Cup Ups

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What is Cup Ups

A Coffee pods holder that neatly organizes 24 coffee and tea pods together to save space in your cabinet and countertop. Its pivoting arms let it hide right under the cabinet

Neatly organizes coffee pods

Cup Ups declares that it is the easiest way to store coffee pods neatly and have easy access to them while saving a lot of space in your kitchen cabinet and countertop. Our lives may have been made easy with coffee pods but we all dislike it when pods crowd the kitchen cabinet and countertops. The regular coffee pods holders available in the market also eat up space on the countertop or tables. But the Cup Ups claims to be the greatest way to store your coffee pods in a single convenient organizer without cluttering the kitchen.


Easy to attach and access design

As the makers of Cup Ups claim, you can easily attach the organizer under any cabinet by just peeling the self-adhesive backing off and attaching it without the need for hardware tools, nails, screws or any kind of cumbersome assembly. The grip of Cup Ups is alleged to be instant and firm and there is no risk of the organizer falling off. Cup Ups maintains that it can stay neatly concealed behind the lip of the cabinet so that it won’t waste a single inch of space in your kitchen and will make it look neat and tidy. It states to have a pivoting arm that can pull the organizer out of the underside of the cabinet and slid back after taking the coffee pod out so that the coffee pod is always easy to access and you do not have to fumble for it in the cabinet.


Ideal for small kitchens, offices and retirement spaces

Cup Ups alleges that it can hold 24 coffee pods as well as tea pods together so you can keep an assortment of different flavors of coffee and tea. Even if your kitchen cabinet does not have lips, Cup Ups alleges that you can attach it easily and flip it open making it ideal for small space kitchens or retirement spaces. It also claims to be great for offices even if they are smaller in size. Unlike regular pod holders, Cup Ups promises to be easy on the pocket and light enough to be carried if you are traveling out of town.


What Do I Get?

  • Buy 2 CUP UPS for just $10 plus $13.98 S&H.
  • Official website:
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