Chip Wave Review

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You have a craving for some quick eat for taste hungry sense but outside food’s hygiene and calorie count spills the taste hunger thrill. How about potato chips? You love them and it is great snack indeed and what if they come to you without having to deal with fat and grease? No more tissue wipes for taking off the oily layers, being guilty of having tasty potato chips.


Chip Wave
For the first time the weight watchers will be binging on potato chips without having to worry about fat and grease, oily layer or cellulite build up. The much too revolutionary Chip Wave is a specially designed exclusive chip maker that cooks fat free, guilt free, yummy golden crispy potato chips right in your microwave.

That is not all, Chip Wave is super easy to use and can get your perfect and tasty chips from potatoes, apples or just any fruit or vegetable.

With Chip Wave, make your own chips when you want, what you want and how much you want. The smart Slicer is a feather on the revolutionary product which gets you perfectly shaped cuts for chips from any fruit or vegetable. Now all you need is a binge time with your family or friends, where you enjoy the company and not worry the fat or oily snack!

The super feature of Chip Wave is that it makes the chips feel so crispy and light that you actually forget about grease because it is just not there. The diet conscious cannot be happier than the fact of per serving calories count which is less than 100.

Now just hop on and have sweet potato chips, apple chips, banana chips or any vegetable or fruit which you like. Chip Wave will help you make it without any messy affair and will get you the perfect snack that’s conversation catalyst for you and your family.



What do I get?

  • 2 Chip Wave Chip Makers
  • Chip Smart Slicer

All this for just $10.00 + $13.98 shipping and handling. Official website



Chip Wave Video
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