Chop N Serve Review

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Move over the traditional old chopping or cutting boards by switching over to Chop N Serve, the smart new chopping board that makes your task incredibly easy and convenient. Chop N Serve is the revolution in the kitchen which makes chopping, sorting and storing vegetables and anything you chop neat and non-messy while eliminating cross contamination. This amazing chopping board also makes preparation of meal easy, quick and enjoyable.

How does Chop N Serve Work

Chop N Serve is designed in a one of its kind, innovative manner which ensures foods you chop don’t get mixed. It comes with individual, removable containers and special mats, yellow and blue, while chopping foods. Chop N Serve offers mats (blue for vegetables and yellow for non-vegetarian foods), chop on it and put it in one of the detachable compartments. You can slide in a new compartment to keep the chopped things you take up next. You can also change the mat once you’re done with some chopping and change for a fresh ingredient. The smart mechanism ensures that no chopped ingredients get mixed and create a mess.

You don’t have to bother about having no room on the board to cut foods on comfortably. The system not only keeps your foods but also saves time as you can chop everything at one go. Stop worrying about any kind of mess as the separate compartments ensure all problems are at bay. This unique system also keeps your chopping surface clear and saves up your valuable time.

The compartments can also be used to store chopped ingredients overnight to be used for cooking later or in morning. It’s a boon for school going kids and office goers need to pull out more dishes or utensils for storing the chopped cooking foods. If any chopped ingredients are left, you can seal and store them for later use.

Chop N Serve is also easy to clean as you just need to wash the removable mats and containers. It is the perfect tool that also protects you from germs and bacteria that are found on traditional chopping boards. Chop N Serve is a must have so don’t miss it for anything!



What do I get?

  • 2 Cutting boards
  • 6 sealable containers
  • 4 color coded cutting mats
  • 1 chef shield (ADDED BONUS) (additional $5.99 P&H).

All this for $29.95 plus $ 15.90 P.&H.Official website



Chop N Serve Video

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