Edge of Glory Sharpener Review

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Do you have tons of dull knives in your kitchen that you can’t use anymore because they are not sharp? Here’s introducing the Edge of Glory, the incredible knife sharpener that you have ever seen.


Edge of Glory Sharpener
It’s so sharp and precise, it can sharpen just about any knife and make it cut like new. Simply slide the knife through the Edge of Glory and your knife turns sharp in just seconds. It’s that easy.

Edge of Glory features dual- hardened ceramic teeth to turn any dull knife to razor sharp instantly. It also comes with a suction cup base so it locks onto any smooth surface easily.

It can be used to sharpen chef’s knives, filet knives, pairing knives, peeling knives, and serrated knives.

With the Edge of Glory you can cut perfect slices of tomatoes, cucumber, pineapple, and more.
So now you don’t have to waste money buying new knives, simply order the Edge of Glory for just $10. When you place your order you will receive a complete 3 piece knife set which you can use to cut, peel, dice or filet just about anything.



What do I get?
• 2 Edge of Glorys
• 2 Knife Sets
Price: $10.00 + $13.98 shipping and handling. Official website www.GetEdgeOfGlory.com


Edge of Glory Sharpener Video


21 thoughts on “Edge of Glory Sharpener Review

  1. I got my Knife of Glory through a mail-order mag as a second thought … just saw it in the mag and decided to add it to the order. So no problem with my order.

    The sharpener performed as advertised and as expected. In fact, I ended up using the sharpener on all my kitchen knives and simply wore the thing out on a hunting knife I had. I’m here, now, because I was looking for a place to order/buy a replacement sharpener.

  2. This is a low quality sharpener. BUT if you really want it without the TV scams…. Shop on Bead Bath And Beyond its at $10 in stock
    Also if you want the Aero Knife… Same deal at BB&B for $10.

  3. My question is why is the shipping more than the actual product price? That’s the kind of scam crap you get on eBay. That’s a major red flag for me. Thanks but no thanks. I will but this knife sharpener at a store beforeIi get ripped off for shipping….save your $$$ folks.

  4. My card was charged twice and I only received one.Each time I called I was told it should arrive in a few days. Don’t order from these scam artists. They were about to charge another one, but I was able to cancel it. $17.98 down the toilet, could have gotten 5 gallons of gas to get to work. This company sucks.

  5. I ordered 3 of the up graded EDGE OF GLORY sharpeners and was charged $20.98 + $20.98 and $16.98 for a total of $58.94. I did not receive the knives that were to come with the order, only half of them!!! When I called in about the problem all I got was a lot of lies and grief. The guy was a real smart ass and just kept repeating the same B.S.,(you got what you ordered). I am shipping the order back today but was told I would have to pay the shipping.These people are real SCAM ARTIST!!!!

  6. I bought this sharpener at Walgreens & as soon as I used it the handle broke when I tried to lock it onto the counter. I took it back & got my money back. It was just that easy. If you wait a little while you can buy it in a regular store & return it. Costs less & no mark-up or s&h.

    Also you can buy the same stuff on Amazon. With them you can see other options too that you might like better. I have ordered a lot from them & returned some stuff. Never had a problem with Amazon.

  7. I ordered the “Edge of Glory” Sharpener on the 9th.. Via the company’s website; telebrands.com. I RECEIVED my product 19 days later! Here’s the kicker; the company is in Pacoima, California – which is a 15 minute drive from where I had it shipped! Absolutely HORRIBLE regarding order/shipping time, and as it turns out, all the thing is is just one of those “V” shaped knife sharpeners with a little suction-cupped surface mount.

    The ONLY way this company or its product would be a GOOD experience for a consumer would be if 1.) you don’t want to get it for 3 weeks (or LONGER if you’re not in California) or 2.) you don’t have a standard kitchen utensil store locally – where you can BUY a standard knife sharpener EXACTLY like this one (minus the suction cup mount) for ALOT LESS.

    So, in a nut-shell, YES I’ll be sending this back, and NO I would NOT recommend this (or ANY) product from Telebrands.com (aka: “AS SEEN ON TV.COM). OH! And here’s another funny little tid-bit; if you do a search (on their site) for Edge, Glory, or Edge of Glory, you get ZERO RESULTS! Sad.

  8. I called to try to get the order advertised (many times by the way) on TV.

    You can’t get the deal they post! The deal on tv says two orders plus two extra sets of knives for $10.00! That deal is not available when you call.

    This is the 2nd and last time I will try to order anything from TV ads. The same thing happened to me once before. Luckily I did not provide my credit card this time.

  9. I went to place an order with your company and the computer made a mistake and I called and was told I could not order the Edge of Glory again from you on the computer. I think it was not very nice from your company just b cause the computer made a mistake not me.

    LeeAnn Hanse

  10. I ordered an Edge of Glory sharpener along with the bonus knife set. I was ordering from their website and as I added my order to the cart, I made sure I was getting the bonus deal. Two edge of glories and the double order of knifes for $10.00. This is not was I was charged or what I received. I was charge $6.99 which I thought was odd considering I was ordering the double set. When it finally arrived, it was missing many of the items! all we received was a 3 knife set. I didn’t really want the knives, it was just the bonus from the sharpener that I wanted and needed. Oh well. Live and learn that as seen on tv is a load of crap.

  11. I purchased an edge of glory knife sharpener on 2/27/2012, as of to date 3/14/2012 I have not received it or even received a confirmation that it was ordered, but my bank account has been charged for the item ordered.

  12. This is for all posters,

    THANK YOU!!!

    Had I not come to this website first I would have been in the same situation as the rest of you. I am very sorry for what you all went through, however I want to thank you for posting it on this website so that the rest of us can be forewarned.

    I also want to thank the website developers for providing this service. I have bookmarked this site and will refer to it before ever purchasing an item from a TV ad…. THANK YOU!!!

  13. I was very disappointed ordering this product, mostly because I didn’t get what I ordered. The first time they shipped me the bonus knives, but no sharpeners. When I called Telebrands they were quite polite to deal with, promising to send me the sharpeners at no extra cost. I just received what was supposed to be my sharpeners only to get more knives and no sharpeners again. After waiting on hold again I got told that they have no idea what’s happening, why they aren’t being delivered, and that all they can do is refund my money. Considering the fact that this was supposed to be a Christmas gift I can’t help but feel extremely upset (as will the recipient when they find out they aren’t getting the present they were expecting). I would have dealt with the fact that they inflated the price by $10 if I had actually received the product I requested. Right now I’m just feeling like a very unsatisfied customer.

  14. I’m interested in a good quality knife sharpener. The TV ad made the Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener look appealing. The ad said no Shipping Charges, is this for real? I don’t mind reasonable shipping charges, but I don’t want to be ripped off. Jack Ander said they inflated his order to $36.00, that’s a long way from the $10.00 originally advertised. hopefully Jack Ander is still around and can update his claim. (ken212@comcast.net)

  15. What a rip off this ordering process is. I have NEVER had an order go through before I was able to #1) Review the order, and #2) decide if the total charge was acceptable before I submitted the order.

    Now, I have to wait until tomorrow morning to contact this marketing group to cancel the first order which was NOT $10 plus $9.99 for the upgrade–it showed a total charge of $36! I didn’t notice that at the top of the form it already said “Thank you for your order.” I thought I was abandoning the order since I didn’t “submit” it! I’ve NEVER ordered anything on line that doesn’t offer you to review the order before submission.

    Having not noticed that my first order actually went through, I exited and went back in and placed an order “AS ADVERTISED.” That’s when I noticed the “Thank you for your order ” at the top of the page. I bet you really score with that trick.

    I will be calling tomorrow morning to have first order canceled and expect the answer will be “the orders have already been processed and cannot be canceled now.”

    What you’re doing in how you have designed your ordering process is reprehensible. You’re certainly not fooling me!

    • This process has become the norm for TV advertised products
      They have all become scammers with the upgrade gimick and shipping and handling charges.

      If you really want this stuff, wait a few weeks and it will be available for less on AS SEEN ON TV.COM

      • I am not ordering anything else from the tv just waiting for it to get to Walmart at a lot cheaper.

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