DaVinci Pro Review

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What is DaVinci Pro:

It is a peeler, knife and a mandolin all rolled into one and promises to help you make your kitchen tasks a lot easier.
DaVinci Pro asserts that now you can peel vegetables and fruits with precision besides chopping meats and others items with equal ease. In spite of your love for cooking you often don’t want to get into the kitchen. That’s because the prepping tasks become the bane of your existence. They take ever so long and using the regular food processor is cumbersome. But what if you were told that you could do away with the inconvenience of bulky food processors while still being able to handle these tasks with professional precision? DaVinci Pro claims to be able to do just that for you and what’s more, you will be saved time on a regular basis as well.

DaVinci Pro is a peeler, knife and a mandolin for your kitchen tasks

Are you tired of having various tools for different tasks in the kitchen? DaVinci Pro maintains that now you can do away with them because you have a simple, all in one tool that will take care of all your responsibilities. DaVinci Pro emphasizes on the fact that it works well as a peeler when you want to add fruits to your breakfast or with vegetables. You can use it to peel corn on cob or to slice avocados for burgers if you want. It’s versatile and lets you make gluten free veggies from fresh produce, and slice meat too.


DaVinci Pro and different features it has

If you want to make thin slices out of fruits and vegetables then you can easily use DaVinci Pro to do the job for you, according to its claims. But that’s not all; you can simply flip the blade and it’s ready to give you thick slices of foods you have. It stresses on the fact that it is strong enough to be able to shave tree bark but delicate enough to peel a tomato. It also lets you make mess free meals as it attaches to bowls and you can slice right into them.

DaVinci Pro for convenience and efficiency

Do you want to impress your loved ones with your culinary skills or make veggies appealing to your kids? You can use the side decorator, which will make veggies fun. Its grip handles are safe and protect your hands at all times. DaVinci Pro is also compact and can be easily taken with you on a picnic so that you can use fresh produce to make delicious treats. Here is one tool that can do it all and save you time and money.


What Do I Get?

  • You’ll receive the DaVinci Pro & folding cutting board for $14.99 plus $11.98 S&H!
  • Official website: davincipro.com
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