Eggies 2 Review

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What is Eggies 2

As per the infomercial it is the fastest and easiest way to cook hard-boiled eggs. It does this without the need of having the shells on which otherwise takes the longest to peel off.


Boil eggs with ease

Eggies 2 guarantees to be the easiest and fastest way in which you can boil eggs without the usual fuss. However, it is extremely difficult to believe all the claims made by Eggies 2 at this point of time due to lack of user reviews. Eggies 2 assures that anyone who loves having boiled eggs will love the way it helps in boiling them. At this point of time there are no Eggies 2 reviews available to substantiate its claims. The benefits of consuming boiled eggs are numerous. But many people shy away from it due to the nightmare of peeling the shells. Eggies 2 promises to take that problem of peeling out of the equation. Does Eggies 2 really work the way it promises to? Send us your Eggies 2 reviews.

How does Eggies-2 work?

Eggies 2 claims to be very easy to use and can provide delicious boiled eggs in just minutes. Currently there are no Eggies 2 reviews available that will attest to its claims. Eggies 2 convinces to be simple due to its easy-to-follow three-step process. Firstly, one has to crack the egg into Eggies 2 and lock it for safety. Next step is to put Eggies 2 in a closed bowl of water to boil. Once done, it can be simply twisted open to get perfectly boiled, juicy eggs. This three-step process does sound very impressive; Eggies 2 reviews will further expose if that’s true. Eggies 2 maintains to be designed with a flat bottom. This way the shape of boiled egg remains similar to an egg on one side and is flat on the other to help place it and decorate well. Is Eggies 2 really this effective? Eggies 2 reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Eggies-2 Features

Eggies 2 proclaims to be safest and easiest way to boil eggs using its high-quality design. It has an improved locking two-piece design which is better than its own predecessor or any other similar tools. Such a comparison cannot be currently accepted due to lack of Eggies 2 reviews. Eggies 2 states that once it’s cooked one can easily twist it out and enjoy boiled egg as it slides out of it. The reason being the non-stick interior but it will be further analyzed once we receive user reviews. Eggies 2 asserts to be perfect to make a variety of boiled eggs since seasoning and other ingredients can be added while boiling it. In fact, Eggies 2 declares to even work with eggs that come in cartons. More shall be confirmed once Eggies 2 has been reviewed. Eggies 2 promises to be made out of safe and long-lasting material with easy-to-clean dishwasher safe feature. Eggies 2 does sound highly attractive for boiling eggs but shall be proved once Eggies 2 is reviewed.

What do I get?

You get Two sets of 6 Eggies 2 Egg Cookers and an 2 Egg Separator for only $14.99 plus $4.99 P&H .Official website

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