Cuisinart Precision Master REVIEW

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What is Cuisinart Precision Master? – It is a sophisticated mixer that functions with 12 different speeds for ‘precision mixing’ of ingredients for great results. Precision Mixing for Incredible Recipes – Cuisinart Precision Master guarantees to make the boring chore of cooking meals simple, quick and versatile courtesy host of exciting features it boasts of. The creators of Cuisinart Precision Master proclaim that its powerful 500-watt motor coupled with its 12 speeds whips up stunning results and help you carry out several cooking tasks effortlessly.



Power-packed Construction and features – Cuisinart Precision Master is made from die-cast metal which makes it a durable appliance you can count on. Further, the design of the Cuisinart Precision Master includes tilt-back head which allows you to perform tasks easily including getting easy access to its 5.5-quart mixing bowl. Cuisinart Precision Master also features a splash which shields your countertop from messiness. In addition to that, Cuisinart Precision Master is dishwasher safe, so you can clean it after making full use of it.

Comes with Scores of Accessories – The Cuisinart Precision Master package comes with chef’s whisk, dough hook, flat mixing paddle, splash guard with pour spout and instruction and recipe booklet. These add-ons create plenty of scope to whip up more and more recipes with Cuisinart Precision Master. In addition to that, a number of additional accessories like pasta roller and cutter, pasta extruder and meat grinder are also available with Cuisinart Precision Master for purchase so you can add new dimension to your cooking always.

Cuisinart Precision Master Questions & Answers

Q. Is Cuisinart Precision Master sent with regular mixing blades?
A. It comes with a Chef’ whisk, dough hook, flat mixing paddle and splash guard with pour spout (as seen the description images).

Q. Does Cuisinart Precision Master come with stuffing attachments or grinder attachments for sausages?
A. No, it does not come with attachments to make sausages.

Q. Does the paddle attachment of Cuisinart Precision Master reach the bottom of the bowl or should one turn off the mixer to scrap the bottom?
A. The paddle attachment does not reach the bottom of the bowl. It has to be switched off before scraping the bottom.

Q. Is the paddle of Cuisinart Precision Master adjustable so as to set it closer to the bottom of the bowl?
A. The paddle is not adjustable, but it is fixed close to the bottom of the bowl.

Q.Is Cuisinart Precision Master, a planetary mixer like Kitchen Aid?
A. Yes, it is.

Q.Is the bowl of Cuisinart Precision Master made of stainless steel?
A. Yes, the bowl of Cuisinart Precision Master is made of stainless steel.

Q. What is the voltage of Cuisinart Precision Master? Can it be used outside the U.S.?
A. The voltage of Cuisinart Precision Master is 120 V and is not recommended for non-USA residents.

Cuisinart Precision Master REVIEW

Marshall Barrett, a customer who purchased Cuisinart Precision Master complains in his review that this machine isn’t what it appears in ads. He says that Cuisinart Precision Master is constructed very poorly; its bowl came out of the attachment base once while in use. After that it worked normally for a few cycles but started collapsing again.

He says he’s not too surprised that Cuisinart Precision Master isn’t that good as he sensed it’s not strong enough to manage dough hook use. She says Cuisinart Precision Master doesn’t have sufficient power it should have to do its job justifiably. Besides, its attachments are too light and feel like plastic.


Cuisinart Precision Master is priced at $249.00 and is available at

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