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What is Copper Chef

As per the infomercial it is a 6-in-1 non-stick pan that helps in cooking various types of food. It has unique copper infused technology that helps cook healthy, non-sticky and a quick meal for the entire family.


How does Copper Chef work?

Cook like a pro – Copper Chef guarantees to replace all the pots and pans that clutter the kitchen cabinets since ages. Currently there are no Copper Chef reviews available that substantiate with its claims. Copper Chef assures to cook various types of food in just few minutes with the best benefits that no other pan, pot or cooker can offer. Such a bold claim by Copper Chef does make it an intriguing cooking utensil; more shall be revealed once users review it. Copper Chef promises to help cook meals such as mussels, short ribs, chicken, pasta, lasagne, frittata, apple pie, etc. for the entire family. Such far-fetched claims by Copper Chef will be verified once it is reviewed by users.


Copper infused technology – As the name suggests, Copper Chef alleges to have 100 % real copper infused coating to help cook food easily and quickly. This is because copper is one of the best conductors of heat. Although there are no Copper Chef reviews available at this point of time that attest to its claims. To add to its design there Copper Chef asserts to have an induction plate that channels the heat evenly through its surface to avoid hot spots and always cooks a perfect recipe. Copper Chef does sound fascinating on paper but will be affirmed once we get to analyze user reviews. Copper Chef further proclaims to have Cerami-Tech technology that increases it efficiency by adding non-sticky feature to it. Does Copper Chef really possess so many qualities? Send us your Copper Chef reviews.

Copper Chef Review

Works well for certain recipes – Karen who bought Copper Chef revealed in her review that there are some recipes that this pan works for and for certain others it is quite useless. Since she wasn’t keen on using canned fruits for pies, she used some of her own ingredients for the Chicken Pot pie and it worked okay. She also made chicken breasts with mushroom and peas on induction surface and that turned out okay too. However when she tried making something as basic as popcorn it didn’t work and everything stuck to the pan. She cleaned it after soaking with soapy warm water but it didn’t do the job well. She also found two chips on the outside, which has left her disappointed. Having paid close to $60 for the pan, she was hoping it would be more versatile, which it isn’t.

It has some design flaws – Ashston who reviewed Copper Chef complained in his review that there are some good things about this pan but overall he is not so happy with its design. He liked the fact that the pan is lightweight, but unfortunately so are the accessories, which makes it difficult to work with them. He was satisfied with its performance as he used it for fried and steamed dishes. He wishes they had made some design tweaks like the lid could have had a bit more lift so that all the accessories could have been stored in the pan well. He however found the recipe book that it came with quite useful and wants to make the most out of it to create different types of dishes and challenge himself. He also recommends using it like a regular non stick pan, which means you can’t use any metal utensils or cooking sprays. When it comes to cleaning you need to stay away from those scratchy scrubs and brushes that can ruin it completely. He was impressed by the fact that though the pan looked like copper it didn’t have to be cleaned like one.

Don’t fall for false information – Sandra who reviewed Copper Chef exposed in her review that she was suspicious about the claims made about the pan because she knew that copper just doesn’t standalone without being anodized. That’s why she called the customer service and asked specifically whether it was made out of copper/tin, copper aluminum construction. She was told that it is a copper colored aluminum pan, which didn’t surprise her. But the fact that they were labeling it Copper Chef completely appalled her. She says that she decided not to buy it and advices others to not fall for false marketing. There is no copper in the pan, it is not even stainless steel but made out of aluminum.

Bad product, only hype – Celina who used Copper Chef complained in her review that she had a few expectations from the pan since she was taken in by all the hype. However they came crashing down pretty quickly because after only a couple of uses she couldn’t even make eggs in it. They were a mishmash and not edible at all. She decided to return the pan, which meant that she had to bear the shipping costs and lost out on the original shipping and handling costs. Now she thinks the whole thing is a scam and no one should fall for it.

Disastrous product – Camille who bought Copper Chef exposed in her review that as soon as the pans arrived her husband could tell that it wasn’t made out of copper. He was right and the pan was only just painted. First time she used it, nothing stuck but the second time when she made chicken using vegetable oil, everything was a mess. The infomercial says you can’t use extra virgin olive oil but can use vegetable oil peanut oil or selective type of olive oil. However in her experience you just can’t use any of them with this completely useless pan.

Horrible customer service – Tanya who used Copper Chef complained in her review that she wanted to return the pan but they just wouldn’t dismiss the shipping charge and of course there was the cost of returning to deal with. Finally they agreed for returns, but couldn’t override the shipping charges. She talked to a customer service representative with an Eastern European accent, who she found difficult to understand and the whole experience was a nightmare.

Copper Chef Features and Benefits

Copper Chef states to act like a roasting pan, steamer, stock pot, wok and baking dish all thanks to Copper Chef accessories include such as tempered glass lid, steam & roast rack and fry basket. Copper Chef reviews will soon reveal the facts. Copper Chef emphasizes to be perfect for everyone since it works on all types of stoves including electric, gas, ceramic, induction and even in an oven. Copper Chef declares to have heat-resisting ability that goes up to 850 degrees. Such features will be further validated once Copper Chef is reviewed.

Copper Chef maintains to have a 9 ½” square shape that provides extra space to cook more food inside it. With non-stick properties there is no need to use oils and butter that makes cooking healthy using Copper Chef. This makes cleaning Copper Chef a breeze especially with its dishwasher safe feature. There have been no Copper Chef reviews available yet that support what it claims. Copper Chef convinces to be perfect to handle with its riveted and helper handle with its body being PTFE and PFOA free that will not chip, peel or flake in the food. Is Copper Chef easy to use will only be known to us once users send us their review.


Non-stick and non-scratch cooking pan – You can replace several pots, pans, rice cookers, steamers, etc with a single Copper Chef, which asserts to be a nonstick and no-cleanup cooking pan. The ceramic pan claims to be coated aluminum with a steel induction plate at the bottom to be used on electric, gas and induction stovetop. The pan Copper Chef promises to be safe to use on any surface and proclaims to be scratch-resistant from any non-metallic, plastic, or silicone cooking utensil. The bottom induction plate of Copper Chef is emphasized to be constructed with steel, which is then pressed into the aluminum. The Copper Chef cooking pan declares that it can also be used on an open fire, though it is ideal for kitchen use. Unlike regular cookware, Copper Chef alleges to be infused with copper and aluminum coating and steel induction plate that heat the cooking pan quickly and make it compatible with any stove top including electric, induction, and gas. Copper Chef states to be a ceramic-coated cooking pan making it a nonstick and non-scratch cookware. It maintains to be infused with copper, which is known to be the best heating material.

Copper-infused coating for quick heatingCopper Chef is a square pan that weighs 1.93 lb. Unlike regular copper pots and pans, Copper Chef convinces that it doesn’t need frequent polishing since its exterior coating is copper-colored. The cooking pan asserts to be dishwasher safe and can be cleaned with mild soap and water and a soft, non-metal scrubber. It assures that there is no coating on the pan that burns off when used for the first time and it needs to be washed with non-abrasive soap before use. Copper Chef declares to be oven safe and its handle remains cooler than solid-core handles since it is hollow. Though, it must be removed from the oven using pot holders because the handle heats up on gas stove. Along with cooking great food easily Copper Chef convinces to come with a recipe book with 25 recipes from soups to main dishes and desserts.

What do I get?

  • 1 9-1/2 Square Pan
  • 1 Fry Basket
  • 1 Steam and Roast Rack
  • 1 Recipe Book

Price: $74.97 + Free S/h. Official website:


Compare Copper Chef with Red Copper Pan.

Compare Copper Chef with Gotham Steel Pan.

181 thoughts on “Copper Chef REVIEWED and EXPOSED

  1. I placed an order and 24 hrs later cancelled it in order to get the 12 piece package. After placing the second order thought it was all good. Today I found the funds for both orders were taken from my account. I checked the order status on their website to find both orders were cancelled. I called and was told they were 6 weeks behind on orders, so they cancelled the second order without asking me if I would be willing to wait! Their resolution was to buy it, or another brand, somewhere else? I will, and never deal with this company again!!!!!!

  2. This pan is pretty much a scam. I have had one for about two months. Got it at Walmart in their “As seen on TV” shelf. It has scratched horribly. On the inside and outside. I use a plastic spatula so not sure why is scratching. The non-stick claim is bogus. I use it to cook omelets, pancakes and to bake salmon. Everything sticks. The spray non-stick will burn onto the coating and takes a lot of scrubbing to clean. Best to let it soak for a while and use baking soda with a sponge. Baked some salmon tonight, use canola oil under the fish and it still stuck. LSS – take a pass on this pan. It does live up to the ads.

  3. Glad I read the reviews, I was about to purchase this pan and have decided against it. Thanks to the people who do post reviews, it really helps other people to make decisions. When something seems to good to be true…follow your instincts or at least research the reviews of people that used the product!

  4. Thank you everyone for the honest reviews. The infomercial looks so good I was about to order. Glad I did my homework! I won’t be purchasing.

    • I am so glad I came here and read these reviews AS WELL. I was pulling out my credit card, and decided to check to see what others were saying. Thank you all.

  5. Got this pan and after 2 weeks things are sticking. The commercial claims cooking up to 800 degrees and scratch resistant. Clearly this coating is not permanent and probably poisonous. Terrible!!!

    • When I saw the Copper Chef informercial I was SOOOO EXCITED to sell all my other pots and pans at a yard sale and only have ONE wonderful pan in my possession! However, after reading all these reviews, I had better skip the whole idea! Thank you for posting these reviews!! The infomercial made this pan look so great, but it does not appear that is the case from all these horrible reviews!!! People, always always always read reviews before you buy anything from an infomercial. I will gladly keep all the good pots and pans now!!!

  6. This commercial (copperchef), I feel implies this pan IS MADE OUT OF COPPER. I would bet there is NO COPPER at all, in its makeup. The chef ‘Erik’ seems as slimy as they come.

  7. I have found the Copper Chef square pan to be a pleasant experience. It is unfortunate that Gotham and Red Copper came out about the same time and has caused such confusion. Everything I have fixed according to directions has been a great success and ease to clean up when done. I highly recommend this pan, and accessories. I used the fry basket which also cleaned up easily. Thank you Copper Chef. I would like more recipes (whether placed on the original recipe page or even better – a book sent out to all customers). Cooking has been enjoyable using the Copper Chef.

  8. Any of you idiots ever think of ordering through Amazon???
    Same product & it’s backed by Amazon fulfillment services….
    And Jesus Christ it’s only $75….
    Some of you act like they stole your life savings

  9. We ordered the Copper Chef pan square pan..frying pan and smaller square pan..
    We also ordered the tools. I am thrilled with these pans…I made the inside out grilled cheese sandwiches and the cheese did not stick in the pan…no butter or oil used. I also made a heavenly roast with potatoes and carrots. We are so happy with these pans. It makes cooking a lot more fun with less cooking mess to clean up.

  10. I just submitted my comment and when I went back I saw that my comment “is being moderated”. What good does a comment do if it might somehow be altered in favor of the vendor? I hope that does not happen, since the very substance of my comment was about being misled by the seller.

  11. I first ordered two skillets and love them. It takes a few hits and misses to adjust to using the correct temperatures for cooking various items. What I am now unhappy about is my recent order. This was the “Buy one and get a second one” for what I believed was a fair price. However when my order arrived today, the SECOND one was not a duplicate of the first, it was a square skillet. I will probably enjoy both products but I do not appreciate being misled about the second product. Given the difference in size in the two items, I probably did not get a fair price, since the second item was not as large as the first. Further, the instructions which came with the second order (but not with the first) also warned against various things one might do to damage the pans, but which were initially guaranteed to be harmless, i.e. cooking spoons, knives, etc. will not scratch the surface. The tv ad even shows a cook using a mixer against the bottom of the pan. The ads say the items are 100% guaranteed for life, but the written guide says the warranty is “limited”. Why wasn’t this guide included with my first order? Why does the tv ad misrepresent how the pans can withstand certain handling without damage? (The guide says you can’t even stack the pans together or next to anything that might scratch them). All in all, this product is misrepresented on tv and in the internet ads. Even though I am currently satisfied with the pans, I am concerned that will soon not be the case. And I do not appreciate being misled in both the tv ads and the internet presentations. That is cheating, no matter who misrepresents or lies outright. I hope I do not regret the purchase, since many of the comments in the reviews herein lead me to believe that the process and expense associated with the possible return of the products is nothing less than a nightmare, especially the idea of trying to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak nor understand clear English. I think perhaps that is why vendors use customer service agents who reside in foreign countries – that is, so the caller will become so frustrated trying to discuss the problem, he or she will simply give up and go away. ALL MERCHANTS, TAKE A HINT. USE CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENTS WHO SPEAK THE LANGUAGE OF THE COUNTRY FROM WHICH THE CALL ORIGINATES!

    • It appears you are confusing 2 different products. I just watched the infomercial. It is not the one that claims to be made out of copper, only copper colored. They also stressed to use only plastic utensils and no scrubbers. The infomercial that shows them using an electric mixer and claiming to be made of copper that won’t scratch is for a different company and product. That one, the one you are referring to, is called Red Copper Pan.
      I felt the need to let people know the correct information. will show that they do not claim the pans are made of copper and are not scratch resistent. They are supposed to be totally non-stick and heat resistant up to 800 degrees which allows you to cook faster. The link for the claims you mentioned is
      These are reviews for
      This website is also mis-staing the claims of copperchef. I had the same problem when I first saw the infomercial a few months ago and when I looked up the website I found the other one and wondered why it didn’t show the mixer. They are very easily confused but are two totally different types of products.

      • ummmm, I just saw the infomercial, and it DOES show the cook using an electric mixer, with METAL mixers…. what infomercial did you see? and can I see it on YouTube? The one I’ve seen a couple of times, IS for and it shows that you can scramble an egg with a metal fork, or an electric mixer…. can you explain further what infomercial you saw? And yes, I am aware that Red Copper Pan is different from the

    • Totally agree with you last sentence. Frustrating to deal and speak with them. But they are the cheap labor that US companies use. Sure hope this is part of Trump’s plan and fine these companies for doing that.

  12. I just did the most incredible stupid thing ever. I bought something without reading the reviews.
    Well here goes my story. I still have not received my order and I don’t want it!!!
    these scammers got the best of me and my money. After what I believed was going to be just a few minutes on the phone, these eastwards took me through the most horrible experience of my life! I was held hostage by a computerized system for 40 minutes offering me everything that I did not want!!!!! I was asked at the end of each new sales pitch if I’d accept or not, and of course I kept yelling NO at this stupid robot. They then moved on to the next sales pitch driving me as you can imagine to insanity!
    Finally I got my bill but did not give me the opportunity to review or repeat the amount. My confirmation number had the same effect but I as able to write down their Customer service number.
    I called and once again after waiting for a human to answer, I was referred to an idiot. I provided him with my confirmation number and he told me that I must wait 24 hours for the order to populate their system!!!
    I then asked for a Supervisor and a higher paid idiot told me the same crap!
    I called ny bank to stop the order but while Ive been trying to get my confirmation number they were busy charging up my credit card. To add insult to injury, my bank told me that there was nothing they could do since it had already been approved!!
    I feel stupid for not doing my homework!! I have read some pretty bad reviews on here.
    I will never again do business with this company!!!ever!!!
    I will tell ‘ll my friends and clients to say clear from this crap!

    Don’t buy from this manufacturer and if there is an ACTION LAW SUIT, PLEASE ADD ME IN.

    • I bought 2 sets and extra fry pan late feb. one of the deep pans has split. I emailed customer service 3time and got no reply. I called and was told a returns label would be emailed same day -no reply so after 3 more days called again spoke to supervisor whose accent was very strong and difficult to understand but he did say no returns label for returns customers stand the cost. I am not returning, I have zero confidence I will receive a replacement. Customer care policy quoted in their ads is NOT my experience. Shameful

    • You are not alone, I usually never order without researching, your experience is the same as mine word for word. Please add me in to any lawsuits involving this company.

      Copper Chef Pan with Bonus Items 1 @ 3 easy payments of $24.99 $74.97
      Merchandise Subtotal: $74.97
      Processing and Handling: $0.00
      Sales Tax Total: $0.00
      Order Total: $74.97

      • if you ordered through a live person then they gave you the option of one payment or three payments. were you listening?

  13. This review is just lame and obviously written by a person who probably finds theirselves dissatisfied by many things in life these Pans are Amazing and everything I have made came out as the picture in the book. It states replacements are lifetime guaranteed so what’s the big deal?? Only complaint I would have is I would love a Recipe book with more dishes. Don’t listen to this unwarranted garbage review. Buy the pans. They are amazing! I stay in the kitchen less and have a very Happy and Full Husband and children.

    • Jenny,
      I just replied on another review too. Some of these people are confusing it with the Red Copper pan and this one is the Copper Chef pan. That is why there are so many complaints, they are expecting to get the wrong thing. They have completely different claims as far as the product goes.

  14. If i would have read comments first i would not have wasted $76.00. Instructions tell how easy it is to scratch this waste of money.

  15. I purchased the complete set of Copper Chef a couple of months ago. It took two weeks for delivery, but that was explained in the confirmation I received for my purchase. I read the negative reviews, but for me, this has been the best cookware I have used. Having spent money on more expensive cookware, this set has proven to be better. I prepare a lot of different dishes and am thoroughly pleased with the ease of cleanup and even heat. I highly recommend this product.

  16. Excellent product bought the utensils and square fry pan. Follow directions never put hot in cold water, dont use spray or olive oil, dont use high heat without a food load. The heat is evenly distributed i ve used with/without butter/oil. Cooked potato pancakes,kielbasa (simmer & fried),reheated pizza,made spaghetti sauce, steamers,shrimp,scallops,haddock,oysters,whole yellow pea soup,burgers,fries,steak,pork chops,reheated spaghetti,fried chicken.. Never a
    Stick/clean problem! Recommend to friends.

  17. I got my first Copoer Chef fry pan on Amazon I tried it for 2 weeks and fell in love with it. Some items like sass age and bacon I felt I had to use a bit of oil. But if I would have turned down the heat just a bit that would have taken care of that. After the 2 weeks I went back to Amazon and bought the larger square pan. I have been also impressed wit it, although I usually only make popcorn in it. I did fry something in it with the fry basket and that worked fine also.
    Generally for cleaning I can clean most of the pan stuff with a paper towel once it’s cooled. Then a few drop of dishwashing soap and water is all that’s needed.
    I know that on this site there is a bad rap going on about these pans, but I for 1 love them, I just wish they had some sauce pans.

  18. Well thanks to all your reviews I will not be wasting my time or money on this completely useless piece of sh*t I’m so glad I read the reviews instead of buying it is there actually any product on an infomercial that really works and does what they say they do I have never bought a product off an infomercial due to people that don’t do there research and just buy all the products off the hype so I would like thank all you stupid gullible people for saving me a lot of money agrevation and time

    • I find this pan to be as advertised! The key is to trust the heat conductivity and use a “LOW” flame. High heat cooking is not for this pan, as advertised, and everything slips out of the pan. No non-stick sprays, olive oils, etc as shown on the tag that comes with the pan(s). I bought the “green” pan, the “ceramic” pan and well… those did not work for me, no matter the instructions and recommended use by the manufacturer. I like the copper (aluminum) pans.

      • Maybe you can use some of the money you saved to get some writing lessons. < Please note the period.

    • Get the pans! They are amazing. This review is garbage. Don’t know how or why they can spread this BS.

    • After reading many reviews I’ve noticed that a large number of the neg reviews are from people who haven’t even used the pans or didn’t follow the instructions of types of oils not to use or using to high of heat source. There are obviously cases of defects (pan breaking).
      Take into account all the reviews that are highly positive.

      • I don’t understand all the comments of too high heat if the claim is that it is heat tolerant to 800 degrees. That makes no sense.

        • you don’t need high heat with this pan like others. i find cooking with any pan at a lower heat food better no sticking . its all about the way you do it with most everything in life…

        • Sam – I may be able to clarify the heat issue for u, although I will say right away, I do not own, & have never used THESE SPECIFIC Copper Chef pans.

          I do how ever own a VERY NICE, VERY EXPENSIVE set of pots & pans I bought years ago from Royal Prestige. They r 9 ply cooking pans, one of the inner layers is actually REAL copper, & the outside is Stainless Steel.

          We were given basically the same instructions as these Copper Chef pans. Due to the fact that they have such HIGH HEAT CONDUCTIVITY – they actually heat up faster & hotter than a normal pan. Therefore if I would normally heat something on HIGH, w/my pans I turn the stove up to only around 5 (out of 10), because the pan gets equally as hot as a normal pan on high. Because of this it takes some getting used to using them. Since my husband doesn’t cook very often he hates them! Everything he cooks in them sticks & burns. I on the hand love them & can cook just about anything in them w/out any oil or butter & no sticking!

          As far as the up to 800°F part of the question, that is for when u put them in the oven, although most ovens only go to 500°F anyway.

          So to answer you question, assuming these pans heat similarly to my own, when u cook on the stove top it takes less heat to get them hot so consider Level 5 (out of 10) or I guess MEDIUM on some stove tops to be the same as HIGH w/a normal pan, so adjust accordingly when u cook onon the stove top. However they can withstand all the heat the oven can throw at them!

          Hope that made sense & answered ur question.
          Again I have not used Copper Chef pans I am just assuming by the information given they heat similarly to my Royal Prestige 9 ply pans which have a layer of Copper in the middle for heat conductivity!

    • The people that wrote the bad reviews are all confusing the claims with the Red Copper pan. They expected it to be non scratch and made of copper and it does not claim either.
      And no, I do not work for either company. I am interested in buying the pans so I read these reviews. The claims about electric mixers, made of copper, etc are all the claims that the Red Copper pan makes not the Copper Chef pans.

  19. I’ve been using my Copper Chef pan for two months and I love it! I am about to order a second one for the shore house.

  20. Well damn. I recently hurt my back. Bad! They put me on some strong meds and I don’t even remember watching this stupid infomercial. In fact, I was instantly shocked to open my email informing me that my order has been shipped. Son of a Bitch! Did I really just get stoned and spend $150 on a total piece of crap? You know what… I’m just gonna hang my head in shame and go stand in the corner. If I wasn’t coherent enough to recall looking at this, then how did I give them my information. This is bad. Very very bad.

  21. I have this product, I have used it for various things, steaks, quesadillas, bacon, chicken. I have not had any problems with sticking at all. I thought when I cooked the steaks to sear on the stove there was a residue from them, but when I finished them in the oven, it slid right off. So far I love this pan!! I usually get the crappy product, I must have lucked out!!

  22. I wished I saw all these reviews before I fell for such Cr–. Everything including the popcorn scorned the pans. I tried the egg, ya it slipped only after I coached it to move from side to side. I did a sausage and onion and that really left black scorn marks. WHICH did not wipe off with paper towel nor cleaned. Pot is too light weight.

  23. I bought my copper chef pan at Boscovs for $19.99
    Did not use it yet, but if it doesn’t perform like it says, I can easily take it back to Boscovs and get my money back with no hassle. Easier then dealing with customer service that does you no service

  24. damn – i wish i had found this site before the disaster – i looked. My pan (stop me if you’ve heard this) arrived and didn’t do what it was advertised to do (not stick). I fell for it. I called to return it and get another – the agent informed me it must be a “manufactures defect”. i balked not believing i would have the ONLY ONE with this issue – The agent also told me i was the FIRST one to call about this. So, i returned it and waited. after a few weeks i called to follow up and was told it can take up to 5 weeks the be handled (another red flag). So, i got fed up and asked for my money back – they have an advertised 90 day money back guarantee – right? Well no – the first agent told me he was refunding $7 for my inconvenience having to return it. I said, “OK”. NOW the tell me since i accepted the $7 (which WAS refunded) that i now can NOT get my money back – i had agreed to a TRADE. Of course i called my back and disputed the whole amount and will get my money back at my bank’s expense. Is there a class action law suit in the works? I’m be happy to be a part of making them PAY for this SCAM gk

    • I’ve just watched the greater part of the commercial, and to tell the truth, was impressed. However, having been burnt a couple of times, I decided to check reviews. On this site, the negative far outweighs the positive, so thanks to all for writing in. I will save the money I would have spent getting this pan as a birthday gift for my daughter.

  25. Thanks to all the reviewers !!! The bad, vastly outweighed the good and saved me both money and the embarrassment of sending a piece of junk to my Daughter !

  26. Well lots of bad reviews here but I have been happy so far I haven’t baked with it yet but made ckn tenders, bacon, polska kielbasa, homemade tortillas chips, sautéed veggies,hash browns all cooked up beautifully sunny side eggs did not due to the side dip to the design so far my only complaint and hoping the materials are made with safe stuff but so far so good. I don’t use harsh cleaning stuff forks spoons or spatulas made out of metal so it doesn’t scratch. That is the same for all coated cookware. I like my pan

  27. Well lots of bad reviews here but I have been happy so far I haven’t baked with it yet but made ckn tenders, bacon, polska kielbasa, homemade tortillas chips, sautéed veggies,hash browns all cooked up beautifully sunny side eggs did not due to the side dip to the design so far my only complaint and hoping the materials are made with safe stuff but so far so good. I don’t use harsh cleaning stuff forks spoons or spatulas made out of metal so it doesn’t scratch. That is the sane for all coated cookware. I like my pan

  28. I am trying to purchase more copper chef pans and maybe pots if they are available. I have been on numerous websites that advertise copper chef but it seems that product was taken off the market or discontinued. It says nothing exists on this product. Now I know it exists because I have a pan and want to purchase more so please reply with some suggestions on where I can find more of the copper chef products. Thank you

  29. I would never buy any thing that has any particles what so ever of aluminum……
    I even avoid dedordant – aluminum is a health risk.

    I don’t want to sound like I am exagerating – but that is what I firmly believe since the 1980’s

  30. I’m not sure why all the negative comments. I started off in the morning making Easter Breakfast. I fixed bacon, sausage, hash browns and scrambled eggs. All cooked flawlessly with no sticking. I also used it again last night to roast a chicken and make the mac and cheese recipe. First you put in a spoon of olive oil and brown the chicken then put in the oven on 375 for 90 minutes. The chicken was extremely juicy and nothing stuck to the pan. I was a bit skeptical with the mac and cheese since you throw everything into the pot and just simmer but it came out perfectly and the pan was easy to clean. I did have a hard time cleaning the glass lid but I’d give the pot 4.5 stars easy.

  31. Worthless! It scratches very easily! I thought it was like the other “copper” pans offered on tv that show an electric beater used in it to scramble eggs. It is NOT. The instructions warn not to use metal utensils, nor to even stack the pans together or they will scratch. It also warns not to use any type of cooking spray as it will leave a permanent film.

    • So, basically, you’re saying that it’s useless unless you heed the warnings that the manufacturer gives?? Yours is a confusing ‘review’ which tells me nothing about whether I should or should not buy this. Other than not being able to use a metal utensil to beat eggs (is that seriously it’s only flaw?), I learned nothing.

  32. I said I would be back and leave a review after I used it. I order this on 3/14/16 and received it on 3/24/16. I decide to do the salmon and also in my other pan I purchased, I wanted to shrimp fried rice. So far I am pleased with the product. I had the salmon down on the meat side for 10 min, and It did not stick to the pan at all. In the other pan the shrimp fried rice came out perfect, when it was time to scramble the eggs, didn’t have any problems. Also in both pans I did use 1 TBS of cooking oil, so I don’t know if that made a difference, but overall for the price I paid for the pans I would recommend. How long they are going to last is yet to be seen, but first meal I am impressed.

    • I agree this company is a scam I was going to place an order was told twice free shipping at the end the said there was shipping costs so I told them to stuff good thing I did not give a credit card number to them

  33. I just received this product today. I am going to try it out in a few hours. I will be honest, it is definitely a lot small then it look on television. Stay tuned, I will be back.

  34. When I received this piece of garbage, I was surprised at how light it was. Not the heavy duty pan they claimed on the infomercial. It was also deceptively small compare to its TV appearance. The first thing I cooked was a fried egg, at medium temperature. Basic enough, right? It stuck to the pan, and had a metallic taste to it.
    That’s when the real fun began. I called customer service and spoke to a rep with very poor English language skills. After basically yelling at me for wanting to return the product, he started offering me discounts to keep it. I told him I just wanted a return authorization number, and he told me to just use my invoice number and hung up on me.
    I returned the pan UPS, signature authorization. They have had the pan since March 14th and continue to claim to have not received it, in spite of the fact that I provided a copy of the shipping receipt and the name of the individual who signed for it.
    This is a horrible company, buyer beware!

    • Thanks, Robert. Sorry for your experience. Hope it softens the blow to know your review convinced me not to order. Hope some good karma in your bank helps.

    • Please add me to it. I will join
      A class action lawsuit is the only way to protect consumers. Our government doesn’t neither are the credit card companies.

    • I nearly fell for it, but thanks to people like you who took one for the team – and then shared your experience – I will not! Hopefully, these scammers will be caught & put out of business.

  35. I have used mine for several weeks, and have no problem. It cooks well, and cleans easily, as shown on TV. $19.99 seems to be an old price, however, if you order on the phone, they will ask you if you want a second pan. If you say “no”, they will offer the second pan at the old $19.99 price, so the second pan is cheaper. You may like having two pans…one to cook the main dish in, and one to cook a side dish in, at the same time.

  36. I was thinking I wanted to order the set because I can actually eliminate a lot of pots and pans and only need to keep a couple pots when using more than one. I have read all the reviews here. Most of them are on problems with customer service. Why are people surprised that the people taking orders are not the people that you complain to? I don’t understand why people are making the order then trying to cancel their order in the same conversation?
    If you are that unstable before making the call then don’t make it.

    The reviews on he actual pan seems to be pretty positive other than a couple where the pan was already chipped. but their isn’t enough reviews on the actual pan use so I will wait for some real reviews.

    • Unstable? Did you take a moment to read the review stating she cancelled because they tried to charge shipping despite free shipping claim during the conversation?

      I’d describe these folks as intelligent, savvy, and intuitive rather than unstable.

      Work for the company, Dave?

      • Work for the company? They would have fired me on the spot. I read the reviews, all of them, and there were many negative ones…..enough to tell me that I want no part of this product.

    • I’ve been using the square pan for about 2 weeks now. I have cooked some of the recipes from the cook book and some of my favorite dishes and I’ve had no problems. The food cooks well nothing sticks and it’s easy clean up.

    • Are you kidding me? There are enough reviews here to choke a half blind chef. My revie…….. Read it and weep.

      • There are also enough positive reviews that make a pretty good case favour of how good the pan works.
        It seems that a lot of the negative reviews are from people of whom haven’t even used the pan and write bad reviews that people read get scared off and in turn add to the number of bad reviews.
        Here’s a thought, if you’ve never tried it don’t comment on it. (That’s as crazy as saying you don’t like a certain food even though you’ve never tasted it)

        • So if someone told you that LSD would make you feel great and you read that it was bad, you would use the LSD. That’s what your reply seemed to express.

  37. I just received mine today. I didn’t expect Cuisinart or Calphalon quality but hopefully it will be ok for an extra pan. In my opinion, whenever you order anything from an infomercial your expectations should probably not be set too high. Although, you’d think with social media & online reviews, a company would not put out a poor product. But by the time the infomercial hits a few times, they’ve already made millions, taken that infomercial off the air and moved on to the next poor quality product to make more millions! I haven’t used this yet, so we’ll see!

  38. The finish came off the bottom of the pan after the first use! Cost me $ 20 to return and still waiting for a refund.

  39. I googled this pan and that is how I ended up at this page. I did see a couple of other web pages that had a few reviews same as there is here. If you read all of the responses you will see that a few people did actually use the pan and left a review. For the most part it doesn’t seem like a good investment. Remember the old saying ” If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

  40. The pots and pans are total garbage and customer service is totally useless. Do not buy at any cost

  41. I was about to order the pot and frying pan, but my husband told me to check the reviews first. I came to this website and needless to say, the bad outweighs the good so I will not be ordering. Too bad.

  42. This is the worst product I have ever purchased from the worst company I have ever worked with. It is a scam! Do not buy this product! First, the pan had a gash in it when I received it, I had to pay out of my pocket to ship it back for a replacement, but I never got a replacement! The other pan that I did try to use turned black the first time I used it and all the food stuck to it and burnt. The company will not answer my emails, never pick up the phone, or even return the pan that I sent in. Horrible.

    • I was thinking of purchasing the copper chef then went and googled the reviews. Thanks to all the people who wrote reviews on this product I will not be ordering it. They count on people getting caught up in the hype of the infomercials and that is how they sell their products. I have reviewed other products sold on infomercials and rule of thumb seems to be that customer service is horrible and people have trouble getting refunds. There would be some sort of laws regulating this.

      • Good comment, Sandra. I wholeheartedly agree with you about the seed for a consumer law against companies that will take your money, and then pay a pittance to some call centre person to completely frustrate you when you try to get answers. The worst kind are those who hide in the fine print the fact that you will be put on a “loyalty list” to be shipped the product whether you’ve even completed the “trial” or not. After a bod experience, I have learned never to order anything from an infomercial or company who offers a “free trial”.

  43. Thanks everyone…
    can’t stand wasting time with poor service, especially when they mess with my money. Sounds like questionable product quality besides. Won’t be calling or ordering on line.

  44. This company has the worst, absolute worst, customer service and poor shipping times! Online chat does not work and my email equities come back undeliverable. How good is the product? I don’t know… mine still has not arrived!

  45. Ordered on line, $19.99 for three months. You do the math from there. {$59.97 in case, free shipping} Received in less than two weeks. Yes I have used it many times. Chicken Pot Pie ,was rather good, but used some of my own ingredients after first time. Not too keen on using all canned fruit for pies. A person needs to use their imaginations. Very easy to use and clean. Light weight, am handicapped, almost to the eighty year bracket.

  46. Thanks for all your reviews. I just saw the infomercial and thought this seemed like a good deal. I thought I should check reviews first. Like Edna Pucket, I have a collection of cast iron pans and a dutch oven. I thought this pan would be good as it is lightweight and easy to clean. Needless to say, I will stick with the cast iron. Can’t beat them for cooking. May be heavy, but when well seasoned, they don’t stick either.

  47. i want this set but dont want to pay full price. are you saying that i can call them, but say no a bunch and they will offer a discount rate? can i still also get walmart gift cards? this would be a great deal!


  48. I started to place my order the copper square pan @etc. but read reviews and stopped then . not very good reviews maybe later.

  49. I bought the Copper Chef expecting to return it. I have to ceramic fry pans which replace my Tefal non stick pans. They do not do what they claim and I still need to use high temp olive oil and clarified butter but they are easier to care for then my stainless fry pans.
    I’ve done Chicken Marsala and Meatballs and Sausage, fried fish! It worked just as demonstrated.. How long it will last time will tell.
    Even did a fried egg…

  50. I have not used my pan yet, but I hope it is better than the “cookbook”. Eric Theiss should be ashamed. Cans of pie filling?? The “recipe” for pork chops tells me to pre-heat the pan, put the pork chops in until cooked, then serve them. Really?? are you serious?

    • Yeah, I liked the recipe for the Cranberry and Pecan French toast that has neither Cranberries or Pecans listed as ingredients. The recipe for the S’mores Cake says to use a chocolate cake mix, 1/4 cup of oil, 1/3 cup of water and 2 eggs. Then it says to prepare the cake according to the instructions on the box. Well, the instructions on the box call for 1/2 cup of oil, 1 1/4 cups of water and 3 eggs. So I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions?

  51. I ordered this pan on January 7, still have not received it. I wasn’t given a tracking number, just wondering how long is it going to take to receive it?

    • I ordered this on January 2nd!!! 3 emails to the company to only see online ‘temporarily out of stock’ – when I called, the rep said it would take 4-6 more weeks!! I told them to cancel my order, he assured me I would have by Feb 16th – seems like they can pick and choose who gets their order when…I just called again and they said it ‘shipped today’ but I asked them why doesn’t it say that online and the response was ‘oh the computer isn’t updated yet’. really now. in this day & age, the computer isn’t updated? find it all hard to believe, yet, they took my money in a hurry and that didn’t seem to delay ‘updating’. very disappointed.

      • This is exactly my story. I placed my order on February 3. At the time I placed the order I was not informed it was “temporary out of stock”. What if a person was purchasing this for a gift and needed by a specific date? 3 emails sent and no response. Rude. My order finally arrived on February 17. I have yet to use my pans, but am a bit disappointed in the customer service (or lack there of) I did receive the cooking utensils which I did not purchase. But no explanation as to why they were included.

      • credit card orders CANNOT by law be charged until service rendered, ie, items shipped. If they took your $ and provided no items call your credit card company and stop payment. Credit card company will investigate as long as you have made request for refund from the company purchase was made.

    • I was in the same boat. Never even got a confirmation. I thought I didn’t order it then ordered another and it came with a track your order. When I did that it showed the original one I ordered. So now I basically will have 2.
      Weirdly enough when I called them to ? The first order they said it was going to be shipped in a few days. Then they charged my cc and it arrived. Weird.

  52. Placed on-line order by credit card on 1/13. Received “item shipped” email – with UPS tracking# – on 1/21. Estimate delivery 1/30. I see it had left Nevada on the 21st and is now in NJ. Got “Copper Chef invoice” on 1/22. So far so good. I will review product once used.

    • Did they charge your card on 1/13 or 1/21? Why do you receive invoice when you already paid by credit card? What date did you receive product?

      Thank you!

      • So I placed an order for 2 copperChefs pan on a 3 payment plan today Mar. 2nd 2016! Then for some reason I checked out reviews n seen one that they charged the whole amount. So I called my bank and guess what yes they took the whole amount!! I’m not to keen on making business with liars. So I called to just cancel my order same number I placed the order. I was given a total different number. Spoke to customer service Frank n he said he could not cancel cause I had to wait 24 hrs! Spoke to his supervisor Sofia n she swears that they did not pull on the amount that it only shows like that since there’s going to be 3 pymts hmm believe her or my bank I’ve banked with for 27 yrs?? Sofia said I have to wait 5-6 hrs hmm I placed pymts at 3:04 but they close at 8 so guess ttomorrow! Guess that’s why I never order on line cause if issues but I figure ppl are legit etc. Then I tried to call customer service before calling the other number n of course they can’t help you cause they only take orders so I hung up! I get 512 area code which if texas area n this nice lady wanted to see if I ordered n if I was happy wtc. When I explained what had happen oh boy she the changed her tone of voice how she not there for complaints so I asked why are you calling me then oh to see if you ordered the item! Scam really. Dummy me for thinking after so many yrs n technology they could just cancel right away.

  53. I just got mine and I love love love it!!! makes an first time cook a king chef!! I am happy! everyone I know is getting one for Christmas!!

    • Received pan today, used it for dinner. Chicken breasts with fresh mushrooms and peas. Cooked all I the same pan on induction surface, delicious meal. Asked to try popcorn . Ok…burned and stuck to pan. Cleaned up after soaking with warm soapy water for 5 mins. Disappointed with that. Also found two chips on outside bottom corners, and I’m planning on calling 800 number tomorrow. But so far so good.

  54. It is a really good idea for someone starting out since it gives you easy clean up, large capacity and some versatility. I bought the unit primarily for steaming and deep dish since I generally cook using cast iron and stainless steel pots and pans and ceramic bakeware so this a novelty much the same way my pressure cooker but it is worth a try this week.

    Although I was disappointed my pot was on back order for three weeks, it arrived today and was packed very well. I am going to be really curious about the ability to sear since the claim is up to 850 degrees of heat.

    • Just used the product so here we go.

      Performance is very good, both fried and steamed for dinner…worked well and cleaned easily. The accessories work, are well made but they are too lightweight. The cover needs to be redesigned to create just a tiny bit more loft, it is impossible to nest all accessories in the pot for storage which is pretty lame in my opinion. I plan on trying this equipment to make a deep dish pie tomorrow per the infomercial and supplied recipie. I also plan on searing steaks and preparing as presented in the infomercial and also lasagna. Will report the results.

  55. I bought this pan last week and it just arrived. So far it works great and has been holding up to the tv ads claims. It came with a little recipe book which has some pretty good stuff in it that i will be trying later this week. This pan is easy to wash and hasn’t had anything sticking to it. You have to be careful with it though snd treat it like a regular nonstick pan (no cooking spray, metal utensils, or scratchy scrubbers or brushes can be used on it or else you’re sure it ruin it eventually). I like that it looks like copper but doesn’t have to be cleaned like copper, and it is also pretty light but seems very durable, which is nice. It’s been a good investment so far!

  56. i am starting to feel realy bad about ordering that square pan. i hung up on them but had already confermed the order. there is no tracking # and i am wondering how and when it will be delivered.
    i called the card company i used and i was told they charged to my card. pss….. they can have the walmart cards, i just want a good pan they advertised and to be honest. bb

    • i just “chatted” with copper chef through their website and asked when they planned to ship my pan… they said the expected delivery date is FEBRUARY 26! (i ordered the pan a couple of weeks ago)… when i asked them to cancel the order, they said i had to call customer service during regular business hours…

  57. It was 3 payments of 19.99 with free shipping (Middle of last year), now it’s three payments of 29.99 with free shipping. It’s not copper, just aluminium with a copper coating. Despite the ad’s pushing the “Benefits” of copper and even heat distribution.

  58. I’m with all of you. I’m wanting review as well. I did find out however while searching for reviews that the pan is not actually copper. It’s copper colored coated aluminum. I found this under the Q&A section

  59. I also looked for reviews and couldn’t find any other information. I am sceptical about products like this so I am going to wait to see if it shows up in my local thrift shop like a lot of the useless green pans are (glad I did not buy those). It does appear to be a great size pan, I cook with the original stainless steel Farberware as long as they are maintained properly they are the best choice for me as far as pots go.

  60. Very disappointed that you tried selling me a bunch of bull shit for 30 mins. If i didn’t give you my card number i would have hung up on you. You people are horrible just horrible i hope the pan works. feeling pissed

    • I completely agree, Deb. Made me late for work and I hung up after 20 mins. Luckily I ordered with AMEX gold. Still haven’t received the email confirmation, so possibly didn’t go thru which is fine with me. AMEX has an excellent nonpay policy especially as long as we’ve had ours and as much as we purchase. I won’t fall into that trap again. My recommendation, go to Marshall’s/Home Goods for quality cookware at great prices.

  61. I ordered your pan But when I ordered it you tried to sell me a bunch of bull shit on the phone for 30 mins. If i didn’t give you my card number I would have hung up and wouldn’t ordered the pan. You people are horrible for making me stay on the phone for 30 mins. Fuuking window lickers. –pissed off

  62. Hi Mike Hicks & Susie….I was trying to find reviews on this product too. Wondering maybe because the product is still new??

  63. I`ve just watch your advertise on cable about your Copper Chef 3 payments of $24.99 w/free shipping and this is what you will get 1-9-1/2 Square Pan, 1 Fry Basket, 1 Steam and Roast Rack, 1 Recipe Book with 3 payments of $24.99. Your website say $74.97 + free/shipping. my email address is

    • Its just a pot! Its good. We like ours. Hope it lasts. Only a 5 min. phone call for us. Absolutely made it clear I’m hanging up now after ordering. You don’t need the utensils-you already have stuff like that. I only buy an infomercial thing once every 5 yrs. or so.

      People can stop infomercial shopping if it upsets them this much. No one tricks you unless you let them and you pick up the phone.

  64. What I actually meant was, lets review this reasonably and come to some sort of conclusion as to the quality of the product. Surely there is a review. An honest one. From an honest individual, who can review the reviews. And review the review that is honest.

    • I agree. I am looking for reviews of the actual product. So far I have found complaints about the size, (which is clearly 9 1/2″) the customer service, and the shipping times. I need a clear honest review about the product itself. Anyone out there want to give input?

    • Hi Mike…saw your comment there. I just got mine a week ago because my husband wanted to try it out. True some things they sell on TV is not that great, however, so far with us using this…so far so good. We did the eggs and they did turn out picture perfect and did just slide all around (dippy) but I have to get use to the taste cause you don’t put oil in it or anything. I am use to the bacon grease if you know what I mean…lol. Anyhow, we made the mac and cheese, fish meal and I did use it in the oven for the Apple pie and everything so far turned out FABULOUS. I have to say as of right now of using it for a week and trust me, he is going to use the hell out of it till he knows for sure that is what he wants I’m glad I ordered it. Don’t know if this helps or not but thought I’d put it out there.

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