Donut Express Review

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Practically everyone loves donuts and they have takers amongst people of all ages. If you want to make something at home for your loved ones and ensure that it goes down well with kids and elders too, then it has to be donuts. But you certainly don’t want to make donuts the regular way because they are fried and have a lot of fat. The same is true for those donuts that you get in stores and they often contain preservatives as well. If you want to make donuts at home the healthy way then you need Donut Express, which makes the task very easy for you as well.


Donut Express

This product will be your way of making all kinds of donuts; from powdered donuts to jelly donuts, glazed donuts and cream filled donuts without any difficulty. This stunning non stick bakeware is very easy to use and all you have to do is pour your favourite donut batter into the pre moulded tray. You can then place the tray in the oven and bake. You will have perfectly made donuts ready to eat. You can bring a smile to your kids’ faces with yummy chocolate donuts or make cinnamon donuts for grownups and have them eating out of your palms.

There are plenty of options with this product as the deluxe pan and the pastry injector will help you make filled donuts just like you’d want to. Have the fresh jelly donuts when you want or fill them with cream if you like and win brownie points for your skills. These donuts will be ideal when you want the family to sit together and enjoy a treat at tea time or you can make them for your kids’ next birthday party or sleepover with friends for that matter.

Using this product means less fat and grease in your donuts, which means less cholesterol and fewer calories to enjoy your donuts without a care in the world.


What do I get?

  • 1-Standard Donut Pan
  • 1-Standard size (for filled) donut Pan
  • 1-Mini size Donut Pan
  • Donut Express Pastry Injector
  • Seven Decorating Attachments
  • Quick, Low-Fat Recipe Booklet

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