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Be it any occasion cakes have their own special place in everyone’s heart and is the perfect way to make the occasion memorable. Create a Cake Pan is one easiest way of making such memorable occasions right at home with a range of designs. The issue with regular pans is that they are very boring in standard shapes of rectangle, square, circle, etc. but designer pans are quite a costly affair and one cannot afford to have a designer pan which provides only one design every time it is used. Also professional bakers bake specialized cakes but at an unbelievable high amount leaving no way but using the regular pans. But now you can spice up the cake shapes and mould it easily using Create a Cake.

How does Create a Cake Roll Work

The idea to create designer cakes which can take different forms without the need of purchasing multiple designer pans is the inspiration behind Create a Cake. A cake is always a unique addition to bright up any occasion be it a birthday, anniversary, kid’s party, a family event, weddings, etc. Create a Cake lets one design the cake into virtually any shape desired to suit and match up the occasion it is baked for. The amazing part about using Create a Cake is that any design that is wanted can be made by the user itself instead of compromising with the standard shapes cake pans come in.

Create a Cake is easy to shape up and once shaped the cake dough can be poured between it to fill in the shape. Once baked it can be simply removed away and simply disposed. This means there is no need to clean up like other pans would require but to just throw it in the dustbin. Every time an occasion turns up Create a Cake can be thus shaped into something new adding up to the wow factor from the crowd. To start with Create a Cake comes with many shape templates like princess dress, Halloween special, a dino friend for kids, heart shape etc to help owners get inspiration and become a cake artist overnight.



What do I get?
Get 2 Create A Cake Rolls for $9.99 + $13.90 P&H. Official website



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  1. Does it really work as shown on the TV?

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