Crazy 8 Slicer Review

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Cooking meals needs a lot of preparation and one of the most painstaking prep jobs is getting the slicing, dicing, grating process done. Manual slicing can take a lot of time and involves lot of physical stress to get one slice at a time. There are some slicers in the market which can make life easier in terms of handling but the time taken for slicing the vegetables will still largely remain the same. What if there was a way to get multiple slices off a vegetable in one slicing action itself? Well, Crazy 8 Slicer is just the product you need.


Crazy 8 Slicer
Crazy 8 Slicer is a handheld slicer that comes with a new age blade system that can cut 8 slices off a vegetable quickly and easily in one slicing action. This multiple slicing action helps food prep process to be a breeze. The design unlike any other products in the market consists of 4 bi-directional cutting blades which are aligned in a way that with one action of slicing a vegetable 4 slices will be prepared making it total 8 slices in back and forth motion. The blades are sharp enough to easily cut through any vegetables to get slices as perfect as a master chef.

Crazy 8 Slicer can be simply used for regular slices or can be used with vegetables placed in long ways for adding an exotic touch to the meal. It is the perfect kitchen companion and comes in a very compact size to fit easily in the kitchen. So whether it is slicing cucumbers, zucchini and tomatoes for salad dressing or getting perfect potato slices, Crazy 8 Slicer works perfectly well. It can be used to create thin slices of onions for preparing onion rings within matter of seconds which eliminates unnecessary tears while slicing them in conventional ways. Additionally it can be used to get deli-style Cole Slaw in no time.

Crazy 8 Slicer comes at a very less price than any other slicer in the market with its above advantages. Plus as a limited time offer a set of Julienne Blade and Grating Blade are provided at no extra cost.



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  1. Review Crazy 8 Slicer

    Does Crazy 8 Slicer provide 8 slices in one back and forth motion?

    Can onions and tomatoes be easily slices using it?

    Is the slicer compact enough to fit anywhere in the kitchen?

    Does the slicing process happen in seconds with a master chef like finish to them?

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