Dump cake Review

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What are Dump Cakes?

Dump Cakes are mistake proof dessert recipes that makes delightful homemade dishes in just minutes. The Dump Cakes recipes allows all you busy mums and dads – stay at home or working – to make your kids a delicious treat as often as you can because of the ease and simplicity Dump Cakes allows you.


How do Dump Cakes work?

Dump Cakes are mistake proof recipes and involve just two steps to churn out the most exciting and yummiest desserts all at home. The two steps involved are – Dump and Bake. Yes, it’s as simple as that. Sounds too good to be true? Go ahead and try Dump Cakes. No more spending hours together in the kitchen trying out complicated recipes that may or may not turn out perfect. With Dump Cakes claiming to be mistake proof, you can now rest easy after dumping the mix into the oven. Are you a working parent and feeling guilty about not being bale to make fancy dessert treats for your kids? Not to worry because that’s exactly what Dump Cakes will help you out with. With numerous cake mixes out there, Dump Cakes claims to be the easiest as it literally involves two steps of dumping the ingredients into the bowl and then baking it. Yummy home made desserts like sticky buns, chocolate cake with marshmallows and chocolate chips and fruit cake are now just two steps away. For example, a fruit cake canbe made the following way – dump in some fruits pour in the cake mix and add some soda to it. Next step is to put it in the oven and let it bake. Voila! You now have a soft, fluffy and perfectly yummy fruit cake made in no time.

Dump Cakes claims that all of its recipes are mistake proof thereby allowing even those of you lacking in baking skills to churn out perfectly good desserts. Craving your grandmother’s traditional recipe of sticky buns or your child hood favourite of chocolate cake? All you need to do is pick up that Dump Cakes mix and bake it. You’ve now got your favourite lip smacking desserts all ready in a matter of just a few minutes. The Dump Cakes also claims that it can shorten your prep time and cleaning up time compared to traditional home made recipes made from scratch. If that’s not an added bonus, then I don’t know what is. Hate cleaning up the mess after spending hours trying to make a perfect dessert? Egg shell scattered, number of bowls used for a number of different mixtures, a truck load of spoons and what not. Say good bye to all of that since the Dump Cakes will ensure that the only utensils you’ll end up cleaning is the one in which the dessert is made in. So you can now reduce all the time and effort spent in the kitchen and utilize that to enjoy the desserts along with the kids. With no reviews yet, the Dump Cakes may or may not live up to its tall claims. So go ahead and place an order yourself or wait for other customer reviews to make a decision.

What do I get?

You get Dump Cakes and Orgreenic 8 inch fry pan along with the companion booklet Dump Dinners for just $10.00 plus $17.98 S&H.Official website dumpcakeoffer.com

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