Egg Pops Review

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About Egg Pops

Egg Pops states to be microwave egg cooker that gives you perfect hardboiled eggs without the shell within a minute. It assures to save your time while boiling eggs since you do not have to boil or peel the eggs. Since Egg Pops cooks without the shell, it claims to let you add seasonings and ingredients to the eggs before you boil them. Egg Pops asserts that its non-stick interiors allow the egg to slide right out and the yolk piercer allows for even cooking.


How does it work

Boiling eggs has never been easier or time saving. Egg Pops maintains that you just need to crack the egg and pour it in the egg cooker. Then fill the double boiler chamber with water and toss Egg Pops in the microwave to get a perfectly boiled egg in less than a minute, as its manufacturers proclaim. Egg Pops declares that the secret is in the double micro boiler design that perfectly boils egg by using water to even distribute heat along with the built-in yolk piercer that cooks the egg evenly. Egg Pops convinces that it cooks the hardboiled egg just like on a stovetop.

Perfectly boiled eggs within a minute

Even if you want to have just one hardboiled egg it means spending a lot of time first boiling the egg and then peeling the shell off. And if you need to boil a bunch of eggs for the family, it means expending a lot more time and effort. But now the microwave egg cooker Egg Pops promises that you can get hardboiled egg under a minute so that you can just pop it right in your mouth out of the microwave without having to boil it or peel its shell off. Egg Pops emphasizes that it is extremely easy to use – you just need to crack the egg and pour it in the cooker, add water to the double boiler chamber, place the cooker in the microwave and in less than a minute you will have a perfect hardboiled egg. Egg Pops states that it has a double micro boiler design that uses water to even distribute the heat and boil the egg to perfection. Further, its inbuilt yolk-piercer cooks the egg evenly.

Perfect egg dishes every time

Egg Pops guarantees that you can add garnishing and other ingredients to the eggs before you cook since it boils the egg without the shell. It also promises to give you the ease to decorate the eggs because they cook flat on the bottom. Egg Pops promises that the egg will slide right out of the cooker due to its non-stick interiors. Whether the eggs are from a carton or healthy egg whites, Egg Pops alleges to work on them all. Egg Pops states to let you make endless egg dishes such as doubled eggs, fresh egg salad and sandwich, or decorating eggs on a chef salad and assures that it’s a breeze to clean since it is dishwasher safe.

What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Two sets of 6 Egg Pops Microwave Egg Cookers plus 2 Egg Separator for $10.00 plus $9.98 P&H.
  • Official website:
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