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What is Clip N Store?

It is a tool that promises to create space in your kitchen cabinets so that you can organize your spices etc with ease.

Clip N Store claims to be a space saving solution for all home owners who have to deal with clutter all around them. How difficult is it for you to locate the spice bottle you are looking for in the kitchen cabinet because of the mess it is in? Do you have young kids at home who make a mess with their arts and crafts items? Clip N Store guarantees you a smart and easy space saving solution for all these issues and more.

How does Clip N Store work?

Clip N Store works easily and effectively – Clip N Store emphasizes that it can create additional space in your surroundings, almost instantly. All you have to do is peel off the adhesive at the back and stick it in place. You can have it in your kitchen cabinet so that all your bottles of spices will be organized neatly while you are saved space, according to its claims. You will not have to struggle to find the spice you want anymore. Clip N Store also has a detachable design, which means each of the strips can be customized for your needs.

Clip N Store is Versatile – One of the advantages of using Clip N Store is that it claims to stay in place at all times. You can ensure that it’s securely attached to any shelf or cabinet where it will keep doing its job for you for a long time and thus saving you space. There’s a lot more you can store with Clip N Store than just bottles of spices. You can make the most out of it to store hot beverage condiments or your chosen food toppings as well. You can make organized space for your medical supplies or art, crafts items and glues that are often lying all around the house. Clip N Store can be used in bathrooms to neatly stack some of your toiletry supplies too.


Attaches and detaches easily – Clip N Store is very easy to install and make the most out of. It uses a synthetic rubber based tape adhesive, which you just have to peel and attach to the cabinet. When you want to detach Clip N Store, you can easily pry it out with a dull knife. Thus it’s not only easy to use this organizer but it also means that it allows you instantly customizable options for storage. Clip N Store maintains that now you won’t struggle for space in your kitchen cabinets and store your spices without any difficulty. You know how annoying it is to rummage through the cabinet to find spices you want as you start cooking. Clip N Store claims that now not only will your spices be kept neatly in place but you will be able to read their labels easily for your convenience too.

Versatile and well made – Clip N Store clips is made using HDPE (High Density polyethylene) while the pages are made out of HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene). Both these materials are recyclable, which is a huge advantage. You will also be pleased to find that Clip N Store fits most standard size containers nicely. It’s especially true for bottles with indented neck. You can also use this organizer for prescription bottles in medical cabinets.


What Do I Get?

  • Buy Two Clip N Store Space Saving System for $10 plus $15.9 P&H.

Official website:

Clip N Store Review

Work well for a short time – Suzanne who used Clip N Store complained in her review that the organizer works well for the first couple of weeks. It holds the bottles neatly but problems start to arise soon after. To begin with, the plastic loses its springiness and the bottles start falling out. Another problem with them is that they peel off and it’s particularly true when temperatures start to rise. It’s practically impossible to put them back on, no matter how hard you try. She just wished that it was made of steel or metal so that it would have lasted longer and been worth the cost.

Works with only certain bottles and jars – Ramon who reviewed Clip N Store exposed in his review that you are told it will work with all types of bottles and jars but that’s not the case at all. According to him, the clips that held bottles with larger diameter got stretched out. It does work well with bottles that have indented necks but not others that can fall off and break.

Bottles fall – Maria who bought Clip N Store complained in her review that it doesn’t hold the bottles and jars tight enough. She wishes that it had a tighter clasp to make sure the bottles don’t fall off. She was worried that her glass bottles would fall and become a dangerous mess on the floor, which is why she stopped using it completely.

Have to be careful with the doors – Erik who used Clip N Store revealed in his review that it installed quite easily. But what he didn’t realize was that every time he shuts the door now he has to be very careful. That’s because even the slightest bump will make the bottles and jars fall off.

5 thoughts on “Clip N Store

  1. Seemed like a great idea, but now every time we open our cabinets, spice bottles fall on our heads. And when we close our cabinets, we hear the spice bottles falling off into the cabinets. The adhesive isn’t strong enough to hold them, and we tried all sizes and weights. Will probably resort to Gorilla glue or something to make them stay, because the freeing up of space is nice. Just wish it did what it said it would do, and wish I’d consulted reviews before I purchased them.

  2. The product was wonderful for the first two days. They made my cabinets so much more organized. But by the second day i owned the cabinet and three glass spice container fell to the ground and broke. They did not stay agreed to the cabinets.

  3. I went on their website to order 1 pack and you get 2 extra. I was going to order a second one, and the order processing was not working correctly because when I went to check out, they were shipping me 3 sets of 3 for $75. I decided not to do it, so didn’t complete the order, but 2 weeks later, two orders showed up to the tune of over $100. I returned everything, and they only credited me for two credits of $25.90 each! They say I didn’t ship all my product back that I received, but I shipped a total of 12 sets of these things back to them!!! Will be reporting them to the BBB if this isn’t cleared up, and my money returned. DON’T BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

  4. I used 6 of the 8 strips I received in in my oak kitchen cabinet. Within weeks every one of the 5 clip strips fell off – the 6th one just fell off this morning.

    I also agree with Jim Mousley’s feedback – they are misleading in their ordering process. I too was surprised by a 31.80 shipping for my initial order and I had to call them and get things straightened out.

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