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It’s not the actual cooking in the kitchen that takes most of your time but chopping food items and prepping. It can seriously slow you down in the kitchen when all you want to do is cook your favourite recipes with gusto. But now you don’t have to let your spirits be dampened because of lack of the right chopping tools because you have the sensational Choptastic Slicer available to you. It’s the only slicer you will ever need to handle all kinds of tasks, from chopping to slicing and dicing, making mince and cubes for that matter.


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How does Choptastic Slicer Work

You might have been using the regular tools for chopping in the kitchen. But they can be very cumbersome to use and also time consuming. But now you can prep at lightning fast speeds with the help of the Choptastic Slicer . You won’t even have to face the discomfort like watery eyes when you use those old fashioned slicers to chop onions. That’s because with the help of this path breaking Choptastic Slicer you can chop a whole onion in just one second. There won’t be any odour let out or tears for you as well; it’s that simple and painless.

The secret of this Choptastic Slicer are the 12 stainless steel precision blades that are at its heart. They are responsible for precision cutting every single time and guarantee you uniform results. In fact it’s like having 12 kitchen knives rolled into one. There’s also a catch container that can be used smartly to avoid the mess prepping can create in your kitchen. Choptastic Slicer also doubles up as a six cup measuring container, which will also save you time and be very convenient to use. Now you can prep at great speeds while you avoid mess at the same time.

The container has many other applications for you because it can be used for storage too. On days when you are falling short of a storage container, you will have one right at your fingertips. The Choptastic Slicer is very efficient and smart to look at as well, making it perfect for your kitchen.




What do I get?
Get 2 Choptastic Slicer Complete Sets. Each Choptastic Slicer comes with 3 blades (slicing, mincing, and dicing). Price: $19.95 + $15.90 s/h. Official website


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Choptastic Slicer Video

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