Copper Crisper Review

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What is Copper Crisper?

It is a crisping fryer for oven with an elevated, non-stick mesh tray which cooks all sides of food evenly and neatly. Those who dig crispy fried foods are likely to be impressed by Copper Crisper, a new crisping fryer designed to work in the oven. As per the claims that the makers of this crisping fryer are making, it has an edge over other brands on account of its mechanism. According to them, Copper Crisper is the best alternative to everything else in terms of features and functions, which ensure that the cooking process is mess-free and smooth.


For perfectly crispy, golden-brown fried food

Copper Crisper Claims

The secret edge
The sellers of Copper Crisper state that it cooks fried foodstuff flawlessly in the kitchen and the secret behind it is its mechanism and the elevated, non-stick mesh tray, which allow heated air to pass through it and circulate 360 degrees around food. That results in perfectly prepared recipes from your oven as it cooks all sides of food evenly at the same time. You don’t have to flip your food while cooking with this crisping fryer. Also, unlike other mesh crisping trays, Copper Crisper catches grease and drippings with the cookie sheet that’s included with it.


Healthy cooking and spotlessness all the way
Besides scores of advantages mentioned above, Copper Crisper claims that very less butter and oil is needed while cooking in it. Also, it is dishwasher safe, so cleaning it is also just as easy.

Copper Crisper Reviews

Copper Crisper user reviews assert that when the Copper Crisper was used to make baked “fried” chicken breast it turned out delicious and moist. It wasn’t like it was deep fried, but the “crust” was still delicious! Just bake it like you would any other recipe and keep an eye on it. Used the Copper Crisper for 2 huge breasts and it only took 30 minutes.

The Copper Crisper was not in a box, nor wrapped, and the box had been torn open. It’s like it was picked up from the store. Copper Crisper did not have any statements, or instructions.

Copper Crisper came with no instructions whatsoever. They have mentioned on Facebook that they are working on recipes but that shouldn’t prevent them from including basic instructions, i.e. temperatures for fries, cheese sticks, etc.

Used the Copper Crisper for “fried” chicken and French fries but the chicken took about 1-1/2 hrs to even begin to brown on top, no crispiness and nothing on the bottom. The fries were in the oven for over 30 minutes, they were cooked but not crispy. As for the nonstick feature, the chicken stuck to the Copper Crisper basket leaving little pieces behind and there was baked on stuff on the bottom pan. Had to use a soft brush and lots of water to soften before getting them both clean again. This is in addition to Copper Crisper having no instructions or recipes.

Copper Crisper reviews reveal that when Copper Crisper was used with French fries and Bratts, the fries came out rubbery and the Bratts were hard on the outside and dry on the inside. Looks like they cook the food prior and then filmed the end results! Do not buy the Copper Crisper! Copper Crisper even came with an Arbitration Agreement concerning that such product be settled by binding individual Arbitration.

Copper Crisper is so small it looks like a toddler toy.

Copper Crisper works but way too small for a family size.

Love the Copper Crisper and baked cookies on the pan and it worked very well. When baking chicken on the Copper Crisper the drippings did not come off, and the pan had to be soaked for hours.

Copper Crisper is so small you can only get 6 pieces of chicken on it, depending on the size of your food but it sure does fry well without any oil, it’s the best.

Copper Crisper cooks the meat to where it is tough and the bottom tray burnt where the juices dripped. Couldn’t get it to come clean and the coating came off and it turned green too.

There is no recipe book with Copper Crisper, therefore not sure how to use it. It took 45 minutes to cook frozen French fries in the Copper Crisper. There should have been recipes included with the Copper Crisper considering the price. As far as acting like an Airfryer – no way. Copper Crisper takes too long to cook in the oven.

Copper Crisper is an awful product. It did not cook the onion rings and it stuck to the wire basket. Lightly coated the fries with oil and after hours of soaking the tray still could not get the black stains off.

Copper Crisper Questions and Answers

Q. Does this come with the pan?
A. Yes, it comes with the pan.

Q. Should the Copper Crisper be used only in a convection oven?
A. No only microwave.

Q. Can the Copper Crisper be used as a broiler pan?
A. Copper Crisper is not designed to be a broiler pan but yes, this can be used as one. One of the points of a broiler pan is to allow drainage away from what you are cooking. This allows what you are cooking to sit above and drain. One caution though would be to not allow overflow of the bottom sheet.

Q. Can you line the bottom pan with parchment or foil?
A. Yes, but it’s very easy to clean. It actually works pretty well.

Q. How does one use the Copper Crisper?
A. Copper Crisper is just a pan. There is no technology in it other than allowing for air flow underneath. Use single layer for best results and cook as you would normally. Best for reheating frozen fried foods at same time/temperature

Q. Is Copper Crisper dishwasher safe?
A. Copper Crisper is supposed to be dishwasher safe.

Q. Do items have to be placed in a single layer or can they be stacked?
A. Have only used the Copper Crisper a few times and it is a learning experience since no one seems to have any directions. To answer your question it works best in one layer and you must watch it not to overcook. The heat circulates and cooks faster. Also watch the temperature. Too low food dries out does not crisp. Too high and gets too hard. Trial and error, but fun.

Q. What is the highest temperature the Copper Crisper pan set can take?
A. No limit to the temperature, but it still does not fry as expected.

Q. How long does it take to bake a whole tray?
A. It is not what it seems. Food takes an awfully longer time to cook.

Q. Can the Copper Crisper be used in a toaster oven?
A. Yes

Q. Is the Copper Crisper to be used in just a regular old electric stove oven?
A. Yes, it is.

Q. What are the dimensions of the Copper Crisper?
A. Copper Crisper fits in a large toaster oven.

Q. Is the Copper Crisper 100% copper?
A. Copper Crisper is just copper plated.


What do I get?
You will receive Copper Crisper for $ 19.99+ $7.99 P&H. | Official website: |


Compare Copper Crisper with Airfryer

61 thoughts on “Copper Crisper Review

  1. Can the Copper Crisper be used in a convection oven setting of a combo convection oven/microwave unit?

  2. This recipe I devised worked well. Cut 4-5 small russet potatoes into 8 wedges. Pour 2 Tablespoons olive oil in a bowl add some salt ( I use Herbamare, a combination of herbs and sea salt) Tooss the potato wedges in the mixture. Yes a little oil is needed to crisp them but this is much Less than used for frying. Preheat oven to 360 degrees – you will have one layer of potatoes separated. Use convection roast setting if your oven has it. Bake for 25 – 30 min – they will be nicely browned and crispy!
    I am vegan so will not be doing any animal food – but this alone is worth it. Will try roasting other veggies. No clean up problems. Bought mine for $13 at Ocean State Job Lot – no info of any kind in box. If you read thru above only other positive response was with sweet potato fries.
    Good dipping sauce – half ketchup- half
    BBQ Sauce. Robbie –

  3. cooked frozen fries in pan….. no real crisp & no taste…cooked breaded pork cutlets in pan ….came very dry..
    i usually cook with a bit of oil which gives flavor & moisture but with no oil…. all seems bland & dry ….

  4. I used my copper crisper in the broiler with a steak and some marinade sauce.
    The marinade sauce turned black in the oven, I got the black off but the pan is stained, how do I get this black stain off the pan?

  5. I bought one of these hoping for the best. no it doesn’t have recipes which would be nice but I cooked frozen fish, chicken & fries. fries were done but not crispy. fish & chicken were good and crispy. last night put city chicken on it to try and it came out good. juicy on the inside. I think you have to expect this is really going to cook the same amount of time using it as not using it.

  6. Bought the crisper a couple months ago; no instructions. I cook frozen hash browns per instructions on the HB package (400 deg for 25 minutes) . This works well ONLY IF the HBs are turned after 10 or 12 minutes, again with food pkg instructions. Fresh chicken dredged in flour and spices was ok per daughter’s recipe but I don’t recall temp or time. The tray and crisper are NOT non-stick. When washing first couple of times, the water turned odd color which turned ut to be coppery. Hmm. I ‘d like to use parchment paper in tray but need confirmation if it’s ok to use. I should have returned the crisper but have had it too long and it does the hash browns ok.

  7. I picked one up yesterday and called to ask about fries as I found nothing with it. They told me 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes so I asked if that was for fresh potatoes and she said yes?? Doesn’t seem right to me. I now see another review that says something else and the book for another brand has even different information. I agree with the one that said most things like frying pans don’t come with recipes but to put in the directions to follow recipes and not have any seems wrong to me. Generally specialty appliances or cookware does come with some sort of simple recipe book so you can get used to using it. It isn’t like cookbooks have recipes either! I am so disappointed as the main reason we got is that due to allergies we can’t buy fried frozen foods at the store. Having now read the reviews I suspect we will just return it!

  8. I got my copper crisper yesterday and cooked shake and bake chicken it took 50 minutes to cook the juices from the chicken dripped to the sheet below the basket and burned on I waited for the copper crisper to get cold like it said before washing and now have burned stains on the sheet I am so disappointed in this product and will bring it back for refund

  9. If you go online to you will find recipes. Or just look for Gotham steel crisper tray recipes. Easy to find. About 47 recipes are available.

  10. Tried to use mine for broiling and heard a loud pop in oven. Broil element burned (broken in one area) out. Feel it was caused by copper craft crisper. Will never use it again.

  11. Tried to use mine for broiling and heard a loud pop in oven. Broil element burned (broken in one area) out. Feel it was caused by copper craft crisper. Will never use it again.

  12. Food sticks to the basket and is hard to clean. cleaning removes nonstick surface. save your money this product is not as advertise.

  13. First of all, I have been dumbfounded at the number of reviews all over the web which complain about not having in depth instructions, especially about cooking times for different foods. I don’t expect instructions with my frying pans and cookie sheets. DUH. Do you want instructions with your skillet? Geeze louise. The basic instructions are more than enough. Cooking times are ALWAYS based on the food product’s instructions, not the frying pan’s instructions. I don’t cook rice based on sauce pan’s instructions, I use the instructions on the rice bag. Also, if you want your food browned without frying, how do you do this? Broiling. And there are instructions for broiling to brown your foods included with the copper crisper I just bought. And it works perfectly, better than a regular cookie sheet and yes, I still have to clean it. What? Of course it has to be cleaned, omg, people have been complaining that they have to wash it? I didn’t expect magic when I bought it, maybe that’s the difference… I have no magical expectations in anything and don’t mind that I still have to do a few things myself.

  14. I also bought this product thinking it would be great to use such as for bacon — my family does not like fried bacon as it is too greasy. I received this item which fits in my Wolfgang Pressure Oven and washed it before I used it – per the leaflet that came with it which also has suggested cooking temps/times for specific items. I tried doing bacon (which you can only get 4 strips at a time in it). It stated something like 400 degrees for the suggested 20-23 minutes. The bacon did not crisp but was still under-cooked and greasy. I ended up cooking bacon at 400 and 35 min with flipping the bacon in order to make sure it did crisp up. I also had an awful time trying to clean this product. The baking sheet (the first time) did not come completely clean-still have some burn spots. I now use parchment paper which works great to keep the grease from burning the sheet. The basket was another matter. I tried soaking after it had cooled with warm soapy water (also tried hot soapy water) and a Dobie. I ended up also using a soft toothbrush to try to get any of the debris left from the “non-stick” basket. I also would have to let the basket dry before I could get any of the debris left that would not wash away…what a chore!!! I am going to use oil on the basket to see if it helps the “non-stick”. I would NOT recommend buying this product.

  15. I really wanted this and I received it from my daughters friend for mothers day have spent 3 hours on the internet searching for recipes only to find nothing food is way to expensive to experiment I wanted a healthy way to fry chicken I will give it once chance if it fails I will be returning for a full refund she brought me the extra large and in the 4 page information guide it states “ALWAYS FOLLOW SPECIFIC RECIPE DIRECTIONS FOR OVEN TIME AND TEMPERATURE” I will assume since it did not come with cooking instructions any baking recipe for whatever food you are cooking use the time and temperature they have provided for that particular recipe, we will see how this works

  16. I bought mine at Dollar General for 20.00. After reading the reviews, I’m definitely taking back for refund. The guy on the front looks like a used car salesman. Another ripoff for the public. Made in China and not even Copper.
    Thank you all for the reviews!

  17. I saw where someone said this was dishwasher safe. In my box was one sheet of paper with the warranty and cleaning instructions. It states to not put in dishwasher, use nonabrasive soap or harsh soaps or solutions. It also said to not use baking soda.
    I think I will return this and just use my cookie sheet and wire cooling racks.

  18. I saw where someone said this was dishwasher safe. In my box was one sheet of paper with the warranty and cleaning instructions. It states to not put in dishwasher, use nonabrasive soap or harsh soaps or solutions. It also said to not use baking soda.
    I think I will return this and just use my cookie sheet and wire cooling racks.

  19. No cooking times?? After reading all the disappointing results of others; I’m not even going to waste my time. It’s going in the ‘yard sale’ basket for $1!

  20. No Instructions! No recipes! What kind of company promotes this product without instructions, recipes!!!

  21. I sliced potatoes for fresh french fries, I baked them on 425, after 45 minutes they were not done, the tops of them turned black. Very disappointed

  22. First time using the copper crisper, told not to use PAM for easier cleanup.. What a mess!!!!!! Can not clean the NONSTICK cookie sheet. And was only baking onion rings. Looks dirty and may just DUMP this baking duo into the trash…. Hard to cook food on dirty looking baking utensils.
    Do not waste your money like I did.

  23. HI, just received my Copper Crisper They were simply sold out two different times at Bed Bath & Beyond and I finally ordered it at the store. It came shipped to my house, free of charge. I have been so excited waiting for this. Now, I am terribly and thoroughly disappointed. No instructions, no recipes, no explanation of oven temps. Can’t find any online. It is sadly being returned. I thought I could use this product for whole foods, chicken wings, etc from the grocery store. I don’t even know if this is just for “frozen” foods or regular foods from my fridge or freezer. Sorry, unless I get some free instructions and recipes this is going back and will tell my friends not to bother. Thank you for listening. May I at least have a response from you, please?

  24. Wouldn’t buy another. Won’t send back, not worth it. Will use it as I can. Why? Hard to clean, NO recipe book, (ridiculous) and bad reviews. We do like our other copper chef items, however, this one is just a stinker and I would not buy another, for sure. Should have reviewed before pushing the “buy” button, for sure.

  25. Where Is the Recipe Book & Temp. setting. & how long time to leave it in the oven? If anyone ask about this item, I’m going to tell them don’t order this item! Because it’s False advertisement! I will not be sending it back. Until I get a Recipe Book & Temp. setting. I am very disappointed with this product. I will let the BBB. to take care of this. I believe they take of this…..
    I have been reading the reviews on the product.

  26. There is no recipes, temps, or how to use the copper crisper. Would you provide the above requests. I need to know if it is worth keeping.
    Thank you
    Jan Randle

  27. No info whatsoever on how to use this product. I will be returning mine. I think not including a few basic recipes is very poor marketing.

  28. Nice looking….sounds good but no instructions to use for temps…or time. Says use temps suggested with whatever product says thst your using. Well if I go by that it will be wrong as not cooking on cookie sheet…cooking on mesh basket. Sending it back.

  29. I made baked “fried” chicken breast in mine tonight and it was delicious and moist. It wasn’t like it was deep fried, but the “crust” was still delicious! Just bake it like you would any other recipe and keep an eye on it. I did 2 huge breasts and it only took 30 minutes. Can’t wait to try some more recipes!!

  30. I received my copper crisper today very NOT satisfied. #1 it was not in a box, nor wrapped, box had been torn open. it’s like i picked it up from the store. No statements, or instructions, I don’t know if my order is complete or not. I wasn’t going to say anything but, after reading various comments, changed my mind. Mrs. Walker

  31. I think I’ll probably return my copper crisper since it came with no instructions whatsoever. I’ve read where they replied on Facebook that they’re working on recipes but I don’t understand why that would prevent them from including basic instructions, i.e. temperatures for fries, cheese sticks, etc. Makes me doubt buying any other of the copper chef items.

  32. I used my copper crisper for “fried” chicken and french fries. The chicken took about 1-1/2 hrs to even begin to brown on top, no crispiness and nothing on the bottom. The fries were in the oven for over 30 minutes, they were cooked but not crispy. As for the nonstick feature, BALONEY. The chicken stuck to the basket leaving little pieces behind and there was baked on stuff on the bottom pan. I had to use a soft brush and lots of water to soften before getting them both clean again. This is in addition to no instructions or recipes. I WILL BE returning this item.

  33. Who is the genius at Tristan Products that decided to market the Copper Crisper alongside the Copper Chef with no instructions or recipes for the Crisper!’s no oil or butter cooking method-the exact opposite of the Copper Chef? I called the 973-287-5195 Tristan information number and the agent for Tristan told me she has no knowledge of or ever heard of a cooking instructions or recipes for this product. Please get me some information or how to return it.



  35. I received my crisper 2 days ago, agree with everyone else, need instructions and is this just for frozen foods, not one I make myself ? Not sure I will be keeping, dont buy a lot of already prepared frozen food

  36. I received copper crisper for Christmas. No recipes, tempertures etc. Do you only cook frozen food in this pan,can you make fresh food like pork chops?

  37. you do not list oven temps?? how do u know what degree of heat to have oven on? I like the Copper Crisper, but this is a much needed information tool.

  38. This article states the crisper is dishwasher safe. That contradicts what is written on the box which says to wash by hand. I too am disappointed there are no directions that came with it. Poor marketing if you ask me.

  39. Ok so I decided to reach out to them on Facebook and got a response within a few minutes! The message said to cook fries on 450 degrees for about 45 minutes, and that you can use oil for a crispier taste! They do not have a recipe guide at this time for this particular product, but they are working on it! Sometimes you have to go directly to the source and reach out to them, even through social media! Hopefully this helps!

    • Thank for the information. Did you try cooking the fries as the manufacturer said to do? If so, how did it work for you?

  40. You claim this is the healthiest way to cook meals without using oils, yet no cooking recipes or ideas or temps. I think this is false advertising! We are AT A LOSS on how to cook these! I think contacting the BBB would be appropriate at this point of no response!

  41. I just bought 3 “Copper Crisper by Copper Chef”, one for myself, my son, my daughter. But if there are no instructions and no recipes, I will return them. Is there any way to download instructions or recipes for the Copper Crisper?

  42. I too am at a loss on how long to leave foods in the oven or what temperature to use since there was no information that came with the item. Today I sliced some zuchni and put it in the crisper at 360 degrees for a half an hour. So disappointed as there was no crispness at all on the slices. I’m going to be sending the item back.

  43. I just purchased this item, LOVE the idea of it, BUT there is no recipe book, no “conversion for regular fry recipes” or no statement of “use regular fry recipes”……….with this product. NO INFO on “how to use”.

    No way to know what oven settings to use or how to prepare the food so it can be used in this pan………VERY DISAPPOINTED!

    I contacted the manufacturer via email with my concerns asking for information on “how to use”, if I don’t get an answer, will be RETURNING this product for refund from Bed Bath and Beyond where I purchased it. I have a feeling they want to FORCE you to spend the $30 on THEIR cookbook for this item, I won’t do that! If they are to cheap to put some basic recipes for use with their item, I won’t give them my money.

  44. I didn’t receive any information on the temperatures or how long to leave food in the Crisper, anything would be helpful, thanks.

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