Click and Pour

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What is Click and Pour?

It is a versatile kit with attachments that help you pour liquids into any bottle or container quickly without spilling them over. It is designed to fit any bottle or can perfectly.

No more messiness

Click and Pour claims that it’s an innovative way to do easily what most people dread- filling up empty containers by pouring liquids from other containers only to find them getting spilt. Click and Pour promises to help you get rid of the ordeal so you can look forward to easily pour liquid contents into containers with tiny opening. Its unique click and pour system really works and enables no liquid spills over, thereby simplifying your task.


Fits any bottle or container!

Click and Pour proclaims that you can use it on any can or bottle as it is designed to fit all. You can count on it to carry out your task of filling up any bottle irrespective of shape, size or make. You can use it to pour a variety of liquids through the different attachments provided depending upon your requirement and be sure that it will help you out in all situations.

Versatile attachments to choose from

Click and Pour is provided with different attachments to cater to a range of requirements. One of the attachments it comes with is the precision extender, which helps you carry out tough jobs tasks like pouring coolant into car easily by preventing creation of mess all over the garage floor. Its funnel has four patented Fast Fill Edges which help you lock it in place and let the air successfully back out. This is Fast Fill Edge technology, which has the ability to make air back out smoothly. It is also termed a super fast funnel that is superior to a larger funnel that accommodates four times faster flow of liquids with zero wastage or spill. Click and Pour also comes with a large and small Click and Pour, and the jug funnel among other features.


Multiple conveniences

The creators of Click and Pour state that it can easily access hard to reach places and can withstand hazardous materials too. It ensures that the safety standards are maintained while it’s in use. Click and Pour is also dishwasher safe and perfect for motor oil, windshield washer fluid, used cooking oil/grease, household cleaners leftover paint, birdseed and pet food among others.


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