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What is Chips-So-Fine –

It is a 3-part set that lets you slice, place and make your own chips so that you get yummy and oil-free snacks right at home


Oil-free chips fast and easy right at home

Chips-So-Fine promises to let you enjoy yummy chips that can be made right at home and that too easily and quickly. It is a 3-part set that includes a tray, slicer and safety food holder to let you make chips in the microwave easily and quickly. Chips are anyone’s favorite and an absolute must-have for many occasions like a movie night at home, watching a game or even just chilling out with friends and family. But the biggest problem is that they are extremely unhealthy since they are fried and it is not always possible to run to the market to get them when you run out of them. But with Chips-So-Fine you can supposedly have chips ready right at home whenever you want and you can supposedly be assured of the chips being oil-free since they will be baked in the microwave oven.


Three easy steps to make chips

You can supposedly get the chips in three easy steps with Chips-So-Fine. You apparently need to slice the potatoes with the Chips-So-Fine slicer, place them on the tray and keep the tray in the microwave for baking. This way you can supposedly make as many batches of chips as you want. The slicer is said to come with a container, which collects the sliced potatoes so that you can conveniently place them on the tray. Also available with Chips-So-Fine is a safety food holder to hold your chips that you can serve the chips in. Chips-So-Fine set claims to be dishwasher safe so there is no extra effort to be put in to clean it.

For chips, fruits and vegetables

The quality of chips that you will get by making it with Chips-So-Fine set is said to be crispy just like the packaged chips available in the market and that too supposedly absolutely oil-free. Not just the chips, Chips-So-Fine claims that you can also use it to prepare other dishes too since it can also slice fruits and vegetables. So you can make fruit and vegetable salads too.


    What do I get?

  • You get Chips-So-Fine just for £14.99 + £4.99
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