Dough Genie Review

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What is Dough Geni

As per the infomercial it is a ground breaking way of preparing dough, which is otherwise a tedious job. It ensures that the dough does not stick to it and no mess is created in the process.

Magic dough maker:

Dough Genie assures to be the number one idea that will change the way you will ever prepare dough. The question is, does Dough Genie really is this effective? Dough Genie reviews will expose the truth soon. Baking can be a lot of fun and one can try so many varied things with it. The only problem people face is preparing the dough. Dough Genie emphasizes that it eliminates the problems of adding a lot of flour and sticky dough. But can Dough Genie keep it from coming off and losing shape with rolling will be known to us once it has been reviewed. Dough Genie states to be a solution where there is no need to mess up the table with flour spread and flying all around. At this point of time there are no Dough Genie reviews available that will attest to its claims.

Ingenious design:

Dough Genie declares to be the brainchild of Cathy Mitchell who has provided many kitchen solutions before. Dough Genie convinces to be a dough making station which can be placed anywhere after slipping over its cover. The ease of Dough Genie is fascinating; more shall be revealed once users review it. Dough Genie states to spread the flour over it which makes it non-sticky. In fact, the flour stays intact even if it is flipped upside down. Currently there are no Dough Genie reviews that substantiate to its claims. Dough Genie proclaims to have linen fibers on the cover that traps the flour. Dough Genie emphasizes that this way it ensures the dough is non-sticky and easy to spread. Although we will know more once we analyse Dough Genie reviews. Dough Genie guarantees to be for all types of dough and with its 16 inch width it can easily help make a pizza for the whole family. Is Dough Genie really this great? Send us your reviews.

Prepare dough for everything:

Dough Genie alleges to be great for all types of baked food items because it can help make dough with ease. We will have to wait for people who have reviewed Dough Genie to believe upon its claims. Dough Genie can be used to prepare pizza base with ease and can be flipped into a pan. Pie makers can now flip the dough from Dough Genie into a bowl to start filling it up and bake with ease. One can even make designer cookies using Dough Genie as it does not stick when rolled off and maintains its fancy shape. Such mouth-watering dishes sure sound a way to give Dough Genie full points; user reviews will soon reveal the facts. Dough Genie guarantees to be easy to use, washable and reusable. All claims by Dough Genie will be confirmed once it is reviewed.

What Do I Get?

  • You get Dough Genie for $10+$4.95P&H.
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