Corner Colander

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What is Corner Colander – A strainer that eliminates the hassles of a regular strainer and provides healthy separation of food items.


Revolutionary design

Corner Colander claims to be the most unique way in which veggies and other food items can be strained easily into the kitchen sink. Kitchen sinks have millions of bacteria that reside in it and sometimes it can be much dirtier than the bathroom. In such sinks people tend to place the strainer and separate the water. This age old method makes the food much more of a threat to the health and is supposedly eliminated with Corner Colander. The revolutionary design that is provided to the Corner Colander claims to be such that it fits any standard sized kitchen sink on its corner and stays way high above the sink floor. This makes the food items that are strained away from the water that can come back and touch if placed inside the sink.

Corner Colander is also said to have a measuring device marking which helps in not only straining but taking the right amount of food quantity that is required. It can take a good amount of load and is it claimed that it can carry the weight of a 5 pound bag of potato.


Endless possibilities


What do I Get?

  • 2 Corner Colanders
  • 1 Hands Free Bag Opener

All this for just $10.00 plus $15.90 P&H. Official website

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