ruined! No way could I stuff the eggs! Thank goodness I didn’t buy this scam — it was a gift! I’m throwing Eggies into the plastics recycle. I would feel very guilty to pass it on to some other unsuspecting person. Don’t buy this!

    • it works great ON TV….of course everything does…there a joke…I’m going back to my old metal egg poacher,its worked for years….

      • I’m officially 100% anti-eggie. Without getting into detail I agree to ALL the negative comments. So now I’m wondering what were gonna do with all the plastic that’s gonna end up in the landfills. I suggest we find other uses for the eggies. I might paint mine red and green break out the Bedazzler and hang them from the tree. I’m welcome to any suggestions from other anti-eggie fans out there. And Merry Christmas remember ” get cracking”

    • I’m officially 100% Anti-Eggie. Without getting into detail I agree with ALL the negative comments. So I suggest we come up with a solution of what to do now with all this plastic that’s gonna end up in the landfill!! Maybe I’ll paint them red and green and hang them from the tree, maybe break out the Bedazzler haha. Post your ideas to all the anti-eggie fans out there. Merry Christmas

  78. AWFUL! I bought two and am returning both.

    This is the worst invention I’ve ever used (and I’m an inventor). Sounds so easy but you have to oil them up, put 4 pieces together and then pray that they don’t leak out all over (which they usually do). If you get them tight enough not to leak (almost impossible) then you can hardly open them up again. And then you get to clean the cooked egg parts out of the threads. Makes you long for the days of simply peeling an egg!!

  79. It is a scam. They charged me $48, about $34 more than I agreed to, so I had to go to the bank bank fill a complaint. Their presentation when ordering reminded me of a shell game, very sneaky and not up front. They don’t answer the phone. You should not be cooking in plastic anyway.

  80. I just received the EGGIES… bought 3 sets ..1 for myself, 2 as gifts..I wish I would have read these comments… What a waste of money!! And to top it off my shipping was $ I called them and they credit me back $34.95.. that all that came out good about this because you don’t get that perfect shaped boil egg…very disappointing….false advertisement.

  81. You guys should go to the website and try posting your comments on there. They all there think Eggies are God’s gift to man/woman kind. The woman (Betsy Kaufman) who claims to have come up with the idea posts on there regularly.

  82. Cannot believe all the negative comments. They are a little extra work at the beginning but pay of in the end. I have tried the salt method, the vinegar method and the salt with vinegar method. I have tried stove top and microwave and stood over a pan of eggs with a timer. Finally I get a complete egg that is still hot.

  83. Eggie sucks, before I put it in, it was alright, after a while, they separate in half, then makes a big mess on my stove.

  84. Don’t waste your money on these. I bought them because I got tired of how tedious it has become to peel a hard boil egg. I found out if you put a little vinegar in your water, the egg shells will peel right off the hard boiled egg. The eggs I made with the Eggies had a watery plastic taste. Complete waste of money, using these things is a task in itself, not as simple as shown on TV. Should of known these made for TV gadgets are usually scams.

  85. Sorry, I just used them and they are really stupid….Way too much work and they don’t even make a nice looking egg you can use for deviled eggs…too many pieces to oil and put together….then clean! really, boiling eggs in the shell is not that difficult and there’s no extra cleaning up like you have to do with this stupid product.

  86. I can’t believe so many people can struggle with such a simple product. How much can you really ask for 10 bucks. My 13 year old uses them all the time and surprisingly no complaints and she has never made a mess or ruined an egg. I guess the instructions need some bigger pictures for the eggies challenged bunch.

    • Dude,

      Eggies DO NOT work, they’re pieces of crap. Regardless of how tight you screw on the lid, it doesn’t work. I definitely would NOT recommend the product.

  87. Just threw mine away, was a horrible experience, going back to the proven method. Not happy about losing the money, but at least it wasn’t too much money.

    • Wish I’d read the reviews first. I bought two sets from Walgreens. I followed the instructions and had similar results as most of these reviews. Mentally spanked myself and was reminded of my Dad always saying “You get what you pay for”. Didn’t throw them away….sometimes you have to make your own pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I gave the New (unused) set to my sister-in-law and have dishwasher cleaned and repackaged the other for my sister. Its one of the cheapest gag gifts I’ve ever come up with. It may save them the cost and disagreeable experience of being fooled as we all were but, I expect painfully funny reviews for years to come. Google is your friend….ask first. I did on Lens brite and laughed out loud at some of the comments. As for the few who have good reviews….This summer, if you’ll send me your addresses…for a small fee, I’ll gladly send you some porcupine eggs….better know to others as coculburs.

  88. Adding up the time and trouble, this is nothing more than a gimmick. It takes more time to prepare than just to peel a hard boiled egg. God already gave us the perfect way….the shell. You have to wash nothing and buy no oil. I think it is a scam..

  89. Terrible Quality. Each unit comes apart in four pieces. Although we followed instructions to the letter, it does not perform as advertised nor per the instructions. Egg white leaked through the locking ring on all of them. Large eggs were not soft-boiled after 12 minutes, instructions called for 3-4 min. The 24 pieces were a nightmare to hand-wash and clean out the threads. Anyone who produces, markets, advertises or profits from this poorly conceived product, should be ashamed of themselves when they go to work.

  90. The worst product I have ever purchased. I’m going to force Bed Bath & Beyond to take them back. The cooking spray discolors the eggs. Gross. They leak all over the boiling water. They come out deformed. The clean up of the many pieces takes so long I should have just boiled the eggs and peeled them. Terrible waste of money.

  91. I just bought a set of 12 eggies. We love deviled eggs. I have never been more disappointed with a product before. It is a good idea but there are so many parts to it and they do not attach properly. Plus you have to coat the insides with oil/spray and wipe with a paper towel. I thought this product was to make things easier. I would rather boil my eggs and peel them than use this product. I wish I could get my money back.!!

  92. My mom bought some of these and she loves them. They work every time without leaking, if you follow directions and put them together correctly. We use our own eggs, so peeling them is a pain…. not anymore!

    The only problem is that doing deviled eggs look really ugly. But they still taste the same.

  93. If you haven’t bought these…don’t…complete waste of money. Turns the simple task of boiling an egg into a major production. Each “Eggie” comes in 4 pieces, each of which has to be firmly secure when boiling or pieces will pop off…they also don’t tell you that each time you use them they have to be oiled…by hand…can’t use a spray…and one part of the box says dishwasher safe, another says they are not….hand cleaning is labor intensive….the end product doesn’t resemble an egg; lopsided and, I found out the night before Thanksgiving, you can’t make deviled eggs with them….donating mine to a local thrift shop and getting rid of them.

  94. Wish I would have read these reviews before I purchased Eggies. I agree with everything said about this waste of money product. The commercial for Eggies is the real winner.

    • Yeah….I first thought I did something wrong, the top was flat, but the directions did say they would be flat. But they do look strange.

  95. I could hardly believe how poorly the eggies performed when I tried to boil six eggs this morning. It was triple the work of peeling the eggs. In addition the plastic parts leak and the clean-up afterwards is time consuming, besides the storage of 24 plastic parts. I would not buy this item until it is greatly improved.

  96. Preparation time for 8 eggs…
    using the eggie system is 5 minutes (if lucky)
    without…30 seconds
    with the eggie system to peel….their way 2 minutes (if lucky)
    without the eggie system I can do it in 3 minutes.
    Cleanup…eggie system (5 minutes if lucky)
    without the eggie system 10 seconds to put pan in dishwasher.
    It’s a scam. We used it once and won’t use it again.

  97. I bought a set of Eggies at Walmart ad while my first eggs (only 2) were boiling came here to read the reviews. I was disheartened by what I read and was expecting the worst. Only, I didn’t have problems hitting the hole with the large eggs, didn’t think it was a hassle to put cooking spay on the parts and didn’t think I had any problems getting the gaskets and tops on tight enough. I was expecting a mess and problems getting the eggs out and having a hard time with cleanup, though.

    I was pleasantly surprised. The eggs slid right out unassisted…just a little twisting as stated on the instructions…and the pot and eggies cleaned up with no problem. The eggs were “done” (hard boiled) and tasted great.

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about. I am well pleased with my Eggies.

    • I purchased Eggies to make deviled eggs — no way! hard boiled is all they do and they sure don’t look like eggs, as said many times by others. surely be a discussion about this on Thanksgiving. huh ? those eggs?

  98. Not happy with this product at all , it’s just easier to shell the egg yourself …. than to go through all this trouble!

    • I agree with you 100% .. this product is a piece of junk. I did a trial run on only 3 eggs and I was wore out by the time I prepped, cooked and cleaned up afterwards. I don’t know how this product ever made it on the market.

  99. I bought the eggies and gave them a try and all I can say it is the biggest piece of garbage I have ever used in my life, by the time you get the cups together with the gaskets coming off on you and oil the eggie cups and go through all the crap to get your 6 hard boiled eggs you could have boiled and peeled 24 eggs by hand faster, way faster, then you got washing them to look forward too you gotta take them apart and off-course there is egg all around the gaskets so they have to come out to clean, to wash 12 eggies cups n lids, gaskets etc and put them back together again your looking at an hour at-least after use, this product is a complete waste of time and money, I WISH I HAD OF LOOKED UP THE REVIEWS ON THIS PRODUCT BEFORE I EVER EVEN CONSIDERED BUYING IT, unfortunately I bought the eggies online and cant get a refund because it will cost me more to ship it back than what its worth so I’m stuck with it, but I am gonna put the eggies set in my recycle bin along with the rest of the garbage, honestly people I’ve bought and used this eggies product and knowing what I know now I wouldn’t take an eggies set if you gave me it for free, that is what I think of the eggies,the commercial on eggies make it look like a great device that will save you time and hassle , I found none of it to be true, I guess its the old saying IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT PROBABLY IS,i hope no one else gets sucked in to this product, that is my opinion on eggies

    • I was literally ready to go out and buy this product today and am soo glad that I found this site and read alot of the reviews, mostly negative ones. I had also found a video that someone made and although they did not state negative comments in it, I knew that I was not going to be getting the product. Oiling all the parts every single time prior to each use, washing/scrubbing all the little parts afterward, leakage,… all seems to add up to more time spent that the old fashioned way, and I wanted something more for doing deviled eggs but the shape of the finished product is not the same, with the flat top. Plus we always buy larger sized eggs, X-LG or Jumbo and it appears that alot of people had overflow issues.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. These are a piece of junk, (oh NO – 24 pieces of JUNK). Everyone, please save yourself time and money. Boil your eggs the way we have done forever.

      • I just read most of the reviews as of 1-3-2012 and they tell the whole story. Junk is short of the truth when describing the Eggie. I even sent some overseas as a gift, and I wonder how I am thought of now. Some of them have said how awful they are and was a scam. Live and learn!

  100. I found these to work out great. I have chickens and hard boiling and peeling a fresh egg 1-2 days new is a pain. The eggs people buy from the store are already 2-3 weeks old from the farmer before you buy them. This makes the eggs older so the egg peels easier.

    Mine are straight from the bird. Filled each eggies with 2 small eggs and salt,pepper and garlic. Tilted them around after screwing on the lid tight. Boiled my water and placed eggies in for 19 min. Had no frothy mess.

    They popped right out, were warm and flavor was mixed in the whole thing. I love them. Going to try my ex large eggs next week.

    • I agree with Connie. I also have my own chickens and while fresh eggs are nice, you have WAY more frustration making hard boiled eggs with them than using the Eggies. You can get better with the Eggies the more you use them. My husband likes hard boiled eggs, but I refused to make them, even at Easter, because fresh eggs just DO NOT PEEL! You take the shell and half the egg comes with it. So the Eggies are a wonderful answer to them.

      • I have had chickens for over 15 yrs. To boil and peel a fresh farm egg, boil the egg half way, put out of water, break the shell and finish cooking….it works……try it.

  101. Thought this Eggies would make my life easier with soft boiled eggs. OMG, what a mess. The whites of the eggs stuck to walls took me over an hour to clear each of them out. Like everyone else not worth the $10 you pay. I do it the old fashion way. This is a piece of JUNK!!

  102. Eggies make me want to pluck my eyes out. Thank goodness I bought them at walmart and can return them.

    I would say the whole process of getting 6 hard boiled eggs took me triple the time it would have taken me to boil and peel 12 by hand.

    A long drawn out cleaning before use, wipe insides down with oil on a paper towel. Assemble the darn thing, crack eggs in to the hole put the lids on tighten them, set them in water, wipe down counter because there is egg goo that has leaked all over the counter top.

    Next scoop out the frothy white stuff bubbling over the top of the pan. you wonder will there be any egg whites left on the hard boiled eggs when you are done. Taking them out to cool. Undoing the whole assembly, shaking and squeezing the crap out of the plastic for the egg still not to come out, having to take a knife to scrap them out. Then ending up with a very ugly half shaped egg that looks like plastic.

    Oh the smell is so horrible, when you boil an egg in the shell it kind of keeps the stink in. These eggies just smell up your whole entire home like sulfur.

    When I peel the normal eggs by hand they aren’t’ that ugly. You could never put those out for deviled eggs or on a salad people would think they were rubber eggs.

    Oh the cleaning of the eggies, give me a friggin break I want to return the darn things so I have to clean it. I think cleaning up after a Thanksgiving dinner would have been faster and easier. My hands were prunes after washing 6 eggies. I still have the pan that is coated with the frothy egg whites to clean and the spoon I scooped and the bowl I put the mess in.

    Give me a break this is be like us going back to taking you clothes to the river and beating them on the rock to get them clean not a high capacity washer and dryer that will change the life of families everywhere.

    IMO this is not even a waste of money it is a waste of time.

    • Ditto to what Kristen wrote — wish I read the reviews BEFORE buying a set of Eggies. I’ll be returning it … what a mess and time consuming. What’s so bad about peeling eggs? It is sometimes frustrating but nothing like the waste of time trying to use Eggies. Only 4 fit in my pot which usually holds at least 6 eggs and so much of the white leaked out that mostly yolk is left — yuk!!

      • I totally agree, what a pain in the backside. Your right, peeling an egg would definitely be less trouble than this …. And like you I am so glad that I bought this at a local store, less headache to return. Just wish I had of read these reviews first, I usually do, I could of saved myself some time and money. lol… Oh well, live and learn.

        • Try putting a little vinegar in your water. I’ve done this the last few times I made hard boiled eggs and the shells peeled right off. Wish I would of known about this trick before I wasted my money. Eggies are a total waste of time and money.

    • I’m so glad I google for reviews of eggies BEFORE I bought a set! Thank you so much for your candid review – I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help laughing, though, SRH! Your description of your experience was so colorfully put and honest, I could just picture myself going through the same thing if I had bought this product!!!

      I sure hope you were able to get your money back after going through all that. Again, thank you – you saved me time and money, and headache!!

  103. I just tried to used the Eggies product. after 20 minutes of SET-UP time to wash and spray all of the pieces, it took several more minutes and messy egg spills to finally get them ready for the water. When the water started boiling it was a big, frothy mess of egg whites in the pan. I didn’t even wait for them to finish and just tossed the whole set of them IN THE GARBAGE. I’m frustrated I didn’t read these reviews before purchasing. It was definitely not worth my $10. I guess my family will have to peel eggs the old fashioned way. and I will think very hard before buying any more of these TV gimmicks…what a scam!

  104. Well Eggies are a waste of money, lucky I got it in a store and not on tv. Well I never order off tv because they seem to take money out of your bank and send you something you didn’t order and then when you call they try to get out of it and say that you did order it, when they know we didn’t order it it happened to my mom and she had to change everything at the bank so they don’t have access. So please it isn’t worth the money or the mess that it makes.

  105. Eggies may work for some but they are not big enough for large eggs. In fact, they are more trouble than they are worth. Having to first oil the eggie, then pour the egg into them, then close up the eggie, then into the boiling water. Much easier to just peal the boiled egg!!! Not worth the $10 I paid for them.

  106. Here’s what they DON’T tell you about this product on TV:

    (a.) there are four separate parts to find, coordinate, clean and assemble for each Eggie.

    (b.) they may, in fact, be top rack dishwasher safe as claimed in the instructions, but the components are so small that they cannot be placed in that rack without them falling through to the heating coil below.

    (c.) you must coat each Eggie inside, ON EACH USE, with icky vegetable spray, which will affect the look and flavor.

    (d.) the complimentary egg separator doesn’t work at all. You’ll do better separating egg yolks and whites the old-fashioned way.

    (e.) Eggies are too small for a whole egg that is larger than medium; large or extra large or (God forbid!) jumbo eggs will pour all over your counter.

    (f.) They tell you that grade large egg whites only will boil in the Eggie in 2.5-3 minutes. Really? On what planet? Mercury?

    I bought these at my local Walgreens (to avoid the ridiculous “have to buy 2 sets, just pay separate shipping and handling for the second set you didn’t want in the first place, $12-20 round-trip cost to try them even if you return them for a refund” come-on.) They cost me $9.99, no S&H, no requirement to buy more than I wanted, and I WILL return them at no net cost to me.

    They do not assemble properly, and the workmanship of this plastic trash is so poor that you cannot possible close them correctly, so expect boil overs, half-cooked eggs all over your stove, and few, if any, usable results.

    I ruined half a dozen eggs (another $1 gone) trying these.

    Don’t be fooled. They’re junk!!

    • I totally agree with all the comments by Robert. To many parts, hard to put together, leaked, junk. Wish I had read before I bought. Very time consuming.

    • 4 pieces? Nay. 6 by my count if you include the 2 rubber band seals. Other than that, you are right on. They are difficult to thread together. They loosen up in the hot water and leak (why the rubber bands then?). I didn’t buy a kitchen gadget. I bought a lesson.

  107. The Eggies are a waste of time. When you take them out of the box they are in 4 separate pieces. On the commercial they do not tell you that you have to oil the insides and to not spray cooking spray directly into them. The top hole where you are supposed to crack the egg and let fall in is way to small. I had to keep the eggie separated until after I put the egg in.

    I had egg all over my counter top. I put mine in the pan before the water started boiling they sat upright fine. Once the water boiled than that is when the mess started. The egg started coming out the eggie and making the water boil over. I cooked the eggs about 20 minutes. When I took them out of the eggie they did come out in one piece.

    Cleaning them…I want to say forget about it. Since the egg started coming out the sides it got stuck in the groove part of the contraption and did not come out until I used a toothpick to clean them. To me this is not any easy as they say it is. The one good thing I have to say about them is I am glad I brought them from Target and not off the infomercial cause I only spent $10.00. My opinion is don’t waste your money.

  108. These people get rich on the shipping charges,they don’t care if you send them back,,they have your money for the
    Over priced shipping. This is a rip off of the worst kind they don’t even let you review your order before you have
    Signed up for the eggies. Don’t be fooled by these people they don’t give a damn about us, just want to get rich off of us. Lets see if they will post my views. They are worse than a mask bandit with a gun.

    Yours truly
    Gene, usms-ret

  109. I saw Eggies on TV and was excited to try them. I purchased Eggies at a store instead of getting them through the infomercial. I was impressed with them and have used them 3 times already. I love hard-boiled eggs but could never get the peels off w/o tearing up the egg! Clean up is a little drawn out with all those little parts, but I thought it was a fair trade-off to have intact hard-boiled eggs!

  110. I want to love the product because I hate peeling eggs BUT everytime I use my eggies I find that when the water comes to a boil the middle part that snaps on (not the middle part that you twist together) tends to open while they are cooking. What should I do? I always close them as tight as possible but for some reason this always happens. Should I NOT boil the water. Please help me!!

  111. The eggies cooker are more work than they do good. They do not tell you on TV that you must oil the inside of the eggies each time you use them . Then you must wash each unit after use . That means disassemble drying etc. By the time you have use these useless things. The 6 eggs that you cooked in the normal way , would have already been cooled peeled and served. If you are silly enough to purchase eggies from as seen on TV store. They will not take them back if you use them once and find out what a joke they are. The store I am referring to is in the Paddock Mall , Ocala FL. TFM

  112. These Eggies are a bunch of JUNK! Bought them through the Infomercial. 2 “Deluxe” sets…charged my credit card for $96.95!!! I called about returning them. Sure, I’d get my $64.99 back for the plastic junk…Eggies, and Chopper but they’d still have my $31.96 in shipping charges!!! I feel like such a sucker. Won’t fall for Infomercial junk again.

  113. Eggies are not for anyone with arthritis in their hands. I didn’t get around to trying to cook the eggs because I couldn’t get them put together.

  114. I bought my Eggies yesterday at Wal-mart …used it today…..will return it in the AM for a full refund….what a piece of JUNK!! I would hate to have any friend know I was stupid enough to buy this thing….The BEST hard boil egg maker is Nordic Ware micro wave maker…have had one for 5 years and given one to each of my 3 daughters…the only draw back is it only does 4 eggs at a time….but it only takes 6 minutes!!! And I’ve NEVER had a ‘bad egg’!!

  115. My Mother-in-law bought these at our local grocery store today. We had seen the Eggies commercial a couple of times and thought what a great idea, but we really didn’t want to spend $30 for a $10 product (once you added shipping and handling for the second set). She contemplated getting two sets so you could make an even dozen, but decided to test them out first. I got them out of the package washed them and got them ready (following the directions I saw on the commercial that they were non-stick). After 30 minutes of cooking…because they weren’t getting done…..we finally decided they should be done…well they stuck in the containers and are soaking as we speak! DO NOT BUY THESE! they are complete and utter junk and wish she could get her money back!

  116. This is the worst product I have ever bought !! DO NOT BUY IT..preparation is messy, cooking takes to long ..cleanup is a disaster as your have to use a brush (I used an old toothbrush) & it still took me forever. I had to take the sealing rubber ring off as the egg whites had seeped underneath & cooked on it. While putting the cracked egg in the cup, I bumped one of the cups that had an egg in it already but I hadn’t put the lid on it yet…it spilled all over the counter !!! Once the eggs were cooked, I tried to take the yolk out to make deviled eggs and the sides if the white egg split. Guess this is another goodie for the garage sale in the spring.

    • Like everyone else I was tired of peeling hard boiled eggs and so was my best friend.

      To my surprise, I went into a superheb in tx, and they were on sale (buy one and get one free)!!

      I should have listened to my sister about the brownie pan and never, ever gotten the eggie.

  117. So excited to try these Eggies but so disappointed once I did!!! I didn’t realize that it was 4 separate pieces. So, I had jumbo eggs and once I added the egg and the seasonings to the container the egg white slipped out of the container since it was so full. Unfortunately, I had the eggie placed next to the stove so the egg white slipped between the stove and cupboard so I had to move my stove to clean it-lol!!! What a pain. Cleaning eggies is a mess. The eggs themselves were pretty good since I added the seasonings but did not look appetizing. For old fashioned hard boiled eggs, just boil them but if you want something a little different with seasonings and all, you may find the eggie to work for you. However, I see a lot of comments about people with arthritis etc… that can’t peel eggs. I don’t think that manipulating the eggie would be any easier than peeling the actual egg. Just my 2 cents.

    • You must be the inventor…Everyone else has problems…This junk works on T.V. not when you try it at home…Thanks for being part of the American way.

  118. I was happy to see this product offered as I’m one of the people who’s physical condition makes peeling eggs very difficult and painful. I have learned to NEVER order anything from the TV or their internet site after several horrible experiences. They did a lot more than send me the product and it took months to resolve. So I waited till I could find them locally. I got them at my Bed, Bath & Beyond today and couldn’t wait to try them out as my husband loves hard boiled eggs.

    The first negative I encountered was that each egg has FOUR parts. As I washed and dried all four parts for the 12 eggs (2 sets) I’d bought, my drying rack was full of pieces. No – I don’t have a dish washer. LOTS of pieces to clean.

    The second negative I encountered was reading that you have to grease the pieces – every use…and you can’t use spray directly on them.

    The third negative I encountered was when I went to put my raw egg in an Eggie. Since there is a cooking chart for the different size eggs, you’d expect to be able to put them in the Eggie. No. I buy large eggs. The yoke alone is too large to fit through the opening and made a huge mess. I then opened the Eggies to just the bottom half. One raw egg filled the half to the brim. I could not have added additional ingredients as advertised. I did add some after reassembling the Eggie.

    The fourth negative I encountered was that the cooking chart said to cook 15-17 minutes for large eggs and said to start with “warm water”. I started with boiling water and cooked for 17 min. and though they were mostly cooked, they weren’t completely done.

    The fifth negative I encountered was that though I washed the mess off the outside of the Eggies that was caused by my eggs being too large to go in, somehow egg still got in my pan and made a horrid mess in the pan to clean up.

    The sixth negative I encountered was that NOT ONE OF THEM would release from the bottom cup even though I had greased, cooked according to their directions and was squeezing the bottom cup all around as they said. I had to scoop every egg out with a spoon and it left egg stuck to the inside.

    The sixth negative I encountered was when I IMMEDIATELY hand washed them. The egg didn’t want to come off the surfaces. It was a LONG job working diligently with washcloth and nylon bristled tool to get all the junk off the Eggies.

    The seventh negative was that the bacon bits and seasonings I added through the top to some of the eggs, did not mix in. They stayed in a chunk. I guess you’d have to mix it all up in advance and then pour it into the Eggies.

    It was a good idea, but a monumental amount of work and time. Possibly those with dishwashers would fair better, but I think if they didn’t immediately wash them, that egg gunk would be very hard to remove even in a dish washer. All told, it was MUCH MORE demanding of my hands and my time than just doing it the normal way.

    I hope this helps someone.

  119. My 7 year old daughter spotted Eggies on an infomercial one day and started hounding me ever since then to get them! She was tired of hearing me complain (whenever I make eggs for a deviled egg dish) of how hard it was to peel the eggs! She is very persistent and kept begging me to buy them. A week ago we found them at CVS so I picked up a pack of them.

    Today after reading the reviews I was actually afraid to try them! Like most folks I’m incredibly busy and didn’t want to waste my time making these if it was going to lead to more mess then peeling an egg the old traditional way would.

    I gave it a shot and was very pleased with the results. Here is what I did. Cleaned the eggies containers (my daughter was insistent we follow all the RULES). Wiped them down with a Pam vegetable oil spray with a paper towel. The larger part of the eggie holder and the tops. Cracked the eggs into them and then sealed them tightly together. Put them in a very large pot filled halfway with water. Boiled the water with the floating eggies. As soon as the water came to a boil I set the timer for 15 minutes. When the timer went off I took a slotted spoon and scooped the eggies out. The containers by this time were coated a bit with drippy egg whites. Not a pretty sight. If I was having company over I’d definitely be having this part DONE! lol I held onto the bottom of the eggie with a paper towel because it was hot and immediately they slid out (VERY slippery) easily onto the plate. I dried the somewhat ‘wet’ eggs with a paper towel and put them in a bowl and into the refrig to cool off. My dd likes her eggs cold.

    They come out with a funny shape but I knew that thankfully from reading the reviews. All in all I was pretty pleased. They rinsed off easily and were not hard for me to clean at all. I could see being frustrated with this product if it did not work out smoothly. It was a bit time consuming putting all the little pieces together and also it doesn’t always work so easily to crack the egg into the tiny little hole. But since my eggs came out perfectly it was worth it to me. Definitely easier then peeling the eggs for me.

    • It took you a large paragraph to describe exactly how to make these things work. How could that have been easier than peeling the eggs by hand? “Crack shell all over, hold under light running water and peel like an orange”

  120. Boy, I wished I had read the reviews before buying my eggies! I most usually do my research on these “as seen on tv” product. But I was at Walmart today and got excited when I saw eggies and decided to buy them because I live 35 minutes away from the nearest Walmart and I’ve seen the commercials and thought it was a great product.

    I was totally wrong! A couple of the eggies popped apart in the boiling water, and when I cooked the rest of them at the longest time recommended, over 15-17 minutes, they weren’t even cooked all the way!

    And also what was cooked, the whites was all bubbly. I was so disappointed in this product. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THE EGGIES TO NO ONE! I’m packing it up and bringing it back to the store and getting my money back!

  121. They are more trouble than they are worth. Too many parts and it is not easy to get the egg inside that tiny hole.

  122. My husband bought the Eggies today at Walmart and was really excited to try them. The first one we tried bobbed around too much in the water, and with that we started to think the whole thing was going to be one big mess, and while we were waiting for it to finish the boiling time, I found this website, and upon reading the reviews decided we had just purchases a piece of junk that we would never use again. But when we took the egg out, (and it did indeed pop out as it’s supposed to), it looked rather appetizing.

    If you like to eat hard boiled eggs when they are warm then this Eggie maker is for you!! The only thing that is a prerequisite for making these eggs is a lot of patience!! If you take that little bit of extra time, it will be worth it. The second go around we made two more eggs, and this time after I put the eggs in and waited for the water to boil, I made sure that the boil was never rapid enough to cause them to bobble over. I quickly turned them down to medium heat, and also lifted them off of the heat a couple times to make sure that the boiling slowed down to a medium boil.

    By boiling them at a more controlled boil for about 15min, they turned out quite nice. They popped out very easily and the Eggie parts all cleaned up very quickly. The eggs were warm and wonderful, and truly nice not having to deal with peeling an eggshell. Not sure though if the trouble is worth it if you prefer your eggs cold, what makes these so good is eating them warm.

    The trouble with most people today is they want everything so quickly and very few of us have the patience it takes to do things right. If you are one of these people then don’t bother with this item, it will drive you nuts. But if you are like me and enjoy the art of cooking and trying new things and just enjoy being in the kitchen I really think this is worth trying. At first my husband said he was taking it back and getting a refund, but after being very skeptical at first I am now the one that wants to keep them!!

    • If I had the patience to do things right, I wouldn’t be buying a product that claims to make hard boiling eggs easier in the first place.

  123. After seeing the Eggies TV ads my husband was so enthusiastic I went online to order a couple sets as a surprise for him. The order form was fairly routine until I got to “how many sets of 2 do you want to order?” HUH!?!? That flagged the purchase! After checking out these reviews I just want to say a sincere “Thank You!” to everyone who took the time to post about your experience! I hope you find some comfort and vindication thru having alerted others to the scam! A very big Thank You!

  124. On Saturday afternoon, I saw a commercial for Eggies. I thought it was neat idea and I purchased the product via internet. The claim was buy one get one free for $10. I thought great, but sadly, No….

    After you pick your product, you move on to the confusing and predatory option of the buy one get one free deal. You are to click how many you want. So, being that I was buying one getting one, I clicked two. And declined everything else.

    I assumed (silly me) that if I made any mistakes, I would have the opportunity to correct it once I have reviewed and confirmed the order. Well, I went through screen by screen waiting to see how much shipping was and to make sure my order was correct, but much to my surprise, the last screen says Order Confirmation! I was given no opportunity to review the order or shipping cost. My credit card was charged a WHOPPING $51.96!! They charged me over $50 for a $10 product.

    So, obviously my first instinct was cancel, cancel, cancel. But, conveniently, they were closed on Saturday. Really? No customer service reps when commercials are airing on the weekend?? I had to hunt for the phone number, found it, and could not leave a message. So I figured, let me look up the order number on the only customer service screen. But wait, there’s more..of course my order could not be found. Convenient. So, I was stuck until Monday.

    When I called to cancel the order, I was met with sorry, your order has been shipped and there is nothing we can do. Of course, this is the gimmick. This is how they get paid. When I asked to speak to a manager several times to complain that I did not have a chance to review the order before confirming the purchase, the “customer service” rep stated: “haven’t you ever ordered anything online before? You purchased it”. Really lady? I tried to explain, you are always given an opportunity to confirm all costs before your credit card is charged. She placed me on hold several times after I repeatedly asked for a manager and finally said: “All I can do is refund you $15.” This was after I told her I work with several attorneys and am filing complaints every where I could. She also stated I can refuse the package, but shipping isn’t refunded. I would get the $15 (and change). Nice. (sarcasm) Thank you Eggies. (again sarcasm)

    So, now I have to wait 2-6 weeks for this package to be mailed, return it, and cross my fingers they are going to refund my money. This is a total scam, the customer service is lousy. I do not recommend anybody to purchase their products. I hope they get investigated or a class action lawsuit gets brought against them.

    • Dawn,

      Always remember, that you have, by Federal Statue (law). 72 hours to cancel any contract, do it in writing, send by slow mail certified and email so you can print copy to retain for your records. That way, when they give you a ration of hooey, you will be able to file a claim with the Federal Trade Commission and will have copies of proof.

      • Wrong! Be careful! Only a few, very specific types of contracts have a 3 day right of recession. Most often, when you sign a contract, you are done and in. The 3 day rule applies mostly to contracts solicited by someone who is visiting in your home. It applies to mortgages also. Never sign a contract relying on this 3 day rule to back out unless you know for sure the rule applies.

    • Dawn, call your credit card company and dispute the charges right away…You have to do it within a certain number of days….They will be on your side so do it quick…

      They should tell you how to document the return…

  125. I like all the TRUE reviews because it helps me to decide if I want to buy the product. Are we just supposed to hear good things on reviews? If so why even have them?

  126. Eggies were a waste of money, as so many have commented. They do not fit together easily, and they are difficult to clean. When you spend an hour to grease and assemble the Eggies to hard-boil 9 eggs, well, you know where this is going ……

  127. Eggies containers are in 4 pieces that need to be assembled in order to use each time. They are made of a rigid plastic and are hard to get the pieces screwed together. If not together perfect, they leak in the water and there are strings of boiled eggs in water. You have to prepare Eggies before using them with spray or oil, which you need to spray onto paper towels and then wipe it on the top and bottom of the container. You cannot just spray inside the egg. If you don’t you don’t wipe them with oil, they stick. Takes too long to prepare to boil the eggs.

    I took advantage of the double order and the shipping/handling charges were expensive., I will not send them back because I will not get back my shipping/handling. I will give my other order to someone else. Maybe they’ll have better luck than I did.

    • Call your credit card company and dispute the charges….they should tell you how to send them back so you get all of your money back…

  128. Well I have to agree with what most people have said , The EGGIES do suck . I wish I would have read up on them before I bought them . I after failing badly to make a “reg boiled egg” tried to make one of the scrambled egg creations and to no success Sucks again…… save you money people 🙂

  129. I just bought a set of these at Wal-Mart. Followed the instructions, though I wasn’t happy about 4 separate parts for each eggie. It does have issues, but I think some can be worked around. If you put them in a pan tight enough they won’t roll around, and only put in enough water so they don’t bob around. And I lowered the heat which helped. Still, when I took them out, 4 of the 6 did pop out, had to pry the other 2 out, even after coating them. Cleaning was horrendous. I think I will boil them in water to see if they clean easier. I also at the beginning had some egg come out of the eggie. Trying to get the egg white out of all the pieces even after soaking awhile was painful. Not worth the 6 hard boiled eggs. I figured out if you put most of the pieces together, then put the egg in, it’s easier. I had ordered 4 boxes for a friend and myself, but when my 2 boxes come, I’m taking them back to Bed Bath and Beyond to see if they will take them back in the store, as I ordered them from the store. Personally, you can buy the eggie genie which does the same and much easier to clean, or just get the old fashioned egg poacher. Much easier to clean! I also may test putting them in the microwave to cook them with the little top piece off. I’m thinking it may be easier and faster.

  130. These things are pieces for crap!! Do not buy them!!! Another half-ass thing made in the USA…… Buy over seas stuff for cheaper with better quality until the is starts building stuff that works at a decent price. Nothing but greed in the us and the products show it!

    • They are NOT made in the US. The distributor is in the US, New York. They are made in China.

      I did 1 egg just to see if these work. It turned out ok but needed more cooking time than was listed on the chart as the top was runny. I boiled the maximum time suggested. I scooped the yolk out (a challenge) leaving the white intact to make a deviled whole egg. Even if it hadn’t been runny, there’s not enough white left on the top to half the egg as you would normally do. The texture from the plastic is not attractive, that’s for sure. I got the egg out fine after a couple of squeezes.

      Truly not a good investment, even at $10.00. Much less work and nicer looking eggs if you do it the old fashioned way.
      I generally try to keep some older eggs on hand to use for hard boiling. Quite easy to peel.

  131. These are terrible! It’s a 4-part contraption and you MUST spray each part with cooking spray before you put the egg in! If you don’t get the collar on the two primary pieces just right — you get water inside or you get egg outside!! You have to make sure the thing is “floating” in the boiling water — that’s impossible since it falls over on its side! The egg goes into the “top” part of the thing and you wind up with eggs that look like they have nipples! Gave up and just boiled eggs the normal way. I’m glad I didn’t order it on line and pay the high shipping — bought it at the Rite-Aid and it was enough to pay $9.99!!!

  132. This is a big scam, the cookers are poorly made, screw caps do not fit well, the time it takes to assemble, each eggie and cleanup takes more time to peel boiled hard shell eggs. instructions were not included I will not buy another product advertised “as seen on tv” into the recycle with this product.

  133. Wish I would have read the reviews before buying the stupid Eggies! If I were an attorney, I would sue the company for false advertising. This will be the last time I order a product “As seen on t.v.”. My rating is a MINUS 5 stars!!

    • Sorry but you are just what this company was looking for. People stupid enough to buy their product. And being stupid is the only explanation somebody could buy something like this.

      • Andreas,

        I just wanted to respond to your arrogant and “trollish” responses to others reviews of the product. Why be so rude? You are truly not helping anyone with your childish remarks. People, like myself, just came to this website to read helpful reviews from people like Nena, not to call them “stupid” for their comments that saved me from purchasing a product that does not do what it says. Oh, and please save your overly evident response of, “Well you are stupid too for looking up this information.” My question to you, what lead you to this website in the first place?

  134. I bought my Eggies today and made 3 eggs in it tonight and I really like it. I agree there are A LOT of pieces to it, but mine worked fine! Once the eggs came to a boil, I turned the heat down and boiled for about 20 min. They were cooked to perfection and came right out of their containers. I am very pleased with this product.

        • I think we would all like to know why it is your on this sight Andreas. Sum people can’t physically peel their own eggs so this sight might be helpful to them. Maybe it is easy for you to boil and peel your own eggs so do use all a favor and go sit on your eggs somewhere else.

  135. I was excited to buy the Eggies because I hate to peel eggs! The peel always takes away half my egg! I bought mine at Target today (I didn’t want to order online), then decided to go online to see if there were any reviews . There are so many negative ones, I was regretting my purchase. I decided to make just one egg and if it didn’t turn out, I would return them.

    I sprayed cooking spray onto a paper towel and wiped the inside of the Eggie thoroughly. I put it together, leaving the lid off. I put a large egg into the Eggie and had no problem with spillage. The lid is a little tricky, but I made sure it was on tight. I placed the Eggie into my pot which was filled with warm water, turned on the burner and brought it up to a boil. Once it was boiling, I turned it down to simmer, covered the pan, then simmered it for 15 minutes – this is how I make hard boiled eggs normally.

    Then I used my slotted spoon to remove it and put it directly into the fridge to cool. Once cool, as per the instructions, I removed the middle section, leaving the bottom. Turned it upside down and the egg popped right out. It tasted fine, although I would cook it a few more minutes next time.

    I agree that there are too many pieces and I don’t now how much use I will get out of them, but it does work.

    • Thank you for your directions, Karen. Your post was the most useful for me.

      I, too, was excited to find Eggies at the store. I’m not willing to pay those *untold* shipping and handling charges which often cost more than the product itself.

      I started with a saucepan just big enough to hold the number of Eggies I was using.

      I sprayed cooking spray into each Eggie and wiped it around with a plastic baggie. This ensures extra spray inside and is not removed by most of a paper towel. I added the egg, salt and pepper before screwing on the attachment ring. I was sure to screw it on firmly and have had zero egg leakage. Next, I placed the Eggies into the saucepan and filled it with cold water only enough to make them rise slightly off of the bottom of the pan. Once boiling began, I lowered the heat to medium and cooked for 18 min. I prefer a softer yolk. I will boil it up to 2 min longer next time.

      After the 18 min, I placed them in the refrigerator for 10 min. I also like them warm. They popped right out and clean up with nothing.

      If you use them right, you’ll enjoy them. No money lost. : )

  136. Bought the Eggies and it was the worst 10 dollars that I have ever spent. I did everything like it said and I but them in boiling water and after a couple minute they all poped apart and I had nasty egg floating in my pot..Eggies are worthless and I do not recommend this product!

    • I went on the net to order Eggies – so happy I decided to read the reviews 1st. Thanks to all who posted – saved me money & a headache!

  137. I purchased the “Eggies” product today and tried it as soon as I got home. In the commercial they state that the egg “slides right out from the non-stick surface”.

    Well, that’s a lie, the instructions state you have to coat the inside of the Eggies surface with oil or it will stick to the surface. I did coat the surface with oil and I found it very difficult to remove the eggs, in other words the egg sticks to the surface of the Eggies like glue.

    There are 6 Eggies in the box, each consist of 3 parts, so that’s 36 parts you have to scrub and scrub and scrub to get clean. I am soaking my Eggies in very hot soapy water for the second time trying to get them clean.

    In all, I have spent over 2 hours making 6 hard boiled eggs and then trying to get them clean for a second go round; but I am done with this product; I’m going back to the store for a refund. To make 6 hard boiled large eggs takes 15 minutes boiling time and 7 minutes cooling time.

    It takes about 15 minutes just to coat the Eggies parts and then try to get the eggs through the small hole in the top without making a mess.The eggs look really wierd; they look like half of a egg with the yoke settling wherever it decides to settle.

    Many of the egg yokes settled on the bottom or side of the egg and were poking through the egg white. This product needs some serious re-enginneering.

    • “There are 6 Eggies in the box, each consist of 3 parts, so that’s 36 parts” No it’s not… 6×3 is not 36.

      However each eggie actually consists of FOUR parts and they are absolutely useless. They came apart in my pot and made the whole kitchen smell like melted plastic. Anyone know how you get the money back when buying them at Walgreen? Does Walgreen refund it? I would hate to pay $7 in shipping cost on a $10 dollar product to send them to the manufacturer.

      • I ordered, but refused the box with the eggies in it. I’m now trying to find the address to see if the box I received today is them sending it back to me. Wish I’d gone to Walgreen’s to buy them. I believe that as long as you have the receipt, you can return the product. Good luck and wish it for me as well. I don’t want to have to keep refusing the same package over and over. I had tried to abort the order, but that didn’t work. Oh well, they keep getting better and better at tricking us. Live and learn…just remember to learn. Good luck all!

  138. With all the talk out there about heating food in plastic, I would think that the chemicals in the plastic when cooked at 212 degrees (boiling water temp) would leach chemicals into the egg. I know I won’t be buying Eggies until someone proves otherwise.

    • There are plastics specially made to be stable at those temperatures. PE and PP are not one of them, they are food save, but give away really toxic fumes when heated. But they also “shrink” when heated.

      Plastics in this product, isn’t the least of your worries, besides wasting time to assemble them, fill them, clean them……..

  139. Eggies suck. Don’t work. Lost 1/2 my egg cuz they spill out over the top and the top doesn’t screw on tight. Tried to put seasoning in my egg, wound up in a big, nasty clump in the end. Clean up was a pain. Threw them in the recycle bin. DON’T BUY EGGIES.

  140. personifies (along with pornography)
    the very worst of the internet. This site is totally
    set up to get as much of your money as it can, leaving
    you with no satisfaction of recourse if you change
    your mind.

    Ordering is in an opt out format so any mistakes that
    you make, result in more product being added to your
    order. Total order is only shown at the end and there
    is no place to accept the order. If you make it to the
    the last page your have placed the order. Don’t try to
    backup and change the order because once you get to
    the last page again this new version is taken, so you
    end up with both the first incorrect order and your new
    corrected one! They offer to refund your money, but
    only for the product not S&H. So for 3 orders that
    cost me $77.94 they were willing to refund me $30.00
    and I would have to pay to ship them back.

    These people are SCUM!!!…Safe TV Shop, LLC is the only
    thing given. No email, address or Phone…

    • And Safe TV Shop, LLC is NOT the manufacturer – only the distributor. You’ll probably need to deal with the manufacturer in China for a refund! Good luck.

  141. I am very upset about these Eggies I ordered 2 weeks ago and just got them. They are not worth the money I would rather peel egg shells. They just told me it takes 2 eggs to make a whole egg in that Eggies I said I was unsatisfied and they said to get money back I had to send them back and pay shipping again. When I got them today they were all messed up plastic pieces on a lot of them and some of them will not twist on them and some are OK I wish I would of bought local so at least could have taking back and got money back I will never order again on phone or internet. A lesson well learned. Don’t buy.

  142. Wow, am I ever thankful I read the reviews before ordering Eggies. Thanks to all of you for taking the time to tell me it’s a waste of money, messy, hard to clean etc.

  143. 60 plastic pieces that do not fit together well, that have to be individually cleaned with each use, all to hard boil 12 eggs! Terrible waste of my hard earned money. Each eggie has 5 pieces to clean….an almost hidden O ring conceals cooked egg that must be cleaned each time. Horrible. So sorry I bought this!

  144. A stinkeroo of a product:

    1. ordering process confusing, no screen allowing you to review the order and examine your total. You’ve bought it before you were ready to.

    2. Took two months to arrive.

    3. Eggs don’t fit into cooking device–instead, they spill over out of it. These were farmer’s eggs I used, fresh from the chicken pen. Too big? Why, then, do the instructions that come with the Eggies list cooking times for all sizes of eggs up through “Extra Large”?

    4. The threading of the various parts is not clean, requiring multiple attempts to screw together, always a pleasure.

    5. Cleanup–I’d rather tackle the Augean stables. Those Eggies I could clean went to the recycling bin, the others into the trash. Never again.

    • Thank you for recycling! I don’t know what else to say…condolences on your purchase? I”m glad I refused the box when it arrived. Of course, I tried to abort the order by closing the window before confirming the purchase. Now I understand they’ve bypassed that step. I just hope they refund my money eventually. $61+ is a lot to just throw to the wind.

  145. These Eggies are going back. I didn’t even get to the point of cooking them. First you have to oil every part of them. Then they don’t even hold a large size egg. Putting them all back together in order to cook is a joke. Egg spills out of them. I purchased these at my local Bed Bath and Beyond store for $9.99. They are definitely going back as soon as possible. What a piece of junk. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY. It’s easier the old fashioned way. Just bring water to a boil, take off stove and let eggs cook covered for 8 minutes. Immediately put into cold water and then they peel easier.

  146. Terrible!! The Eggie opening at top is too small and the yoke gets stuck, making the whites drip all over the sides.
    Also, you have to coat them first with cooking spray with a paper towel. Messy. Also, if the lid isn’t SUPER tight, they leak and explode all over your pot. They take up much more room in your pot as well. I could only fit 4 where I normally could fit about 8 eggs. Waste of money. Messier than just boiling and peeling an egg. Threw them right in the trash.

  147. I’m glad I bought the Eggies at Walgreens and not over the internet. I can return them alot faster and easier. Back to the drawing board guys.

    Sorry, this is not the better mouse trap. Eggies are a joke. First, they are poorly made (I’m assuming China). Poorly designed. They are hard to prepare for the egg. You have to coat the inside of the plastic shell with cooking oil. They leak. Water gets inside. Then, after the egg is hard-boiled (?) they are hard to remove from the plastic shell.
    Very messy. I bought these eggies this morning and they are going back tomorrow morning. They really are a waste of time and money.

  148. I used my set of eggies the day I got them. Meticulously following all the directions, down to rubbing the oil on the inside instead of spraying, etc. I found the four piece gadget (per egg), annoying to handle. The top piece was particularly annoying due to the egg being inside the gadget by the time you used this lid and if you turned it even slightly sideways, egg spilled out.

    Also, since you have now already put the oil on the egg gadget, they are becoming slippery and hard to hold on to well enough to turn all the screw on pieces. These pieces, by the way don’t seem to be necessary to me, but maybe there is some reason it cannot be engineered in a two piece gadget instead. Anyway, by now the eggs are cooking away, the albumen spilling out through all the screw on pieces, which, BTW, my husband screwed on tightly for me because I was using slippery hands by this time and couldn’t do it.

    The eggs were finally finished, the pot was a disaster with albumen boiled froth all over it. The gadgets were covered in albumen. Nonetheless, they came apart well enough. Problem was, the egg was totally useless for the deviled eggs I was trying to make because the egg now has a totally flat top side and the yellow has snuck up to the top of the egg, so you see a sort of sunny side up version of what should have been a nice oval egg. Still, I thought I would salvage them and have them as eggs in my salad, but they were slightly rubbery on the outside as if they had been cooked 15 minutes too long, but the yolk was pasty as if it had not been cooked long enough.

    One of two of the eggs did slide out of the capsules, with a little prodding from a soup spoon, but the other four did not come out and had to be scraped out. They went to the dogs. Clean up of the gadgets was a nightmare. The albumen was stuck in all the grooves, along all the edges of each piece, four pieces for each egg. The grooves in the ring are deep and could not be cleaned without aid of a toothpick. I ended up throwing them away because I knew I would never go through this much trouble to make eggs again… Waste of time, waste of money.

  149. I just saw the commercial on tv and was all set to order me some eggies when I decided to read the reviews. Man, I’m sure glad I did. I saw one positive review at the start and from then on, nothing but negative reviews, about the product and also about the total cost. So, I’m saving my money. Thanks folks.

  150. This product sounds good, until you spend quite awhile washing all the individual pieces of these things. Unless you just throw them in the dishwasher,which I only run once a week. Personally,I would rather just take 30 seconds and peel the egg. This product isn’t Cracked up what it sounds like.

  151. These are a real waste of money. Wish I had read the reviews. I hate to peel eggs but I can peel dozens while I’m working with 6 eggies. The threads are difficult to close and the gaskets are flimsy. They are VERY time consuming.

  152. This not worth the money. It takes longer to prepare the eggies than it does to boil and peal 6 eggs. Also, the whites boil out of the shell. After the water begins to boil you have to boil for 19 minutes for hard boiled eggs. Then you have to wait for about 20 minutes for them to cool down so you can touch them to get the eggs out and that is a joke too. You need a person with an iron fist to undo the eggies to get the eggs out. They are definitely not for the older generation. I’ll take boiling and pealing over the eggies any day. Less trouble.

  153. The eggies are not as easy as they look…I think it is more work…the one thing I did like is that I didn’t have to peel the eggs…directions should be made easier to read.

  154. I ordered Eggies and I also find a scam in their advertising and it not worth anything I ended it up throwing everything away. Also found their advertising VERY EVASIVE to say the least. I think it stink and garbage it is. Vive the old fashion way to cook egg.

  155. Scam company….. I wanted to order one set of Eggies from the website, but seen the offer to add one more, while trying to just complete the first order, I realized my billing address was wrong and just closed down the site and reopened. I went through the process again, and at the end, before completing my order, I lost service and just decided to do it another day. I went to my email, and had two orders totaling over 100 + dollars that had been processed through, and I couldn’t get any customer service until Monday morning. I called on Monday, to find the most unpleasant customer service I had ever encountered. I told him the situation, and he basically told me I didn’t know what I was talking about, when I told him I had gotten two emails with orders. I told him I wanted one set, and one free +shipping. I now have 4 sets, with bill over 50 + dollars… and I haven’t even used them yet, to see if they even work, seeing all the complaints on here… great way to start off the weekend..

    • When ordering something like this be sure and use your credit card, then if you have trouble, then just call your card co. and dispute the charge, as a rule they will do a charge back.

  156. Save your money, not a good product. Can’t tightly close, water leaks in. Complicated to use and put together. Yolk tastes rubbery, white also has unusual texture and taste.

  157. I waited over 2 months for my Eggies and they came without the top half, now I will have to wait another 2 months for them to send them over is it worth it, I guess I might not ever find out!!

  158. First, all the pieces are a bit of a hassle. But I was willing to use these if they really worked well. After washing, oiling, and assembling, I began to put the eggs in. The yolks got stuck in the hole and the whites spilled out all over the counter. I wasted THREE eggs trying to get ONE into the hole. What a mess!! I guess you don’t use these with Extra-Large eggs? That’s all I buy. It doesn’t say anything about this anywhere in the instructions.

    ADDITIONALLY, I bought 2 sets and the shipping & handling was MORE THAN the cost of the 2 sets of eggs – a total of over $50!! For boiling eggs? I don’t think so.

  159. Please, please, please do not waste your money on this ridiculous piece of crap! I had to wait 7 weeks to get them and was so excited because they make it look great on TV. I actually cannot believe this is even allowed to be sold! I followed the instructions completely and all I got was half an egg shape and they are horrible to clean. I am hoping there is a way to get my money back. They also say on their website that you cannot buy it in stores which is not true. They are available at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Please don’t waste your time or money. It is so much easier to just peel the eggs yourself.

    • Thank you ladies, I believe if someone read these complaints they should not even think about ordering eggie . Save your money and buy 3 dozen of EB eggs and do it the old fashion way by hard.

  160. For any of you who think you just have to have these, you can get a set of 6 for $9.99 at The shipping is “FREE”, but there is a “handling charge” of $3.95 plus a $1.95 charge for “Priority service plus prompt free replacement for orders lost in transit”. The extra $1.95 charge is totally bogus, but the total cost is still cheaper than ordering from the TV ad, and you can order as many sets as you want without paying extra shipping charges. I have no intention of buying these but just happened to see them on the back cover of a catalog that came in today’s mail.

  161. these eggie cookers are the most worthless pieces of plastic I have ever seen. they are a complete ripoff and I feel more time consuming than just boiling an egg the old fashioned way. do not waste your time or lots of your money on these “10” dollar ripoffs.

  162. I am so sorry I didn’t read the reviews first. I hope others will not waste their time or money on this garbage. The maker of this product should have egg on his face. It is a good concept but a poor design. Is there somewhere that we can make an official complaint against this company. They should not exist.

    • I too should have read the reviews before buying…don’t really know how much use I will get out of them…will have to try them for a big party.,..LOL

  163. When I first saw the commercial I immediately took an interest, however I didn’t want to pay separate shipping and handling for two when I haven’t even tried one. I was able to find the product for $10.00 in a local store that carried “As Seen on TV” items. This is the worst piece of crap I have even invested money on. There are four parts to assemble with each Eggie. Then you have to oil the inside sections, assemble, and hope that it stays together. After placing in boiling water the egg whites began to leak through the edges. After 5 minutes the pot of boiling water begins to look like Meringue topping for a lemon pie. When done, I tried to salvage what was left of 6 eggs. The eggs looked lumpy and not presentable. After removing all eggs from the Eggie containers, the containers went from kitchen sink to TRASH CAN!!! This is so misleading and a BIG rip off…BIGTIME! Avoid this product like the plague. Don’t trow away your money.

  164. My order number 250173672. In the process of ordering the eggies, the $10.00 cost increased to $45.98. When I attempted to cancel the order, would not allow me to do it. Now I have received an e-mail confirming my order. I do not want this order. I have contacted my credit card Co. & told them not to pay for these eggies. Marilyn Jans Where is your phone number or your e-mail address so that I can cancel this item?

  165. hate this product. Do not waste your money. It takes more time use this than to do it the old fashion way. Too many pieces. I’m afraid to put it in the dishwasher because they are so small and will melt on the drying cycle. It doesn’t come with a container to keep all the pieces in. No matter how tight I screw the parts together water still get into the eggs. There is nothing, NOTHING, good about this product. It will be going back. I just hate I have to waste money for shipping and handling that I will not be getting back.


    • I will never understand why anyone would buy something and put it on a credit card without knowing how much they are being charged. Whose fault is that?

      • people have gotten so used to proper web etiquette, legit web sites have a confirm form at the end before you are actually charged, and most people do not realize that that screen may not appear.

  167. Eggies are AWFUL. Don’t waste your money. I bought them at a retailer and they are going back! You boil eggs to avoid frying them but you have to oil all 4 pieces to each eggie to use them and the eggs still stick. The cheap threads are easily cross threaded and eggs get everywhere making them hard to clean. They also open while boiling and water gets in the egg. Dishwasher safe?? I don’t think so…. too many small pieces. Just junk! Don’t get ripped off like me!

  168. EGGIES SUCK !! What a waste of $14 bucks ( I bought them at the “As Seen on TV” store at the mall). First off, each “Eggie” is made in four parts… which means a lot of clutter. Next the famed “non-stick” feature is crap. You have to coat them inside with oil, butter or cooking spray which then makes them “non-stick.”

    Then you start the assembly and loading process. First you put the top portion onto the bottom. Unfortunately, they are not a good fit and it is a struggle to get them to seat properly. Then you attach the “ring” that hods the two sections together. Next you remove the top cap and dump a raw egg into the “Eggie.”

    Unfortunately, the hole on top is pretty small and one out of every four yolks were too big to fit through the opening… causing a mess as the egg then ran down the outside of the “Eggie.” Next you put the “Eggies” into boiling water for about 15-minutes… and watch as about half of them let their contents leak out or let water seep in. Then you remove and open the “Eggies” and find distorted, messy hard boiled “uglies” (which would be a better name for this product) – not very appetizing at all.

    End result: after only one use… I THREW MY “EGGIES” INTO THE GARBAGE…what crap !! I then ordered a vintage electric egg cooker on eBay and have been happily hard boiling eggs ever since. END RESULT: Save your money! Hard boil your eggs in water or buy an electric egg cooker. “Eggies” are simply a poor man-made substitute for the Chicken’s original shell and they represent a lot of work, needless wasted effort and (ugh) they are a total waste of time and money ! EGGIES SUCK !!!

  169. What’s the big deal about boiling eggs for hard boiled eggs and peeling them….This eggie thing is about the dumbest thing I ever heard of…..won’t sucker me into buying it.

    • To Rose: The boiling part is easy. It’s the peeling that’s the problem. The last time I made hard-boiled eggs, most of the white part stuck to the shells, and I wound up with hard-boiled yolks. My eggs looked just like the ones in the BEFORE part of the commercial, but I’m not going to waste my money on this.

      • Just wanted to let you know why your eggs stuck to your shells. The problem is the eggs you used were too fresh. Unless the eggs are about 5 days old from the time you bring them home from the grocery or about 7-8 days old (if you live on a farm and have chickens, like I do), then that will happen every single time. But, if the eggs are at least 5 days old (when you get them from the grocery), then they will turn out perfectly every time.

        My grandmother taught me this little trick once when I served her mangled deviled eggs that looked like the cat got into them and clawed them up!

        Thanks for the tip about the eggies not working! Was going to get a set to give as a gift. So glad I checked here first!

        • Amaranthe is right about the eggs being too fresh. Another trick is to take a sewing needle (or any other kind of pin) and gently poke a tiny hole at one end of the egg. Just a pin prick through. No, the egg will not leak out of the tiny hole. But it will definitely help you peel the eggs when they are done. (This is a tip from Chef Jacques Pepin when he was visiting Julia Child’s show.)

          • True, if you poke a tiny hole they will not leak. Another important thing about this is that if you poke a tiny hole, they peel easier PLUS the yokes will turn out perfectly centered. That is wonderful when making deviled eggs.

  170. Geez…I watched my sister wrestle with the ‘Miracle Eggies’…I could have boiled a dozen eggs and had them chopped in less time than it took her to do 4, and dip most of the egg out of the water…then wash each of the items separately, because they do not come clean in the dishwasher. She was frustrated, and I was duly amused. She threw them away and boiled some more in a pot…and used our old method…works every time.

  171. Bought Eggies for $10 at a local drug store. Looked like a fun and easy way to make hard-boiled eggs. Unfortunately, it was neither fun or easy. As many have said before me, the internal pressure builds up while they’re boiling, so half of mine popped open, leaking egg into the water. They don’t float as depicted, so you get all sorts of shapes once they’re finished. Unusable for Deviled Eggs, and they don’t taste particularly great, either (I tried adding spices to them beforehand, which didn’t really work out well). Back to regular egg-boiling for me. Oh well, you got my money, Eggies.

  172. I got mine from bed bath and beyond. Have used them twice. Once for soft boiled and once for hard boiled. They both were perfect. Easy to clean and then use again. Never order from the web site for anything. They will always nail you on the postage. That’s how they make their money. The eggies are the only as seen on TV item that really worked well.

  173. I’ve seen the Eggies commercial several hundred times now on various tv stations for a good while now and each time it comes on I mute the television for several different reasons and those are as follows.

    1) When the infomercial starts there’s a lady that just mushes her hands into perfectly boiled eggs with the shells practically already peeled and she deliberately mashes into one with her fingers and all would know this if you have a freeze frame on your tv sets, or watch in slow motion if it were taped.

    2) I’m a 56 year old seasoned southern home-cooking expert, but there are those who’re or maybe starting out and aren’t seasoned cooks but anyone can go online to find out how to boil a perfectly good egg or eggs like the Betty Crocker website or any site on Yahoo or Google, etc…

    3) I wouldn’t buy this or any other cheaply made product on tv if they were the only items being sold in America!

    4) I keep asking myself why do good hard-working American’s always seems to fall for cheap scam items such as the eggies, the so-called miracle basket that flips and flops, and no seasoned cook would ever dare to pick up a 3-5 quart pot full of hot boiling water and move it to the sink without first turning the burner down first.

    I advised a young newly wed woman on that website because she wanted and needed information on how to obtain a good colander without being conned into buying something that wasn’t trying to scam good people out of their money, and I advised her to go to Walmart or a kitchen supply store and invest a good few dollars and buy herself a stainless steel colander with handles on the sides instead of one that flips and flops around, as well as it being plated stainless steel which comes off from the first or shortly after using.

    5) I do not buy, order, nor will I ever be scammed into buying something for practically nothing. P.T. Barnum said that a sucker is born every minute and that if a product looks and seems appealing to the public then they’ll beat a path to your door, so I don’t even bother ordering or even calling these sheep in wolves clothing because this is and what they all are. If these products actually worked well and they obviously do not, then why are these scammers selling their products for $10.00, $14.99, all the way up to $19.99, and why pay extra shipping and handling for two or more??? If the products works as well as they say they do and they do not then why are they so cheaply sold???

    6) People of America needs to wake up and stop falling for every scheme and scam that’s on and in the public eye before going online at home, the library, or at a friends house and see what the majority of them are saying about how well a particular product doesn’t work and then judge for yourselves weather to buy that product or not, but I always choose the latter and then I know first hand that my hard-earned money isn’t going down the drain… “GOD” Almighty gave man good common-sense eons before any schools ever popped up and somewhere along the line good educated people actually lacks the good common-sense “GOD” instilled in all of us, so please the next time you see an ad on tv, or in a magazine I ask you to go and check out the product/products for yourselves before buying the item/items!

    When I’m in the grocery store or buying clothes for my sons and I see a, “buy one and get one for free”, I don’t have to pay double tax on that item/items, so why should anyone have to pay double shipping for a product in order to get the second one free.!? “IT AIN’T FREE!!!” Believe me, “IT AIN’T FREE and NEVER WILL BE EITHER!!!” Good day to you all and “GOD” Bless!

    Jackie McPherson…

  174. Lot of infomercials are not what they claim BUT 7 Second Sparkle is amazing for cleaning your rings. This might be the invention of the year. Check out the website!

  175. DO NOT BUY THIS INFERIOR PRODUCT! IT IS A PIECE OF CRAP! If you put the Eggies in water up past the middle ring they float on their sides, not upright as shown in the commercial. Heat makes things expand. No matter how tight you turn the rings that hold the two halves together or screw in the top plug, when the water temp starts rising up to the boiling point, the the four pieces expand and allow water to seep inside and contaminate the egg. Whether you oil the inside or not, the water inside the Eggie causes the egg white to stick to the sides.

    Several of the six Eggies that I tried simply separated by the top half popping out of the locking ring which was supposed to hold the two halves together. I started out with a flat 10 inch pan half full of water and ended up with a mess that appeared to be a pan that had been filled with meringue floating on top of hot water. A taste test of the little bit that was salvageable showed the eggs to be hard and rubbery and with a horrible taste. I didn’t even bother to clean them up before I threw them into the trash.

    SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! Cook your eggs the old fashioned way and you will be much happier than buying and trying to use this ridiculous product.

  176. my only complaint is they advertise the cases are non-stick but only because once you buy them you get the little piece of paper inside the box that reads IMPORTANT – you must add oil or cooking spray everytime you use it.

    This is BS. Don’t advertise its a non stick product if you have to do the work to make it non stick.

    It seems to me this doesn’t really save time. It just moves the peeling time to the prep time.

    I don’t seem to be going from cooking to eating hard boiled eggs any faster using eggies than cooking them the traditional way.

    • Reading all these reviews is very helpful. I won’t be buying them online but possibly at BB&Beyond. just to try the product. Their return policy is VERY consumer friendly.

      A few tips on shelling boiled eggs I’ve learned over the years:

      1st – Take a “push pin” (yes, like you would use on your bulletin board) and carefully pierce the top of the egg on the large end (being careful not to pierce the inside of egg). This has worked like a charm for me in preventing the whites from leaking or eggs exploding while boiling.

      2nd- to avoid the hard, rubbery core, boil 10 min. on high (for large eggs). Take one out (to test), run under stream of cold water while peeling (so you don’t burn your hands). Make SURE to get the membrane peeled as well. Test the 1st egg and if cooked accordingly, peel the rest as quickly as possible to avoid the membrane adhering back to the shell.

      3rd- Put a wet paper towel over sink drain to catch the shells.

      Hope this is helpful to you all.

      CHEF BASKET (as see on TV): I tried ordering 2 of these online and was told it was back-ordered 2 months. Don’t know yet if they charged my cc. Ended up buying just 1 at Walmart. GREAT product, but you DO need to ensure the handles aren’t over the burner, especially w/gas burner. Get it but don’t buy online.

      • Great post! Just want to add one more tip……always make sure the eggs you are using are at least 5 days old from the grocery or 7-8 days old if you live on a farm and raise chickens. When eggs are too fresh, they always stick to the shell when you try to peel them. (Thats why they look like the cat got in them and clawed them up.) But if you use older eggs, then they always turn out beautifully. My Grandmother (a marvelous cook), gave me this tip years ago and I have followed her advice ever since then and my boiled eggs always turn out perfectly.

  177. I received my Eggies a few days ago and had read numerous complaints after I ordered but was hoping to make them work for me because I think they are a really neat idea. First of all…yes, you do need to be careful when you place your order…read…and go slowly or you may get more than you actually want in your order along with much more $$ than you wanted to spend. Total for one order should be just under $26 shipping included. This will get you 12 Eggies plus 2 egg slicers. Next…I read the instructions CAREFULLY and noticed there was a warning on the back side about Eggies producing steam.

    THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! When making any hard boiled eggs…the eggs should NOT be fresh. I left mine out about an hour prior to cooking. I don’t know if that made any difference though. I followed the instructions with one change. It made sense to me that if there was a condensation of hot steam I would rather it release from the top rather than the sides of the Eggie therefore I did not screw the lid on tightly….tight enough to hold but still loose enough to release some of the pressure.

    Please be sure that the remaining connecting parts are assembled tightly. Oh, I also reduced to a medium boil once started and increased the boil time by about 2 minutes for the large eggs. I also found that even with oiling lightly…when it came time to release the eggs from the Eggie I needed just a bit of help to dislodge the edges with a small plastic implement. I didn’t want to use anything sharp. Final Note: Yes, I am satisfied with my purchase based on my first experience using the Eggies and hope to use them often!

    • What instructions? The only instructions in the entire box was the instruction on each of the 2 plastic bags containing six unassembled directing the user to make sure that the inside of each Eggie was coated with non stick spray or cooking oil.

      That was the only instruction in the set I received.

      • I didn’t receive any instructions either except for oiling info. I FINALLY got them the other day and my gut feeling was to send them back. After reading all these reviews and looking at the contents of my delivery that is exactly what I’m going to do. Plus, I was conned into buying some extra stuff and my bill jumped to $90. I’ll never make this mistake EVER again :<

  178. I just posted a review and I am so sorry I did! I had the eggies put together wrong! So , just look at the diagram that comes with it and be sure and put it together right side up and all will be OK. Hope you give it a try, my eggs turned out just fine the second time, because my husband showed me how to put it together right!

  179. Total misleading ripoff! I placed 6 filled Eggies directly on the stove burners so they would heat faster than in water. After one minute two of them detonated with a force powerful enough to blow the cat across the kitchen and out onto the patio. The poor little guy looked like a scrambled kitty! I’m returning the Eggies as soon as I get out of the hospital where I’m being treated for yolk burns!

    • Wow…..if you want to boil pasta, would you put it in some Tupperware on the burner directly to heat it faster? How does this make any sense at all? Since when has putting any food item directly on the burner cooked it faster without burning it, much less causing it to explode?

    • You put them directly on the stove burners? Really? Who does that? OMG! You shouldn’t even been allowed in the kitchen if that seemed like a good idea! Surprised you haven’t burned down a couple houses by now! DUHHHH!!!

      • Seems like some folks need to buy new batteries for their sarcasm detectors. “Scrambled” kitty, “yolk” burns…LOL.

  180. Eggies. a scam as most everything in TV infomercials is. Exorbitant cost for shipping (more than the cost of eggies) and you must take the second “gift of eggies” just for paying S & H. If you order online, there is no page to review your order. Once you click you are done and ready for a fork will be stuck in you. And last of all when you open the “Just $9.95 package” you paid $27 for, you will kick yourself in the rear for being such a dope. Go ahead. Fall for this stupid scam.

  181. Terrible product, would not seal correctly and egg whites spilled out into pan while cooking. DO NOT BUY!! WASTE OF MONEY!!

  182. I received my eggies two months after ordering due to back orders. It was a spontaneous purchase, I was taken in by the TV ad. It looked like a fun product, and I love kitchen gadgets and I don’t like peeling hard boiled eggs. I’ve purchased a lot of kitchen gadgets over the years, some worked and some didn’t.

    Bottom line Eggies work, but not without more work that peeling the egg out of the shell. Where they excel is when you can add stuff to the egg before boiling. I did an experiment with them, I made two regular hard boiled eggs, one just whites, one just yokes, one scrambled plain and one scrambled with cheese and spices. I followed the direction exactly. Here are my results.

    The two regular hard boiled eggs came out fine, although they did stick to the eggies and needed a little help to release. The instructions said to oil the inside which I did, which makes handling them a little slippery, but they stuck anyway, I used a knife to scrape around the edge of the egg and it popped out. The white only egg needed more time to cook that the instructions said, I wound up cooking them a full 15 minutes. The all yoke egg popped open while cooking, I may have filled the Eggie too much.

    The scrambled eggs both with and without added ingredients came out very good. This is how I will use my eggies. One suggestion, crack the egg into a measuring cup with a spout, then pour the egg into the Eggie. It’s difficult to get the whole egg in the little hole in the top straight from the shell. The spout makes pouring the egg easier. Scrambling and adding other ingredients is easier to do in a cup too.

    Like most gadgets I purchase I’ll use them a lot at first, then they’ll be put away and I’ll take them out occasionally. So it looks like my family will be eating a lot of eggs in the next few week while I play with my Eggies.

    • This Eggies company is a total rip off. It took forever for them to ship. They NEVER respond to you inquiry. Ordering process is a nightmare. I haven’t received them yet but am regretting ever ordering them after reading all these reviews. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH COMPANY. Purchase from a store if you must but stay away from this on line ordering. Really bad news.

      • I wish I had read what Terry said before I ordered. I waited 2 months for delivery, and the shipping was $15.00 for a package that weighed about 1 pound. Product did not work, pieces fit poorly together, and the eggs leaked into the pan, causing foam, and not very much of the egg left in the “eggie”. The eggs that did come out that were cooked were an odd size and not very conducive to serve for entertaining. I just wanted to throw them in the trash, but I have to find out how to get my money back! The work it takes to coat each top and bottom with oil by using paper towel far exceeds the time it takes to peel a dozen eggs

    • How did you do the scrambled eggs? I have the larger Eggies for this, but no directions for scrambling, how much and how to cook.

  183. I for one love my set of Eggies, though I did buy them at my local Bed, Bath and Beyond so no shipping or billing issues plus I figured if they didn’t work they would be easier to return instead of taking up a spot on my shelf forever.
    The first time we used them we realized we were out of spray oil which made it a bit of a hassle to grease the Eggies but we made it through, it’s a bit of a pain to crack the egg into the small hole at the top and being paranoid I double and triple check that they are tightened all the way.

    So far they work awesome, leave the top vented a bit so the lids don’t shoot off like a bottle rocket in your kitchen and then you don’t have to wrangle children while peeling eggs (my excuse for buying eggies).

    They ran through the dishwasher just fine and will be my staple for making hard boiled eggs.

  184. What a bunch of junk. Eggs spill out into the water and it looks horrid. A total waste of money. I’m getting disgusted with all the products on these infomercials.

  185. Hello. If you are considering doing business with this company to obtain the Eggies set/s, please reconsider. You can purchase Eggies locally at Walgreens in their, “as seen on tv” section. I also would not recommend that ANYONE conduct business with this company online or over the phone. In my opinion, ordering this product over the phone is much worse. At present, I have not received my order yet. However, I’ve already cancelled my debit/credit card, and I’ve filed a credit dispute against this company. $9.99 plus s/h $15 and change does not equal $131. This is the amount that was removed from my debit/credit card.

    Life will have some measure of balance or justice in it, in the event I get my money back. Sorry to those out their seeking a review of the product, as I have not received it in the mail yet. I’ve already decided not to open it, and mark it return to sender at the Post office the day I receive the package. Oh. I failed to comment on my phone experience.

    I did not reach the check out portion of the phone call because I hung up out of frustration. I was repeatedly asked (11 times) to purchase additional items. When I tired of being harassed, I just hung up. Unfortunately, I’d already given my credit card number out. Please do not do business with these guys. They are not fair in their business practices. Thanks.

  186. Very misleading!! Does not work as seen on TV. Followed directions exactly as stated, making sure each eggie was oiled and sealed and half way through the boiling , the top popped off each one spilling egg into the water. What a mess !!! This product is a joke. I wasted several eggs trying it out. Would return it, but you are not refunded the S and H charges, plus you have to pay for the return postage, so you wind up losing either way!! Should have read the reviews before I ordered this ridiculous product. Don’t waste your money!!

  187. I guess I had to try them out. Very disappointed in product. Had more egg white in pan because one didn’t seal well. I guess I will fill them with dog treats and let the dog ruin them for exercise. Glad I got them at BB&B with a coupon!!! Only out $8.50.

  188. glad I read these reviews…I definitely will not buy…as is true of most of these informational advertisements, its a joke, a rip off…but wait, we’ll double your order, etc…RIP OFF.

  189. Bought Eggies set at Bed Bath and Beyond. They go back tomorrow for refund. As soon as water heated up eggs began spewing out through threaded fittings. Didn’t bother to finish boiling since most of the eggs were in the water.

    • I plan to try these but reading these reviews have been somewhat entertaining.

      First, the tops WILL pop off if not vented. Enclosed structures WILL expand when heated and if bottled air does not have a place to go, what holds it back will explode.

      Second, the egg would not spill out the seams if it was cooked at lower heat. Don’t be in such a rush to cook the thing. In other words, what is the hurry?

      Third, take the egg out of the device BEFORE it cools – eggs WILL not stick to plastic while hot. Found that out this week when moving. We hadn’t brought the glass bowls over yet and had to microwave my eggs in plastic bowls. If I take it out of the bowl straight out of the microwave, it does not stick. Wait too long and I have to scrape it out.

      Will let you know if I change my mind on this product.



  191. Please, people. Eggies are just cheap imitations of egg coddlers. Egg coddlers are made of porcelain so they won’t float and the eggs come out perfectly cooked. I can’t believe the hype about this woman “inventing” the eggie when egg coddlers have been around for a century.

    • Yeah we are going to go out and pay $10 a piece for a porcelain Egg Coddler to do one egg at a time. Get real. And for all the chicken littles out there complaining about these being plastic, they are actually food-grade silicone. Practically every food you eat and cook has been in contact with actual plastic at some point. Your milk, your water, your meats. You’re cooking in Teflon-coated pans. Stainless steel is stainless because of deadly chromium. Aluminum and pesticides everywhere. You can not lead a life in the modern age without encountering toxicity. Get off your horses.

      • I went online to read reviews to see what I was doing wrong after following directions. My Eggies did leak a bit, but still came out delicious! I have egg coddles too, but these Eggies are much easier to clean. The directions in the enclosed package read: place Eggies in warm, not boiling water. The pressure from the boiling water is what causes the leaks, (and not securing the units tightly). The second time I used the Eggies, I brought the water to a slower boiling point, hence, kept the gas flame set to medium.

        The Eggies did not leak. Will try the suggestion of scrambled eggs with seasonings and/or cheese. As to the complaints about the TV AD Company, that company (Allstar Products) bought the rights to promote this and other products. With a little patience and Google, you can find other retailers. I bought my Eggies at Walgreens. Works for me No More Peeling!

  192. How to Hard Boil Fresh Eggs! Put eggs in pan of cold water and a dash of salt (about a half a teaspoon) and a teaspoon of white vinegar. Bring water to a boil when it starts to boil lower the heat to where it is just a low boil. let boil for Jumbo eggs let boil 13 min, Large 12 min, Large 11 min, Small 9 min. At the end of boil time immediately add cold water keep adding cold water until you can put your hand in the water then let pan sit so it can cool down after cool down put eggs on towel to dry after dry you can place them in fridge to cool down more. To peal tap both ends then roll in hand or on counter. Easy and works.

  193. I too believe the ad is mis-leading.

    Also, when you Google the product and open it, there is an inordinate hassle to leave the page. Questions like “are you sure you want to leave” and when you say yes it still won’t let you go.

    When buying on line, if you pick up the most subtle sign of questionable practice, take a pass.

    • I am in the process of cancelling my order. Before I could even get to the order confirmation, there were no less than 2 more offers, neither of which gave any info on the price. Then I was suddenly at the order confirmation page with no option to cancel. I had ordered a double set and when I saw the total I was really angry due to the price of Processing and Handling. When I received my email confirming the order, it indicated 2-6 weeks for delivery. Are you kidding me, I’m paying $31.96 for Processing and Handling and now I have to wait for 2 to 6 weeks. I could get something overnight for that. Then I spent a long time just trying to connect to Customer Service. When I finally got through, I was on hold for an extremely long time. Then, because it hadn’t been 4 hours, the guy couldn’t cancel my order. He told me to call back. Since I had a person to talk to, I tactfully unloaded all of the above concerns just in case the call was being recorded. I knew I should just wait until these showed up in the stores. Save your money!! Wait until they are in stores.

      • Carol…the exact thing happened to me today and since it is Sunday…no one was in the office to take my cancellation! My total should only have been $25.98. I clicked one offering that was $10.00 more….never gave the P/H charge…thought I’d see in “Checkout” what it would be and maybe cancel it then. It never gave me the chance…it went right on to Confirmation with over 3 times the amount that I had planned on spending!!! Having hubby to try to call during business hours tomorrow to cancel…probably will ship tonight and they will expect me to pay the $91.96 charge…well since it was with my debit card…guess they will get it!!! They certainly are thieves!!!

  194. Honestly, I don’t think any of you that say you were over charged actually paid attention to what you were clicking when you ordered if you ordered online, or either you wasn’t listening if you ordered on tv. because I just ordered 2 sets of the Eggies myself, and was charged $25.98 that’s 10 dollars for the one set plus $7.99 P&H and an additional $7.99 for the second set. I mean if you actually pay attention to what your doing, there’s no way you can be over charged, People have their reasons for needing things such as Eggies, not just because its new and they want it. People also come to these sites to read reviews on how they work, not to listen to you all complain because your not intelligent enough to pay attention when your ordering something, with that said, when I receive my order I will be back to say how they actually work.

    • True, people are on this site to read reviews about how the product works … but many(most) of us also want to hear reviews about how the customer treats it’s customers. I know there is a particular makeup product that I’ve read really is good, but I will not buy it because so many people have reviewed it to say that once you sign up you keep receiving items even after you cancel the plan … that is an important thing to review in addition to how the product works.

      And I do appreciate your review saying that you were charged correctly – even though that has nothing to do with how the product works. Thank you

      • OK, everybody, DON”T WASTE YOUR MONEY unless you don’t mind having a misshapen egg that might have some water seep into the container as they cook. If the eggs are intended to be chopped only, the Eggies presents a tedious method to produce them. The containers float on the water, even after the boiling begins, thus making them unevenly cooked. As tightly as I screwed on the holding ring and the top section, it still leaked contents and let water enter the container. When finished cooking, it is flat on top. Who wants a deviled egg flat on top and very heavily rounded on the bottom which would not permit it to stand unless one slivers off the bottom portion. If one were to cut it in half lengthwise, it still presents an unattractive edible because it is flat on each end of the two halves. The entire process took 30 minutes to cook three eggs this morning, with each one coming out a different shape and different density of each yolk. It is recommended that each container bottom and top half be wiped with oil or vegetable spray that is first applied to a paper towel. I used butter liberally, and still had one egg that stuck to top and bottom, with the top actually becoming separated from the bottom – like a large marble. I salted the raw egg, as suggested, and all the salt stayed collected on top so it was unevenly seasoned – Yuck. Thank goodness I purchased ours at a local grocery chain and will be able to return it with no hassle. If ANY of you have good luck with this useless gadget I would like to hear directly from you at my e-mail address. Since I have foolproof way of boiling eggs in an Oster electric cooker, that also serves as an egg poacher, and that lets the peeling slip right off in a jiffy, I will return to that method. If using fresh eggs, I let them set out for several hours before cooking. Osters can now only be found online at e-Bay, but reviews by Cooks Illustrated, the consumate cooks’ bible, the West Bend is excellent and even does better job of poaching.

        • Carol: I totally agree with your comment about the Eggies. The same issues happened to me. It was a hassle to close the containers and water does leak in with the egg. I had one egg yolk get stuck on the top and caused the egg white to spill over the outside. After that I used a small bowl to crack the egg before putting them in the Eggies. I will try to use one more time, but if I have the same problems, I will put in a yard sale. I purchased mine at a “As Seen on TV ” store in the mall. It cost $15.00, but from the reviews I have read, it was a deal compared to purchasing on line with the added S&H. I had an Oster egg cooker years ago and lost the lid during a move. I will try eBay and see if I can find the same model I had. I had another brand egg cooker, but did not like it. Got rid of that one in a yard sale. Thanks for your review! Yours was the only review I could find that actually reviewed the product instead of the problems with the purchase.

        • Thanks Carol and Kathy. Your reviews were exactly (or should I say eggzatly) what I was looking for. I won’t order based on actual facts about how the product performed. And to those talking about egg coddlers, they are perfect for soft boiled eggs but if you want deviled eggs, the coddled eggs just come out in the wrong shape.

          • Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Girls for the reviews. Glad I didn’t waste my money at the store and especially online!! Another thing I read to peel a hard boiled egg easier was to wait a week. I do appreciate the tip to leave them out a few hours. I had used the cooling by running cold water in the pot before peeling. Oh well, it was a nice idea!!! I was hoping it was a hit..

          • The key to easy peeling eggs is to cool them quickly. I first cool them by running cold water over them until the pan and water is cool. Leave the eggs partially covered with the cool water then cover the eggs with ice. Let stand 5-10 minutes. Works everytime!

            I came close to ordering these, glad I didn’t!

    • Well Brittany, we did pay attention, and no where did it say that there was $32 shipping and handling. It sounds like you might not be paying attention to the reviews. The total for the product + shipping wasn’t $25.98, shipping/handling ALONE was $32. Complete rip off and no where was that indicated on the web site.

    • I am intelligent enough to not say ‘either you WEREN’T listening’. And I am intelligent enough to know that if they say you are getting a FREE second set, it shouldn’t cost $7.99 for the second set. If the $7.99 for the second set is for the P&H, then that is absolutely a rip off.

  195. I’m sorry to be a downer but I don’t like this company that sells these on tv. They are true con artist ( I ran a check on them,, not very reputable) and try to charge your card more money when I only wanted one… I canceled my cc transaction, and was able to get my money back… Carol Wright has these and they are $9.99 for six. Why should I fork out $31.98 which is total stupid to rip me off when I can buy the same thing cheaper? My neighbor got an Eggie and the plastic warped in the water! So it’s not worth purchasing on line.

  196. I have to wonder how healthy these things are? Are they made of some type of plastic? You’re not supposed to cook things in plastic because the chemicals may leach into the food & are carcinogenic. I think I’ll stick to boiling the eggs the old fashioned way.

    • As an RN I would have to highly agree with you.. I don’t feel right about this product.. the saying is, “If it looks too good to be true, then it is.” I wanted to order this, but after reading your post, it got me to think no way in hell will I order this…I need a lot of answers to my questions before I make a decision tho… and pretty much, I think you answered it. Thanks.

      • Rob…You are welcome! I think you’re wise not to buy this product. It makes sense to me that cooking in plastic would not be good for your heath. We are overwhelmed with enough chemicals in our daily lives. I heard recently that newborn infants are born with over 200 chemicals in them due to environmental exposure. That’s so sad. People who use air fresheners are poisoning the air in their homes. Pesticides are very scary as well. We are inundated with enough toxins as it is so my husband & I try to avoid toxins whenever possible.

  197. I agree with Victoria. I came here to see whether they work. I love egg salad sandwiches and this might simplify making egg salad. All these comments on ordering/pricing and no one has said they used them and how well they work.

    One person seemed to be guessing they wouldn’t work.

    Come on people some performance reviews.

    • Angel –
      what are you basing your statement on? Have you tried them, or are you guessing? Saying “I think they don’t work at all.” isn’t a very helpful review if there’s no back-up information…

  198. I just ordered one set of Eggies and got the second set free. However the postage and handling was $31.96. I’m no math whiz, but $7.99 plus $7.99 is $15.98 not $31.98. Now I have to wait til tomorrow to cancel the entire thing. There is no place on the website that tells you the total price of your shipment until after you have placed the order. That in itself should have been a warning. I am hoping not to have too much trouble in canceling this.

    Thanks to everyone who posted for recommending Bed, Bath and Beyond. I’ll try there and have NO shipping and handling. Seriously, what kind of a website doesn’t give you the opportunity to review your order before you place it?

    • Check the “As Seen on TV” area at your Walmart store. No postage…of course you don’t get the freebie set.

      • I just canceled the order. It did not tell me the total cost until after ordering. I hope it will be cancel. I will stay with the old way.

  199. Bring water to a boil. Boil for 13 minutes. Immediately soak in cold water. Shells come right off. I am waiting too till these come out in stores. Seems like a great idea, especially with those who have handicaps. If it works, I will probably make potato salad and egg salad more often.

    • I prefer soft-boiled, and boil extra-large eggs for 6 minutes, then immediately put them in ice water. Then I crush the peel and USUALLY they peel just beautifully … but every so often I get one (I think it’s those that are fresher) where the little skin between the shell and white part of the egg just will not come up and I waste a lot of the white … it’s very irritating.

  200. If you were charged 47 dollars you might have opted for the deluxe Eggies set. When you order, they ask you two times if you would like additional sets. The first times, you are asked if you would like to order additional (regular eggies) for 7 dollars each (I think). Then you are asked if you want to upgrade to the deluxe set (larger eggies for omelets or scrambled eggs). You may have pushed the wrong buttons (instead of pressing -no thanks- you may have pressed -yes, please-).

    Also the other person who said they were charged double shipping — that is stated on the commercial. However, I hope you will be able to cancel your order.

    • It’s not just double shipping that you’re charged, its double shipping + handling…and they do NOT tell you that on the commercial or on the web. $32 shipping and handling is what they charge for 1 set plus the free set. Complete fraudulent advertising…but that’s what you have to watch for on most of the infomercials. Easy to cancel the order on the web though…the next day.

  201. OK – Do any of you commentors (more/less critics) HAVE ANY CHICKENS IN YOUR BACK YARD? FRESH eggs are VERY hard to peel. This product IS GREAT for…”Us CHicken Family’s”, those who have Back Yard Chickens. “Not hard to peel eggs, HUH? Try peeling fresh yard eggs…NOT EASY…SOOOO, YOUR TRICKS, PLEASE!

    I hear you all on the shipping scam…But, I am buying them!!! Buying 1 set that is and payin 1 shipping charge…Thanks for all your input.


    • I was interested in Eggies because I try to get fresh chicken eggs as often as possible, and they are a bitch to peel. I end up cutting my fingers doing it. NOT with regular store eggs, they peel easily enough. I wish there was more feedback on weather they work or not.

    • I too, have backyard chickens. fresh eggs are a pain to peel but I found a trick in a poultry magazine that works well. Bring your water to a boil before taking eggs from fridge and place cold eggs into the boiling water. I cook mine about fifteen minutes then immediately run cold water over them. They peel much better.

    • I’ve had laying hens for years and peeling the eggs are not that hard at all, I make up to 180 pickled eggs every 6 months. You have to boil the water, add 1/4 cup of salt. Add ROOM TEMP eggs just before the water begins to boil … after 10 minutes remove eggs, tap to crack the large end of the eggs and drop in very cold water. You’ll see how much easier this makes removing the shells.

      • I would love to have your recipe for pickled eggs. I’ve been looking for some time. Thanks for your help

    • I just tried out the eggie this morning. I had bought mine at a mall kitchen store for $9.99 so no shipping costs. Now for how well I found them to work. The threading on the plastic was a little difficult but after a few rough starts they went together easier. I then followed the directions and oiled the inside with non stick spray. I have a small flock of hens so I used this mornings eggs! While I did have trouble getting the eggs in at first, I did work out a system. Then I followed cooking instructions. After cooling in cold water I opened each one and they easily slipped out of the eggie. So, what did I think. The prep for cooking did take a bit of time but the time saved in peeling was so worth it. And because all my eggs are super fresh, the eggie is definitely worth it. And now that I have used it once I should be able to cut down the prep time!

    • Just make sure you grease that coffee cup first! You would need a pretty big pot though to boil up 6 coffee cups. But the idea should work.

  202. Please people, why do some of you feel so superior? Some people have problems using their hands because of Arthritis. If you don’t want to use them don’t, it is just that simple. I am so tired of people who think everyone should live their lives like they do. I don’t see anyone forcing you to use them.

  203. NOT ONE PERSON ACTUALLY ANSWERED IF EGGIES WORKED. Just a bunch of people complaining about charges and not being green! Wasted space.

    • There are a lot of fraudulent companies out there, so it’s not at all a waste of space for people to report that they were overcharged when ordering online … that’s exactly what I came to the review site to find out. It’s worth it to me to spend $10 (they’re offering free shipping and free second set now) even if the things don’t work … but it won’t be worth it to me if the company charges me for a bunch of stuff I didn’t order and makes it impossible to get my money back.

    • Victoria, it they work but dont expect to use them go deciles eggs as they come out looking like one big egg cut in half crosswise not lengthwise which. No way will it sit up straight. My understanding was it had a flat bottom but it doesn’t. Fortunately I purchased mine at Bed,Bath,and Beyond so am out only $10. I certainly wouldn’t recommend this to anyone!

  204. You do not have to buy these in sets of two Carol Wright sells them for $9.99 for one set of 6. I got a set for my mother who has trouble doing anything with her hands after a stroke and she just loves them. Guess there are uncaring people out there that do not realize how hard it is for some people to do simple things with there hands. Like peel an egg… Shame on you.

    • Thank you Tammy… I’m going to go to Carol Wright on line to order.. I don’t feel safe with this product that sells on TV….it’s a rip off for sure. I’m not paying $31.98 for shipping!

    • Thanks for the tip I went to Carol Wrights and got it for 14.89 shipping was free (SAVECW) and it will take less than 6 weeks!

  205. What a scam and how stupid to try to force you to pay double S&H! When I found out this was required, I didn’t order it. I’m single and 6 would have been more than plenty. Who needs 12 of them?! Well, I’m glad to hear they’re losing a lot of business by trying to force the two sets. It’s really stupid. Will just peel my own. Thanks for the advice above.

  206. Just a comment to all the people calling names (idiot, dork etc…). It is really uncalled for. I started looking at Eggies for my mother who loves hard-boiled eggs but has very bad arthritis. Peeling an egg is very painful for her. That being said, I’ll wait until I get to the mall with the “As Seen on TV” store to look for these.

  207. I’m like MC I will wait until these are in the stores to buy. I’m not an idiot that can’t shell eggs, I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and it is very difficult for me. I love to cook and just eat boiled eggs. If these work like they say, then they will be a god send for me.

  208. OK, I agree that peeling an egg isn’t all that difficult, but no one addresses the issue of using these things for cooking just egg whites. My diet allows me all the egg whites I want, but no yolks. These things look like a great idea to cook up a dozen eggs all at once and not have the carton of liquid sitting around going bad. What do you think?

    • Haven’t gotten mine yet, but I thought the commercial showed using the liquid eggs, so why not use real egg whites? should work!

  209. I do not but anything online anymore for exactly those reasons. The as seen on tv products are usually for sale at Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond etc if only you are patient. The best part about buying it from them, other than the no shipping and no surprises, is that if it doesn’t work you can return it with no hassles and no s/h. I already checked stores for this item and it was not there yet so I was going to wait but I am excited to try the suggestions on here and will may be save myself some money. Thanks for the suggestions.

  210. Don’t do it. The system is all automated and I only wanted one set and they billed me for two sets — granted one was free but the shipping was doubled. But I didn’t find that out until I got to the last page and by that time the order was placed. Then when I tried to call them, I found out that the lines are only manned from 8:30am to 10pm Monday thru Friday. I’m calling Monday to cancel. There’s no way to do it by e-mail or automatically.

    • I too ordered Eggies. Then when I saw they charge double shipping I simply cancelled them. No need to call anyone as there is a place there for you to cancel the order.

  211. I’m with all of you….”just pay another Postage and Handling.” First of all, these things are worth $.50 each as it is, but inventive nonetheless. But the extra for postage and handling. You’d think that some dumbass can come up with the idea to cap the shipping costs and try to sell more Eggies to just throw another set into the same box with the first set.

  212. I am a cooking moron but after reading these reviews I tried the ice water after, the salt water in the water and peeling from the small end of the egg and it worked perfectly! Thank you so much other reviewers!

    • I have also found if you roll them between your hands with gentle pressure right before peeling them the shell slides right off.

  213. Thanks for all the comments folks – the Eggie folks are back (they seem to target in waves), and the honesty about these operations is awesome!

    Agree that not that hard to make a hard-boiled egg yourself (btw, in addition to salt, a little vinegar helps too). And if you truly find it beyond your cooking abilities, most grocery stores these day have peeled eggs available in their deli section……..more expensive than doing yourself, but far cheaper than shipping and processing with folks like these.

    • Hate to sound like an idiot — but at what point in cooking process do you put in salt and/or vinegar? THANKS

    • Nobody said that cooking a boiled egg is beyond their cooking abilities, and you are incredibly rude to suggest that … many people have arthritis and find that *peeling* an egg is difficult for them.

  214. Yep – typical TV scam. I only wanted one set of Eggies – filled out the page and then went to the next page which was blank – had to fill out all the info again only problem I was ordering another set. Dishonest people – I’ll just cancel the CC transaction. I am so tired of these dishonest people.

  215. I can’t imagine why anyone would risk adding more plastic chemicals to their lives and to our environment to avoid simply peeling eggs!

    Boil your eggs the regular way and then place in ice water as soon as they are done. Leave for 10 minutes. Crack the egg at the ‘small’ end and peel slips right off. To keep it mess free and earth friendly, peel on a piece of wax paper. When done roll up the wax paper and place it in your composter or waste recycler (green cart)

    When you’re finished the whole thing was free and there is nothing to clean up, saving you a lot of time.

    • I am not an idiot. I raise fresh farm eggs. They are impossible to peel when fresh. You don’t have to worry about that, because the eggs you buy are weeks old, therefore, easy to peel..

      • I also raise farm fresh eggs as well as grow many of my own herbs and vegetables (as well as work full time AND taking college classes as well). They can be VERY hard to peel. I think the chickens plot against me sometimes. The people who jump in and call other folks idiots are probably texting and painting their nails while driving to the grocery store to purchase their weeks old eggs and don’t recycle anything to boot. Selfish and self-centered, they make their anonymous posts and call people names without ever thinking there are many circumstances that disallow others the ability to perform simple tasks. Why don’t you give me a call from the handicapped bathroom stall, which you probably use all the time as well even though you are probably completely whole and able. Selfish nasty human being that you are. Shame on you.

      • To Nel and Mary: I hard-boiled some eggs that I bought at Aldi and could NOT get the shells off even though they were several weeks old. They certainly weren’t fresh, and who knows when they were laid.

    • April, while you are labeling people idiots who can’t peel and egg, I will accept an apology as I am a U.S. Marine who lost his left hand defending uncaring, insensitive folks like you.

      • Then WTH are you doing posting a review for product you don’t intend to use? For your info: some people have issues that prevent them peeling eggs. I think products like this are a fantastic idea and love mine.

      • I would like to thank you for your service to this country. There are many, many of us who appreciate the sacrifices that are made on our behalf. And if you want an Eggies, you should have an Eggies!! People like April are a dime a dozen unfortunately.

    • April, you apparently do not have arthritis. My mother does, and peeling eggs is extremely difficult for her. How incredibly insensitive and rude of you to call her an idiot!!!

  216. I’ve always loved hard boiled eggs, especially when I’m on a low carb diet. Just because it contains a lot of protein, as well as fill me up. It took me a while though to learn how to boil them the perfect way 🙂

  217. I don’t want to pay for shipping for an extra set. I don’t want or need an extra set. This is an “All” automated system. If you have a question you are out of luck. I don ‘t want to pay $26…Just because.

    Sure many will want two sets but believe me it will cost about $4 to ship and not $16. They are scamming you for something that you don’t need. Extra. They are forcing you to pay for the extra shipping because that is the only way they offer it is with a free set.

    • Just to let everyone know. The shipping is not as big a scam as everybody claims. They are $9.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond, two sets, plus $5 shipping is $25.97.

      Two sets from the eggies website are $10 + $7.99 shipping + $7.99 shipping is $25.98. You save a whole penny going to Bed, Bath and Beyond. It is a whole penny though, so if that’s your bag, have at it.

  218. OK – if you put a pinch of salt in with your hard boiled eggs, the shells slide off. This is more trouble than it’s worth. Plus it’s plastic so who knows what toxins may be released after several uses after the plastic breaks down. Otherwise, they’re great for dorks that cannot peel an egg.

    • Chris, who does not understand that people with disabilities may not have as easy of a time doing so-called “simple” tasks as you?

    • B/c you cannot peel hard boiled eggs does not mean you are a dork!!!!People with rheumatoid arthritis would love to peel a hard-boiled egg people that are limited in use of there hands or fingers would love to be in your shoes and be able to do anything—before speaking so harshly about something so sensitive to other people that aren’t dorks think about it OK!! everyone is not as gifted or smart as you I guess…feel sorry for you not the ones who can’t peel an egg.

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