Copper Knife REVIEW

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Copper Knife

Copper Knife claims to be a stainless steel knife that stays sharp with its nonstick copper coating to cut through any food items easily. The copper coating of Copper Knife along with the oval cuts in the center allegedly ensure that food doesn’t stick and the friction is reduced during cutting and chopping.


How does Copper Knife work?

Makes cutting easier – Copper Knife assures that it cuts through cheese without sticking and ensures vegetables like tomatoes don’t squish while prepping. Copper Knife also states to have an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to hold and use even during intense chopping sessions. At this point of time there are no Copper Knife reviews available that will validate its claims. Copper Knife proclaims that its stainless-steel core stays razor sharp forever. More shall be revealed once Copper Knife is reviewed.


Smart design – Copper Knife asserts that its smart design is useful to cut the toughest of food items such as a pineapple quickly and easily. Since it does the job of multiple knives, it saves money and also time since it reduces the prepping time. Copper Knife does sound like an impressive knife; we shall know more once users review it.

Copper Knife REVIEW

Meredith Underwood complains in her review that the Copper Knife wasn’t even sharp right out of the package! She says she finally put it in the garage to use for breaking down boxes for recycling.

Gladys Ellis says “I really wanted to like the Copper Knife. It has a nice design, is lightweight, and just the right size. Unfortunately it won’t even slice a ripe tomato after using it maybe a couple dozen times” She further adds that she only paid $2.99 at a local discount store.

Raquel Franklin in her review says that she bought a Copper Knife locally at a cheap department store and the purpose was to grind off the edge and make a prop knife. She also mentions that the blade was not stainless steel but aluminum. As per her review the Copper Knife only looks nice but is not very useful for a real product.

Anita Mccoy in her Copper Knife review says the Copper Knife is okay, not great. She says that the blade is too thin for cutting so she sent it back.

Another user, Blanca Keller complains that the Copper Knife cannot be sharpened. She says that the Copper Knife wobbles when cutting anything tougher than a tomato.

Eileen Peters who used the Copper Knife says in her review “The Copper Knife is in no way sharp or heavy enough for chopping vegetables. I bought it as a temporary, all-purpose knife when we moved into a new place and after days of searching, could not find our good knives. I am not normally one to buy into gimmicks, but when I saw this “razor sharp” knife with claims to greatness printed all over the package, I did think, “Oh. Well, this is probably better than the other $4 knives. It will do until I find or buy a better one.”

Ada Schmidt who tried the Copper Knife says that the Copper Knife can only cut carrots into ragged chunks. She further adds that even if it did work well (which it doesn’t, the holes on the side would make it useless for crushing garlic). She also adds that she doesn’t know what the “food sticking” problem it claims to solve even is. She says she has never had a problem like that. According to her review Copper Knife is a flawed design that is executed poorly.

Marian Garner who purchased the Copper Knife says in her Copper Knife review “Pretty disappointed! Wanted to dice green peppers and onions for an omelet, the Copper Knife diced the peppers just fine but couldn’t get it to even cut through the onion though”.


What do I get?
Copper Knife just for $9.99 at the Official website | Get

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  1. Ha! not sharp, just took out of pkg. knife my grandfather made 30 years ago has better edge & beats this one all to heck!! just not sharp, & not handy. I am very sad.

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