D-Frost Wonder Review

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What is D-Frost Wonder?

It is a smart kitchen tool that thaws practically everything in a matter of minutes to make things easier for you, according to its claims. D-Frost Wonder maintains that thawing different types of food items in the kitchen has never been easier for you. In fact, it stresses that it can draw the cold out of anything frozen in a matter of minutes. That’s why D-Frost Wonder claims to be an indispensable kitchen tool for you. But whether that is really the case we will only know after going through D-Frost Wonder reviews closely.


How does the D-frost Wonder ACTUALLY work?

D-frost Wonder is made of a material that has a very high thermal conductivity constant, like copper. The higher a material’s thermal conductivity, the faster it can equalize its temperature with that of the surrounding material.

Things that touch each other want to be the same temperature. When you put an ice cube on a sheet of room temperature copper, they are very different temperatures but as soon as they touch, they want to be the same temperature, so heat transfer begins. Heat “flows” from the copper to the ice, increasing the temperature of the ice (melting it), and decreasing the temperature of the copper. Heat also flows throughout the copper itself, meaning that even the parts of the copper that are far away from the ice are losing heat.

With the copper losing heat, it quickly falls out of temperature equilibrium with the surrounding air but the air and copper also want to be the same temperature, and so heat from the air “flows” into the copper, bringing it back closer to room temperature, which in turn allows the copper to heat up the ice some more. All of these heat transfers happen simultaneously and continuously and as long as the air has some circulation, you can consider it to be an unlimited supply of room temperature heat.

The top of the copper plate is mostly flat, to increase the amount of surface area in contact with the ice. The bottom of the copper plate, however, is probably ribbed or finned, to increase the surface area with the surrounding air, but without creating more thickness!

The benefit of using a passive copper heat sink is that the temperature will never rise above room temperature!

Where does the defrosted liquid go, does the D-frost Wonder have a catch tray?
The D-frost Wonder does not have a catch tray. The liquid drips onto the surface the tray is sitting on.

D-Frost Wonder Review

Paula Fleming states in his review“D-Frost Wonder doesn’t thaw a frozen steak in a short amount of time as the advertising states. It may be faster, but not that much faster.”

Samantha Creek mentions in his D-Frost Wonder review“It is not for larger cuts of meat. Some users of the D-Frost Wonder have said that larger cuts of meat take a long time to thaw on the tray. It is advised to use smaller and thinner cuts of meat on the D Frost Wonder.”

Bertha Collins reveals in her review“D-Frost Wonder has size limitations. A few people have complained that the D-Frost Wonder trays are too small and do not hold many cuts of meat. Users should be mindful of the size limitations of the tray and plan ahead or be prepared to use two trays if they have several cuts of meat to defrost.”

Emma Stewart complains in her D-Frost Wonder review“The manufacturer does not provide the dimensions of the D-Frost Wonder tray. Based on consumer reviews, it may be on the small side. There is no mention of whether frozen non-meat products, including baked goods, fruit and vegetables, can be defrosted on the tray. It is also unclear whether frozen shellfish, such as lobster and shrimp, can be defrosted on the tray. The manufacturer does not state what sort of metal the D-Frost Wonder tray is made from. Some people with certain metal sensitivities should use caution.”

D-frost Wonder Questions and Answers

Can the meat be in a baggie?
It can but it slows down the defrosting process. It’s best if the meat makes direct contact with the tray.

Can you use the D-frost Wonder to cool down hot foods?
The D-frost Wonder is is not designed for that purpose. The D-frost Wonder is best used for defrosting frozen food quickly.

Can the D-frost Wonder be used to defrost baked goods and other non-meat food?
Yes, you can defrost anything on the D-frost Wonder. Just run very hot water over the plate in the sink and place your item on it.

Does the D-frost Wonder work with frozen fish?
The D-frost Wonder works with fish too. It would probably thaw fish quite fast.

Can you cut the meat on the board without damaging D-frost Wonder?
Cutting on D-frost Wonder will scratch D-frost Wonder.

D-Frost Wonder CLAIMS

Specially designed to thaw – The secret of D-Frost Wonder lies in its unique construction. It is made out of a special metal that draws the cold out of anything frozen in hardly any time. With D-Frost Wonder you won’t have to ever worry about food that you accidentally forgot to take out. Was that true in your experience? We would like to find out through your D-Frost Wonder reviews. D-Frost Wonder claims that it thaws everything, from thin fillets to thick steaks, frozen pork chops to frozen chicken as well. We will get our hands on D-Frost Wonder reviews to corroborate these claims.

Never accidentally cook in the microwave – Now since you can thaw food with D-Frost Wonder in a matter of minutes, you won’t have to worry about accidentally cooking meat or any food in the microwave. Another advantage of using this kitchen tool is that there are no batteries, wires or flames for you to deal with. Thus D-Frost Wonder is quite safe for use at home. It is also dishwasher safe for your overall convenience. Unfortunately we haven’t had enough D-Frost Wonder reviews to corroborate these claims. But we hope your reviews will give us more information about its uses.


What do I get?
You get Two D-Frost Wonder for just $14.99 plus $11.9 P&H. Official website DFrostWonder.ca

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