Clever Lever

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It may not be uncommon to burn your fingers while cooking at some point of time. Though not a major mishap, you do experience discomfort nevertheless. Which is why Clever Lever, the incredible new kitchen and grill chef’s fork, will seem like a blessing in your kitchen. Clever Lever is a great tool that’s lightweight, not any taller than a fork featuring a built in ejection lever that makes things really easy and trouble-free in the kitchen.

How does Clever Lever Work

Clever Lever is a smart and handy tool that makes you feel that you’ve got yourself an extra hand to assist you! With the Clever Lever chef’s fork, you can carry food from the grill straight into your platter, and from platter to the plate with incredible ease. You don’t have to take risks by holding it with your own hands.

Clever Lever, the multi-purpose chef’s fork really makes it possible for you to transfer food from the fork to the plate without using your fingers or even a second. The secret is the unique ejection action of the lever, which lets you do a lot more with just one hand. It can be operated really easily as all it needs is one finger to get into action. Clever Lever chef’s fork can even be used with both your right and left hand. It is ultra-versatile, co-operative and useful, a sure must have tool you must keep handy always. It has it its tips, sharpened stainless steel spikes that make it easy to pick up foods. Since it has a stay cool nylon handle, you get a comfortable no slip grip while using it.

You can make full use of the amazing Clever Lever chef’s fork even when you are outside grilling steaks and burgers or when you are hosting a feast and serving up dinner for close ones at home. In addition to that, you can use it even for desserts like the birthday cake, so you get clean slices without frosting on your fingers! What’s more, Clever Lever is dishwasher safe, affords easy clean up and also features a convenient loop for simple storage.



What do I get?

  • 2 Clever Lever
  • 1 Burger Press
  • $15 As Seen on TV Card

All this for only $10 plus $ 13.98 shipping and handling. Official website



Clever Lever Video

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